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    A lot of things is circulating... It depends on what exactly we're talking about. Some things will sooner or later leak. The most not A few never
  2. ConnoisseurM

    Ok, here we go. 1. Give me all your luvin' (the worst song ever. I better see a silly chick sing this song after having had threesome with two of the guys from a rugby team... actually other collaborations with Martin Solveig, who always seemed to me being high while giving interviews, are pure sh*t for me. The manager who made the decision to invite such a dull boy as Martin Solveig to collaborate for MDNA was inadequate in that moment... 2. Masterpiece (The worst ever Orbit's "masterpiece"...) 3. Take a bow (boring song. But I call this song as "A Very good song I'm never gonna listen to") 4. Live to tell (the same feedback as for Take a bow) 5. I don't give a... (Oh that scarecrow Niki Minaj...) 6. Sorry (Sorry, this is boring sh*t... as well as remixes for this one - even worse) 7. Miles Away (This lovesong irritates me. I just don't understand why they didn't release Across The Sky & Pala Tute - they sound much better) 8. The X-Static Process (The one should falls asleep while listening to this beyond-the-grave song) 9. Love don't live here anymore 10. I'm breathless session (apart from Vogue, of course)