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  1. What if the Max Martin track is actually a new song she recorded to launch the first (supposed) reissue coming later this year?
  2. Has anyone tried to contact that Deezer BR account and ask them about that snippet? I mean, just a try...
  3. Weird choice, indeed. They could use ANY trademark song from her catalogue. Why pick an unreleased version of an obscure house track from 1998?
  4. Sadly, I think Shazam recognizes leaked demos too when they are all over YouTube.
  5. If some reissues are actually coming in the fall, vinyl production should start around April, right?
  6. On Sire Records official website everything went blank with a COMING SOON on the main page. Apparently they also cleared their Instagram page.
  7. OK, now I am pretty sure there is no reissues coming at all. The whole Warner Records back catalogue campaign is just about the digital singles releases. End of.
  8. Well, it’s more than likely she originally wanted Betty Boo to feature on You Are The One. She was the new thing at the time, we know that M wanted her to be a Maverick artist and if you listen to the demo there is an instrumental breakdown in the middle of the song which could easily be used for a rap by her.
  9. They are a Serbian music publishing and apparently they often collab with Warners...they had a Fever HD remaster advert which is yet to be posted on M's social media. So, they surely have stuff and tidbits sent before they get officially shared!
  10. Thanks!!! I knew they were onto something! Again, they posted and then deleted a Fever HD remaster ad a couple days ago, which will probably be out today. It was official, same Erotica font with the SD/HD comparison we already saw when Bad Girl and Deeper And Deeper dropped.
  11. The HD Fever ad was on that Serbian label Instagram stories yesterday but it'll be out on M's social media tomorrow. They had it already and didn't respect some kind of the embargo and posted it. Maybe they have real tea about the reissue too...
  12. if you translate, they say: "The ultimate 'Bad Girl' of pop music @madonna announces the 30th anniversary reissue of her album Erotica.". Plus, they posted a very similar ad for the Fever HD remaster on their stories yesterday, I've seen it with my own eyes!
  13. I found this on another forum...it's a local label/PR company speaking about Erotica 30th anniversary reissue! https://www.instagram.com/p/CkdNRACqczM/ I do think it was just a mistake, but what I found interesting is that they also posted a snippet from the Fever HD remastered video YESTERDAY on their stories (with the same Erotica font Emily is using for Bad Girl and D&D) which will appear tomorrow on M's social media. Maybe they know something more like the Hungarian music store listing the Erotica picture disc before anyone else (?)
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