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  1. It makes the song justice, same vibe, more esoteric and ambient than dancing up and down. Could be a cool performance from M : )
  2. her body her life her right guys...she does whatever she does because she can and is having fun : ) let me put it simply: 20 years ago Madonna was considered old, today it is almost celebrated when women are still thriving in businesses growing older. 20 years later dont be shocked if those who criticize do the same l u v
  3. it's gonna be a great release. The live concert was really good. The vibe will be there, it is impossible not to have the theatre vibe from footage inside a theatre. There were a few things happening on stage that would be highlighted for sure, maybe some fast cuts here and there. Before the tour starts, there were musicians playing on the side of the stage instrumental acoustic versions of 4-5 of her tracks to warm up the people. That was a nice vibe and hope it will be included of some sort. The tour intro is really good and sets the mood. expecting fast pace editing that leads to
  4. Agreed! I wish there was space for Vogue too but thats the best choice.
  5. me too! it was awesome! Hope the 14th will be included in the edit
  6. one of the most impressive things about her that I admire a lot is that she's constantly thinking out of the box, sometimes it works, sometimes could be confusing but she never let us down and her art down..after MadameX im 100% positive she will always deliver (forms of art, passion about kids and charities, initiatives) until she physically cant anymore <3
  7. I know it is a stretch as she doesnt go back often and re do things BUT since she's back in Warner, this DVD MUST MUST MUST be released! please pray along Till then
  8. the tour was amazing and madonna was really super into it despite the obvious pain , cant wait for the video!
  9. when your step mom is watching you perform half naked on stage :P
  10. lmao i havent uploaded a video in sm in ages, didnt realize they were so strict and fast with copyrights ! in any case, there you go if you want the album version of the song but with Madonna in it! Enjoy! https://voca.ro/kV3UheZzDDI
  11. Forums and news outlets are blowing up over this...Dua's rep also confirmed they reached out to M . FINGERS CROSSED! WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN!!!
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