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  1. Forums and news outlets are blowing up over this...Dua's rep also confirmed they reached out to M . FINGERS CROSSED! WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN!!!
  2. It is heavily discussed around + Madonna followed Dua on Insta a week ago or something. Also Madonna was in London a few weeks back, Dua's hometown. If this happens, it would be HEAVEN! Opinions?
  3. madonnagreece

    I wanna start off by acknowledging that evolution and change is part of the human psyche, we all change in this world. The question for me is changing towards which direction? MadameX I believe is the best direction Madonna could follow. A truly great, greatly under estimated album, career and personal choice for Madonna. She's more awake, more driven, more outspoken, calm, honest, fearless and maybe content (?!) than she ever was. On a personal level , through ups and downs, Madonna built a loving family, an insane career and money and she evolved as a human- not only her approach and art got more multi layered but she has achieved the power in this world to drive people - a leader from many aspects. MadameX is the manifestation of real thoughts, human thoughts unfiltered and raw. (If Ray of Light was a stage where she started growing as a person,questioning things, finding a path to follow MadameX is running down that road with a clear destination) Lyrically ? I LOVE it ! All of it. Let me add some personal highlights here - I went back to my 17th year, allowed myself to be naive, to be someone I've never been. - Cause your world's such a shame, cause your world's in so much pain. They are so naive They think we are not aware of their crimes. We know, but we are just not ready to act The storm isn't in the air, it's inside of us - Everybody knows they don’t have a chance to get a decent job, to have a normal life. When they talk reforms, it makes me laugh, they pretend to help, it makes me laugh - Not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past - Get that old man, put him in a jail where he can't stop us, where he can't hurt us - And I'll be a woman, if she's raped and her heart is breaking. Wild is the world and lonely is the path. - I'm tired of being far away from home, far from what can help, far from where it's safe - Front line, I won't stand in the back, 'cause you want me to - I guess I'm lost I had to pay the cost. The thing that hurt me most was that I wasn't lost (love this!) -Freedom's what you choose to do with what's been done to you Musically? Love it! It's an album I will listen to start to end, very unique songs for very specific emotions, sonically great and i love the pairing of the old and the new, a lot. She explored and created in a time where a LOT has been done in art. I do adore the abuse of autotune if its done properly, and in this album it is done very good. Visually? Stunning Music videos? All INSANE ! Tour? Not a world wide tour but an amazing tour and concept where you could feal a warmth you couldnt in arenas. Despite the issues, the problems, the malfunctions, the pain Madonna fought her way through of it all to deliver her message, thoughts, fears to us - She admitted feeling so lonely at some time and she really seemed to be. And she found her way again. What Madonna does and expresses in MadameX is something the world is not quite ready for yet and I'm truly hurt that despite trying to build a better world while we have the ability, for earth and for our species, we are so resilient to change and I think this is what Madonna has been doing her whole life and I admire - embracing change. Why do you?
  4. Fearless and Icon , walking the walk.
  5. Don't you just love her ? Human, thats all I can say
  6. Congrats to Madonna for doing this. Social distancing? Well, I understand the risks of covid however now that the UK government woke up it is too late. I don't think it is good from a medical aspect not to wear a mask but she s Madonna and showing face is important + they all went through covid so they know they can recover again probably. Media have no right to drag Madonna when the potato head POTUS wouldnt even acknowledge the existence of COVID19 and that led to millions of infections and the UK president got sick himself and thousands of peopl , ignoring covid. Let's have some perspective here. Don't pull yourselves into the negativity of this, when you see bad press fight it, we owe that to her and to humans fighting to get rights that shouldve been given like to the rest of us. If they want COVID infections to stop, meaning protests to stop, provide human rights. simple as that. It is not fair on a momentum like this for the black community to have this perception .
  7. madonnagreece

    hahahahahah i dont know guys, i came across the slang definition for pink champagne and it hit me...madonna always like to have a double meaning somewhere and tbh i really like the song, ppl complain about the autotune but to me her voice sounds like pink sparkles and fits the song perfectly!
  8. madonnagreece

    Please drink me up Champagne Rosé It’s my game
  9. madonnagreece

    Let me take the topic back to its original content. MadameX Theatre Tour MUST have the following treatment: AUDIO must - put Mirwais in charge of the sound outcome. - sound like the IGTTYAS cd audio - have the essence of the Madame X album sonic wise, clear sound and good vocal production AUDIO must NOT: - sound like confessions live album - mixing was good but fitting for the genre as there was too much reverb / echo. - sound like S&S live, WORST vocal edits ever, MDNA live album, audio crap, bad mixing and dry sound. VIDEO must - like the instagram videos so far,seems to be a good recording of it so continue down that road - have a theatre feeling to it, meaning not really fast edits - have an intro of backstage, cut to backstage moments, m getting ready, like IGTTYAS style but without the documentary parts. glimpses of MadameX backstage. - have extra features and special backstage video, similar to the world of MadameX , doc style, approx 45 minutes. VIDEO must NOT: Have the horrendous edits of MDNA and RH visual. Everything else is acceptable, a cozy warm yet electronic/future feeling is more than welcome
  10. madonnagreece

    i ve been reading 20 pages and all i see are the words mistakes and cancel the tour and she should ve done this, that. How are you defining a mistake to be honest? Compared to what, imaginary concepts you thought would work? Just chill guys, i really dont get u sometimes. She does what she does, whoever likes it, support and also sorry for those who got cancelled last minute.
  11. madonnagreece

    This is a FAN. This guy's energy and approach represent for me not only a fan but a person who loves madonna deeply. Look how cute is the end. She's also very happy too : )
  12. madonnagreece

    I attended the show on the 14th in Lisbon. The show was beyond expectations, just amazing. M talked with the audience A LOT and at some point she said this: "For the past 2 months, my leg feels like wood and I can't control it. Please excuse me for this, I want you to focus your attention from the waist up" She did her BESTEST to keep up with the show and she did. At parts the choreo was toned down but again being the pro that she is it didnt show but if you know M and her stage presence you could feel it... Especially when she went up and down stairs, she had assistance . And there were random movements where her thigh would make spasms and shake randomly and she couldnt control it. yet she absolutely delivered. At certain moments in the show , she hurt so much you could see it in her face but she would quickly smile like the happiest person in the world so we wouldnt notice. In Medellin, when shes on the table doing the spread legs thing, she forced herself so hard to do it. My heart broke as I could feel the outstanding pain she was in. But my heart also was fullfiled as she fought the pain like a soldier and gave us a night to remember for life. An the Yondr thing...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT IDEA! Everyone enjoyed the show so much!
  13. madonnagreece

    For me it is the best tour I've witnessed so far
  14. madonnagreece

    Shes a billionaire. Whatever she chooses to do next would be for her own entertainment only, she doesnt need the job anymore to make money off of it, more likely it is becoming a way for her to stay alive. Madame X was the beginning of that mindset. Im on board with whatever she chooses to do next as long as she remains healthy and not pushing herself to the limits