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  1. What is your setlist using only songs from the following albums (Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Music, American Life, Confessions on a Dance Floor, MDNA, Madame X, Something to Remember)?
  2. Act I God Control Dark Ballet (but ive always loved the beautiful game version better) Human Nature Express Yourself Vogue (Remix) I Don’t Search I Find (Honey Dijon Remix) Act II American Life Killers Who Are Partying Love Tried to Welcome Me Crazy Don't Tell Me (remix) Act III Batuka La Isla Bonita Sodade (cover of Cesaria Evora) Rain Medellin Extreme Occident Looking For Mercy X-Static Process Act IV Rescue Me remix (interlude) Frozen Come Ali
  3. Original Set List Act I God Control Dark Ballet Human Nature Express Yourself Act II Papa Don't Preach (string intro) / Madame X Manifesto (Video Interlude) Vogue I Don't Search I Find Papa Don't Preach (First verse and chorus) American Life Act III The Coffin (Video interlude) Batuka Fado Pechincha (Isabel De Oliveira cover) Killers Who Are Partying Crazy La Isla Bonita (contains elements from Welcome to My Fado Club) (Improvised song) Sodade (Cesária Évora cover) Medellín
  4. Vogue Deeper And Deeper Erotica Human Nature Secret Don't Cry For Me Argentina You Must Love Me Bedtime Story The Power Of Good-Bye Beautiful Stranger Frozen Rain Take A Bow You'll See Ray Of Light Don't Tell Me What It Feels Like For A Girl Drowned World / Substitute For Love Music Nothing Really Matters
  5. Erotica is an album that stands on it's own, it has no sister. Bedtime stories and ray of light are sisters because the topics on both albums are similar. Similar topics "Survival" vs "Drowned World/Substitute for Love" "Secret" vs "Nothing Really Matters" "Frozen" "Shanti/Ashtangi" "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" vs "Candy Perfume Girl" "'Don't Stop" "Inside of Me" vs "Mer Girl" "Human Nature" "Forbidden Love" vs "Skin" "Love Tried to Welcome Me" vs "To Have and Not to Hold" "Sanctuary" vs "Has to Be" "Swim" "Bedtime Story" vs "Ray of Light" "Sky Fits Heaven"
  6. She's not sorry in this album at all, it's human nature. This album wasn't made for her core audience on purpose. She wasn't trying to please her fans.
  7. Elusions under more elusions Make them laugh, it comes so easy When you get to the part ___________ Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown
  8. "Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I've said before?" Skin - Madonna I feel like Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light are sister albums. Ray of Light has more dance tracks but the topics on both albums are very similar.
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