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  1. I really like this project and I do like that madonna is investing in tech. I want her next tour to be sci fi tech themed or something. anyhow this is a great project and im diggin it! It's also for a good cause and i love that. i believe this is the first time we get an official naked digital madonna inspired avatar
  2. most of those responses are not nuanced, it's just a vomit of delusional hate
  3. so to summarize this thread, according to most people in here: - Madonna has issues with several substances, she has low self esteem, she has lost her mind, she shouldn't rub on people that much, she has horrible outifts, she has a horrible family and team working with her, she produces bad music lately. are u f kidding me pretending to be a support community? Im out of here, this place has become a swamp of delusion.
  4. is this real? Am I real? Are you real? Is this post real? Or this forum? Is Madonna obligated to present reality in her Instagram by a contract? none of this is real it's all a matter of perception and choice. the only thing i know is real is when you admire/love/fan someone , you are not criticizing every molecule of air they breath. If you don't like them anymore, move on and deal with it by yourself but stop projecting your issues on every chance you get, like it is a the global truth - this is exactly what the press and the spiteful do. Since everyone has an opinion about what M needs, let me express mine: she needs love and definitely does not need rumors of drug and alcohol issues trending in the press, starting from her fan forums. that s what I had to say, i hope this place resets to the normal fan community it used to be and stop being so toxic .
  5. you are SO F DELUSIONAL to believe Madonna has addiction issues with drugs and alcohol, making up stuff out of thin air. Go see a psychologist, it might help ye.
  6. 50 pages of people knowing what's best for M. I hate to break it to you but only M knows what's best for her. It's time you stop projecting your own issues to others. It's getting boring, every time the same stuff, over and over.
  7. very nice cover!! I ve always loved miley's voice, so underrated. She has one of the best voices in the industry!
  8. i find it really disturbing how that this community stlll in 2022 has so much hate and bigoted opinions towards Madonna, it's even more alarming that this is a fan community. The woman is a role model when it comes to work and creativity, she keeps it up with the times despite everyone having a negative opinion about her since 1990. maybe she's pushing a lot of buttons in people. or maybe people dont want to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to accepting something they have not seen before. dont forget, we all age. stream the f song, the queen deserves it and this rmx is very good.
  9. 100% agreed, if you dont like it there's a huge madonna catalog to listen to , just keep your negativity out.
  10. This is an AMAZING REMIX !!! love the vibe, love 070shake's voice , it's very madonna-vibe. it's so good and fresh , cant stop listening to it! anticipating for the video
  11. I am honestly shocked about the expectations bar being so unrealistically high from some Trying something new is not bad necessarily. You should also try to phrase your opinions like: "I believe XXXX is trash IN MY OPINION" cause whats happening here is not healthy. I think at times, do some people are really fans ? If they reject 10 whole years of artistic input are they really?
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