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  1. Ingrid is the main composer of the song, she is (finally and rightly enough) first on the credits issued for the digital EP. Madonna just copied her vocal on the demo and got a writing credit for adding or removing a couple of words: https://ew.com/article/1991/02/01/controversy-over-justify-my-love/
  2. Again, they sent Madonna an instrumental early demo of the track, it was NOT Teardrop as we know it! Madonna was supposed to write a topline over it, but in the meantime the backing track was also sent to Liz, who came up with the lyrics for Teardrop and got picked as vocalist. "In the two against one split, eventually Mushroom lost out even though not before sending the backing track for Teardrop to Madonna who was apparently in love with the track and was disappointed when the rest of Massive Attack informed her that they already had a vocalist for the song." (source)
  3. Yeah, but she received the track when it was just an instrumental demo! The final song came about later, with Elizabeth Fraser.
  4. Not exactly a rumour as the news came from label source, but Scissor Sisters were approached in 2014 for what then became Rebel Heart and they turned her down. Also, during that AskAnythingChat in 2015 she said that Daft Punk were contacted (again!) for RH, but ignored her emails/calls.
  5. There was also a writer's demo for GMAYL, guess it was sung by the same chick who sang the TUTR original version! A snippet from it was shared on SoundCloud a few years ago, but has the full thing been leaked at some point?
  6. Technically speaking, a single is considered as such when it gets officially sent to radio. This is the norm nowadays. Strange enough, Medellín never hit radio stations in the States, unlike Crave that was introduced by Universal executives as the proper radio single from Madame X. In other news, I Rise will officially become single #3 in Italy by this Friday, when it will be delivered to local radios.
  7. No dates have been officially announced, Those supposed Italian, UK and German dates were totally fake (she never plays gigs on Fridays and the theater in Berlin is already busy on the rumoured dates an Italian trashy gossip blog was spreading last week). There is no further dates on other European countries as of now, mostly because her team have yet to find available locations to host the show in Italy, Germany and another couple of countries according to their schedules. Ciao bello!
  8. Let's be honest, y'all Most of the tidbits and 'exclusive' infos some users got in the past (including people behind some well-known M sites) came from the hacker(s) who robbed and then sold to selected fans literally everything from M's team devices FOR YEARS. That's how they were able to review supposed brand new tracks in advance and share details. I, for one, am very happy we don't know anything on what the new album will sound like...don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful to those who SHARED and still share unreleased demos from the past, but when it comes to new music I prefer not knowing anything in detail, as it's happening right now (after the hacker arrest).
  9. Of course, as she did with Anitta featured on Faz Gostoso, but it was not a last minute decision, it was PLANNED.
  10. There is a Spanish interview where he cleary states thay met in London to work together on the track, and it was a few months before the more recent LA session...so not really a last minute addiction.
  11. She use to suggest how to modulate a synth, how much reverb on vocals to apply and which instrument riffs to choose, BUT she is not a producer in the literal sense.
  12. Also, he's not simply a sound engineer or a mixer like Demo or Stent. My guess is she's putting the final touches on the new tracks and some of them MAY be reworked by Dean.
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