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  1. The first song played while you're dancing with your husband... She's not me She's not me She's not me, and she never will be She never will be Never will be Never will be Never will be Never will be Never will be
  2. Both ? We're talking about Madonna. A world tour (even some dates in major cities) would take months (and the venues sould be free... the live sector is quite busy nowadays...). She's not the "let's make a woruld tour next month" type. A movie would take months, too: are the actors free ? Are the setting fgree ? Is the script over ??? And ity's not just filming, if she's the ral director... it's the editing and planning and doing promotion. She's not "The kids have grown up, I have 5 weeks free in July, let's film the biopic!" type! Oh, it's her biopic ! So there should be quite some coreographies to do adn I think she'll have something to say about them, too ! I don't like this pool, I thought the plans for the biopic were done, it looks they are not. If she's asking, it seems the plans can be delayed to 2023. A world tour would be great ! Free from album promotion, the setlist could be very interesting and free. I wouldn't like a GH world tour
  3. I don't think we are protecting her, I think we're reporting him because it's a post to be reported. I would report him if he'd have made such post against whomever.
  4. 1 year to edit the biopic ? If it has tons of special effects and CGI...
  5. She opened it way before anybody else: it was 1992 and if you're lucky enogh, you can find a copy at a affordable price
  6. I think the plan was always to make the announcement on her birthday... the release should follow in late September/October. I must admit I don't care when, I want to know the album they are starting this campain !!! Debut ? Erotica ?
  7. Just read that Idaho passed away in early April. I'm kinda shocked. I really like many of his remixes and he was quite active forum member here. His website: https://www.idahodesign.eu/remixes/ An interesting interview: https://holidayshare.blogspot.com/2011/03/exclusive-interview-many-faces-of-idaho.html
  8. Lorde did that with her last album, Solar Power. You could buy a discless edition of the dvd. There is the booklett, there is the cover, There is not the cd. It looks like the cd is not green enough for Lorde. The vinyl was perfect, indeed !
  9. Such a great news !!! Thanx a lot !!! I'm so happy!
  10. This is the tracklist: A 1. Who’s That Girl (Extended Version) 2. Causing a Commotion (Movie House Mix) B 1. Causing a Commotion (Silver Screen Mix) 2. Who’s That Girl (Dub) 3. Causing a Commotion (Dub) Apparently there's a blue vinyl exclusive for US
  11. I really hope the Who's that girl (Extended mix) is properly mastered ! I want the cd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. If we're getting a remix collection, I can't see the reissues to start before Autumn
  13. IF this is true, and I write again IF, we're gonna get a remix compilation "now" (whenever it means) and the soundtrack of the movie, another collection, later this year or early next year. The new Warner contract begins with not one but TWO compilations ? Really ? Mhm...
  14. Laura Pausini sang Mi Annabdono a Te in her Resta in ascolto album. It's an Italian version of Like a flower. That Kylie video is not the actual song, but the part we know repeated twice. The complete track never leaked.
  15. I may be old, but I can't read a single tracklist!
  16. @MPowered I know MAdonna discography is HUGE, but OMITTED SINGLES: Oh Father - Edit * I know it's not a huge hit but my heart is bleeding ! Keep It Together - Single Mix * This HAS to be in the Dance disc ! Bad Girl - Edit * Oh dear ! A GH without BG ? My heart can't! What It Feels Like for a Girl - Radio Edit * the A&B remix MUST be in the dance disc ! Nothing Fails - Radio Edit * Love disc without NF ? IS there something more pure than NF ?
  17. I know it's a rumor of Warner and Madona arguiing about 1st reissue: Warner wants 1st album, Madonna wants Hard Candy. I know it's a rumor. But would that be so out of place ? 1st reissue is gonna start it all and sell, whatever you release. So, why not starting with Hard Candy ?
  18. Commenting a picture from Take a bow/You'll see video ! That's so usefull when you're trying to prove she had had something ! Oh dear !
  19. I don't know: it's Madonna, she had to had surgery, so he found a lot of them ! Maybe too much. The one on 1994 looks quite out of place: it's the picture that looks so good (filters maybe ?). The video that should witness her surgical facelifts seems to fail big time cos it shows she accepted her age and the signs are all there. I think things started to get lost a bit for Hard Candy: I was watching the 4 minutes video the other day and she looks different there. Watched the entire video: he convinced me she did not do much on 2019-2020 something really happened, just look at how she speaks and at her lips! Fillers and botox are nothing. Which celebrity did not have one shoot of them ?
  20. I really don't know what kind of problem are there with this release ! Only Amazon UK seems to sell it ! Other European Amazon have it out of stock !
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