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  1. i dont understand the purpose of the above instagram account
  2. petition to be her new PR manager now, thanks jokes aside I always thought he loves and admires her so so much and it's so to heat he has this perspective of his mother! NOTE: inappropriate comments will be flagged with the moderators
  3. S U P E R EXCITED. One of her best shows that had to be documented! You will LOVE the vocals and visuals!
  4. I have some points to make. 1. the fact y o u want madonna a certain way is a delusion as she will always be her own way (which is one of her charms actually). 2. She was always anxious and nervous about her stage appearances because she wants to be perfect. I specifically remember her saying cant stop $hitting and having a nervous stomach. 3. sorry to say this but whatever your propositions about her will never be of value or iconic unless madonna wants them. my point is : she still has a lot of energy, happy place in her artistic and personal life. enjoy it and go with the flow of it as time does not go by so slowly after all. much love.
  5. she wants to present herself that way. take it or leave it, it's very simple. Queen shining like always at the VMAs cant wait for what's ahead moving forward
  6. this paragraph clearly refers to madonna. if not, then the editor of the article should be fired asap.
  7. this all may be coordinated promo to lead to the biopic release Cant wait for what she has in store for us!
  8. For the first time, Madonna will personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums, as well as introduce unique releases for special events, and much more. I AM HERE FOR IT KWEEN!
  9. instagram will prob be flooded with stuff! Let's get them all!
  10. lets not call country Slaydonna dumb please
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