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  1. I hate the fact that this album goes unnoticed so much ... Can we talk about the era? Do you have any memories behind any songs or how you felt when it first came out? .... Anything
  2. kevon

    I want her to post all the remixes from the 80s and 90s
  3. If you could create a Madonna album of unreleased songs and bonus songs what will be on the track list?
  4. kevon

    The standard version should have had 15 songs, add Has to be and Revenge (under a different name) ... The name "Let them go"
  5. kevon

    I've always loved this song. How do you feel about this song?
  6. kevon

    Imagine her ending the show with crazy for you. That is a moment!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. kevon

    "Erotica" "Fever" Where Life Begins "Vogue" "Rain" (contains excerpts from "Just My Imagination" along with elements of "Singin' in the Rain") "Express Yourself" "Deeper and Deeper" (contains excerpts from "It Takes Two" and "Love to Love You Baby") "In This Life" "Why's It So Hard" "The Beast Within" (Dancers' Interlude) Thief of Hearts "Like a Virgin" "Bye Bye Baby" Material Girl "La Isla Bonita" Dress You Up "Holiday" "Justify My Love" Into the Groove / "Everybody" Encore Crazy for You
  8. Candy Perfume Girl Love Don't Live Here Anymore Gone Messiah Rain Take A Bow Borrowed Time Live To Tell Frozen Miles Away What It Feels Like For A Girl Nothing Fails Crazy Joan Of Arc Holiday
  9. The entire bedtime story album and something to remember album
  10. Sings to a track with maybe live drums and guitar
  11. She's not me .... She's not me .... Bitch your two step behind me and.... bitch I'm madonna