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  1. WCD199317

    Ariana Grande

    I open this topic to talk all about Ariana Grande. This powerful conquer the world since 2013 because of her songs and her voice. Me, the first song i heard for her was Problem, and it's one of my least favorites tracks of Ariana. Last year, she released her sixth studio album: Positions. After the two first albums who it's was very pop and RnB, the two first albums as hugely compared to Mariah Carey. But with Dangerous Woman, she started to dissociate of the sound of the two first albums and incorporates also the hip-hop that she used more after that, aside of the sound of her first album. This was her most varied album of her career. But arrived Sweetner, in majority produced by Pharrell Williams, who this album was a departure because it's was more a trap, hip-hop, pop and RnB. She continued this road with this sound with Thank U Next and Positions. I love this voice, it's not so much interesting to her before 2018, because the songs Breathin and No Tear Left to Cry attirate more my attention and love theses two songs. But lost the interest, because of the singles of Thank U Next (the singles didn't justice of the album) and gained more interest again after i hear 34+35 who it's was one my favorites songs of her. But after to hear the Position album, this album was a deception, because the album start well, but after Nasty, it's was a garbage, all so much bad (except POV, who it's was also a gem, one of my favorites tracks of this album). But with curiosity, i started to listen the old album, and definitly, the albums Sweetener and Dangerous Woman attirates so much my attention, because i like almost all the songs of theses two albums and was a masterpiece. The Sweetener was very a beauty this album and it's was one her best albums of her career. All the tracks was a bob (except The Light Coming and Everytime). Love so much this album and i search to buying theses two albums. I am sure that she wasn't so much control of her albums until Dangerous Woman who she started to have more her word about her songs and her songwriting. And she writing all the lyrics of the songs of Sweetener, Thank U Next and Positions. This topic was topic about Ariana Grande.
  2. WCD199317

    Katy Perry

    I didn't understant the mixed reaction of the Prism album. This album was my second favorite behind Teenage Dreams. This album was a more adult contempory and pop sound to Teenage Dreams and less oriented to the dance to Teenage Dreams, but it's was a bomb. Except for one track (This is How We Do), i like all the songs, and she was very cohesive during all the album. Because nine of the sixteen tracks was a ballad, it's not a album for dancing like Teenage Dreams, depist the few dancing tracks like Birthday and Dark Horse. The first half was more commercial sound with upbeat like Walking on Air, Dark Horse or International Smile (only Unconditionally was a ballad in the first half) while the second half was a collection of ballads very intimate and personal (notably the divorce with Russell Blend). The last song of the Deluxe edition, Choose Your Battles, shake all my body in each listen and was a powerful song. And also, aside of pop, she used House in Walking on Air, hip-hop in Dark Horse, Disco in Birthday and Bohemian influences in Legendary Lovers. I also like so well Smile and One of the Boys. But not a fan of Witness.
  3. This girl was this year the year of the born of this artist. For her first album at 18 years old, Olivia delivers a album very intimate about her rupture with her ex-boyfriend and very moody and a excellent collection of songs. This album was very excellent and love this intimate side of her for a first album. This album was in majority indie pop if you listen the whole album, the singles Dejà Vu and Good 4 U didn't represent the musical ambiance of the album. I expect first a pop-rock album because of Deja Vu and Good 4 U, but it's not at all the case. The album contains only three pop-rock song in the album (Dejà Vu, Good 4 U and Brutal), the rest was only collection of Indie Pop songs like Favorite Crime, Jealousy Jealousy and Driver License. No filler track in this album. All the fans of Indie Pop was very welcome with this album and she put the indie pop in the general public with Driver's License with this song was now a classic of music since her released and also her most successful debut single of a debut artist (spent eight consecutives weeks at n.1 in US). It's remains me of other singers like Birdy. This album was now in my buying list for the next couples months.
  4. I open this topic to say your top 10 favorites songs of Katy Perry. Me my top 10 was: 1. Last Friday Night 2. Walking on Air 3. Unconditionally 4. Hot N Cold 5. Never Really Over 6. Birthday 7. Firework 8. Roulette 9. Who Am I Living For 10. Smile
  5. Q1: Who is your favourite solo male artist ? Phil Collins Q2; Who is your favourite solo female artist ? Céline Dion and Janet Jackson Q3: Who is your favourite band / group ? Tears for tears Q4: What's your favourite song of the 80's ? Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins and Come Back to Me by Janet Jackson, as well to Incognito by Céline Dion Q5: What's your favourite album of the 80's ? Rhythm Nation 1814 by Janet Jackson Q6: And finally who is the most influential artist of the 80's ? Michael Jackson (nine US n.1), Phil Collins (seven US n.1) and Madonna (seven US n.1)
  6. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? Marc Anthony Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Céline Dion Q3: Who's your favourite group ? Backstreet Boys Q4: What's your favourite song of the 90's ? Has to Be by Madonna, I'm Outta Here by Shania Twain and Pour que tu m'aimes encore by Céline Dion Q5: What's your favourite album of the 90's ? Ray of Light - Madonna and Celine Dion - Céline Dion Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 90's ? Janet Jackson, Backstreets Boys, Céline Dion and Mariah Carey
  7. Q1: Who's your favourite solo male artist ? James Blunt Q2: Who's your favourite solo female artist ? Christina Aguilera and Dido Q3: Who's your favourite group ? not so much fan of that Q4: What's your favourite song of the 00's ? Dido - White Flag Q5: What's your favourite album of the 00's? Madonna - Confession on a Dance Floor and Feist - The Reminder Q6: And finally who's do you think is the most influential artist(s) of the 00's ? Beyonce and Christina Aguilera
  8. If you remember for Rihanna, when she started her career (during 2005-2006), Rihanna was hugely compared of Beyonce of her look and her music and all the critics and the public label cited that she have a one hit wonder with her two first albums. Her third album is she when she have her black habit during The Good GIrl Gone Bad album and progressivly she started to distant the Beyonce style of her music. Her fourth album, Rated R, was really the album then she have her own style of her music. She is also the album that she have more control of her songs and have her word to say about her music and her songs and was her most acclaimed album critical success to date (but with less success in public to Good Girl Gone Bad and A Girl Like Me). This album easily compared to the album The Velvet Rope by Janet Jackson, because of her dark tone and the way she faced in her emotionnal pain in her songs (the whole album talk about toxic relationship and domestic violence and this album as intimate and personal for her). She risk everything about this album, at a time when her fame have not established like today. And unlike her three first albums, she was the main writer of this album, writting nine of the thirteen tracks of the album (and the exclusive producteur of this album and all the albums after Rated R). And if you have her artistics albums later of her career, if because of Rated R, a declaration of her independance of her creative process in music and her career. Rated R changed totally the way you look in her music.
  9. WCD199317

    The Weeknd

    The music video of the last single Save your Tears:
  10. My favorites of Janet: 1. Come Back to Me 2. The Knowledge 3. The Body That Loves You 4. Together Again 5. When i Think of You 6. Someone to Call my Lover 7. Because of Love 8. You 9. Livin in a World (Didn't Make) 10 Where Are You Now 11. Someday Is Tonight 12. Free Xone 13. The Pleasure Principle 14. Throb 15. Love Will Never Do (Without You) 16. Nasty 17. Everytime 18. God Stepchild 19. State of the World 20. What Have You Done For Me Lately In fact, it's difficult for me because my top changed all the time, except Come Back to Me, The Knowledge (i love the message of the song and also all about this song) and The Body That Loves You (i love the bossa nova and this style fit so well with the romantic of this song). Theses are my three favorites songs of her career in general.
  11. The two first albums was more teenage pop when you listen theses albums. I remember when Blackout was released, the album as not so much radio-friendly and less commercial to In the Zone or Britney and also more personal to Britney. Because Blackout was more Hip-hop, electro, techno and urbain sound to her old albums and this album was revolutionnary, i remember when Gimme More was released, many suprised by the sound of this song and this song was the precursor of the sound of 2010's. It's before Lady Gaga with her album The Fame. In 2012, The Rock and Roll Fame cited this album has a revolutionnary album and has the only album cited by the Rock and Roll Fame. But the album was not so much promoted (outside the radios and TV, played all times Gimme More and Piece of Me), but it's also the context of this era (Britney battled mental illiness and have her worst period of her life), but i remember to depist that, this album work very well in the charts (Gimme More was one of her most successful singles of her career and Piece of Me was also a success).
  12. My favorites: All the pictures of Ray of Light, Music and COnfessions on a Dance Floor era. I love all the pictures of theses era. Music was a beautiful era with the cowgirl style. My least: All the pictures of the booklet of Erotica, including the cover (so much very bad) and the cover of Madame X.
  13. My favorite album of her career. The production of this album is fire and very haunting, the ambiance was so hypnotical, very spiritual and she also improved her vocals in this album, thanks to the singing lesson during the making of Evita. I love the diversity of this album. Like Like a Prayer, this album was very varied and the sequencing was incredible well. The album started in her first eight tracks with more up-beat sound, while the five last tracks (or six in the Japan version) was more a slow ballad (Frozen was a transition between the first eight tracks and the last tracks of the album, because i considered a mid-tempo ballad). She have her best re-invention of her career and also this album was her second born of her career. She explored in this album: Dance, Electro, Trip-Hop, Bossa Nova, Rock, New age, spiritual and Asian music in this album. Also the pure sound of her music and the rich arrangements created a sound so much good, very complex and very relaxing. This album makes me happy all the time when i listen this album. Also, the cover and the pictures of the booklet represent perfectly the general ambiance of the whole album. My favorites of this album was Frozen and Has to Be. I have the japanese version, because i was a huge fan of Has to Be, i love how Madonna explored the New Age style with this song and the perfect ending of a album.
  14. I open this topic to talk in your top 3 of favorites Rihanna albums. Because i listen Rihanna albums of the last few days. Me, my top 3 was: 1. Anti 2. Rated R 3. Good Girl Gone Bad In fact, i was so much dissaspoited by Talk That Talk and most of all the songs of the album.
  15. I remember to buy this album after my obssesion of Confessions on a Dance Floor at the time of the released. I listen many times this albums (except Beat Goes On and 4 minutes then i always skipped, i not like so much of theses two songs). I listen today the album after nine years and the album was so worse to listen today compared to when i listen the album at the time of 2008. The production not aged so well and was outdated. When i listen for example Confessions on a Dance Floor or Music, the album was listen so well many years after the released and was timeless. Not Hard Candy. Depist this album was good, this album was not traveled the decades. Spanish Lession was in fact a good vibe, but not so much lyrically, musically, it's was good, but not so much good as many latino that she recording before (like Spanish Eyes or Deeper and Deeper). But I prefer this song to Beat Goes On, Dance 2Night and 4 Minutes. My favorite of this album was Give It 2 Me.
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