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  1. Is the official YouTube version of This Used To Be My Playground an cropped, watermark-less MTV off-air recording?

    1. brank000


      no - its the video taken from the A League of Their Own DVD

    2. AaronsAmazing


      Understand now. Then why does Who's That Girl have an text-only "On DVD" card at the end like it's from a DVD's trailer reel?

  2. AaronsAmazing

    I know I haven't listened to The Immaculate Collection [am used to the "true" album/7" versions as they play on the radio here in Australia] but am scared if the effect has found its way into the late 10s under a more generic title. Due to how popular the 8D Audio effect that spawned from it, there are a lot of "3D Audio" mixes mislabelled as such, such as the example I will provide below: Of course, if this actually resembles Q-Sound then making a non-Q Sound Immaculate Collection should be an easy idea, considering custom edits of pre-existing mixes are used.
  3. AaronsAmazing

    The Madonna/Otto Von Wernherr "Turn Me On" 2LP test pressing Two tracks, the edited versions of Turn Me On and Danger are circulating with fans but not the rest
  4. This Give It To Me song is better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQgNIhyAHYM
  5. Nightlife's signature Hard Drive Music System product (currently discontinued in flavor of a "Microsystem" model, now known as a "Media Player" for CrowdDJ reasons) obviously suffers from Madonna video versions, but thankfully there's a large catalogue at most locations. All videos are "cut" to make them seamlessly mix, but I don't know if this is complete or not. All videos are regular versions with dialogue cut out unless there is some info on it. Various videos were upgraded in the late 2000s with the "Song Title/MADONNA/(Label listed on bottom right next to the song title)" text format, some retain the earlier "Song Title/ARTIST (WAR)" one. *Everybody (Album Version/Fade) *Burning Up *Holiday (extended edit of the first TOTP performance. Can be found on YouTube as a VCD rip, although an exact copy may take some digging) *Lucky Star (Short Video) *Borderline *Like A Virgin (cut early to match the Immaculate Collection Q-Sound Edit, but it's still the original version) *Material Girl *Dress You Up *Crazy For You *Gambler *Into The Groove *Papa Don't Preach *Live To Tell *True Blue *Open Your Heart (cut early to match the Immaculate Collection Q-Sound Edit, but it's still the original version) *La Isla Bonita *Who's That Girl *Causing A Commotion (Obviously the Ciao Italia performance) *Like A Prayer (5:12 edit, could this be the 12" Dance Mix 1990 Edit version or not?) *Express Yourself (Remix/Edit with Local Mix Intro) *Cherish *Vogue *Hanky Panky (the "live video with album audio" clip that looks like a low-budget promo due to I'm Breathless' 30s music theme) *Deeper And Deeper (thankfully the regular video) *Fever (Edit One) *Secret (Junior's Luscious Single Mix/Dan-O-Rama Mix) (as this was the regular MTV version, and the not-exact for both listed versions are near-identical I'd say there's both this one) *I'll Remember *Ray Of Light *Frozen (Victor Calderone Club Edit) *Beautiful Stranger (major cut, listed estimate time is 3:44) *American Pie (both the original and the Humpty Remix) *Music *Don't Tell Me (original and Vision Radio Edit) *What It Feels Like For A Girl *Hollywood (original and Aviddiva Remix Edit) *Hung Up (major cut, ends before the closing "every little thing" and I've forgotten if it starts from the first "times goes by..." or the second one due to the 4:42 time-compressed length) *Sorry *Get Together (unsure of video version, but it's likely whatever one was sent to Warner Music Australia) *Jump *4 Minutes *Give It 2 Me (no Pharrell credit) *Celebration (two copies, one with a not-exact 3:35 length and an regular one with a not-exact 3:22 length) *Give Me All Your Luvin *Girl Gone Wild *Bitch I'm Madonna (From 2014, Nightlife mastered all new videos with a new format, also starting and ending from the first and last lyrical lines) *Living For Love *Medellin
  6. I really hate it when people call the UK CD1 alternate radio edit of "Hung Up" the UK version, despite the fact that the "Instrumental Ending" version was used worldwide, including the other UK CD single

  7. AaronsAmazing

    Nice to see some Arabic fans here!
  8. AaronsAmazing

    Does anyone know why "Everybody (Extended)" [actually Album Version] is labelled as an "instrumental" version on its Yellow CD single reissue?
  9. AaronsAmazing

    I read somewhere that the first 11 tracks were all early-fade edits of released versions (Borderline might be a Q-Sound processed 7" edit!), except processed in Q-Sound with the required filters. The main issue with this is that Holiday and Into The Groove are edits of the You Can Dance arrangements rather than the original versions, but are they edits of the 1987 promo-only "Single Edits" or not?
  10. Do there exist any privately-circulating Madonna multitracks/stems now?

  11. AaronsAmazing

    Immendaly put the image through Google Images, and this is what came up. Looks fanmade, doesn't it but not for a fanmix?
  12. AaronsAmazing

    I found the attached cover art for Think Of Me on Nightlife Music's CrowdDJ companion app (I can't save images from it, hence the low quality). Anyone know where it originated?
  13. AaronsAmazing

    Also, why didn't the single feature a Q-Sound processed album version like what happened to Justify My Love? Even the promo-only "radio edit" for JML was based on the Q-Sound mix!
  14. Making an immaculate Q-Sound mix is harder than it seems... Requires phasing of separate stems

  15. AaronsAmazing

    About the UK 7inch release of Like A Prayer, did that have the LP Fade or the Extended Mix Edit?