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  1. Vogue perfectly fits on I’m Breathless. Now I’m Following You (Part II), with its more modern and electronic sounds, allows for an easy transition. Besides, Vogue (the song and music video) has that strong Golden Age of Hollywood vibe (thirties, forties, fifties, sixties) that fits the timeline of Dick Tracy. And as conclusion of the album, it’s a delicious treat. It also boosted sales a lot. Some songs are sonically different than other tracks on an album but still fit somehow.
  2. I see. Good thing to have the physical copies! I wonder why did they replace Holiday on digital. It should be the original full-length version, not a shortened version of the IC mix. And Borderline is still mislabelled.
  3. "True Blue" Reissue/2001 Remaster was uploaded prior to "True Blue 35th". If I understand correctly, "True Blue 35th" is the 2021 remaster, "True Blue" Reissue/2001 Remaster is the 2001 remaster and "True Blue" is the 2021 remaster. Is this correct? Good thing to still have the CD and/or vinyl editions!
  4. Still... It's no reason for all those mix-ups. It's sloppy and unprofessional, regardless of who the artist is. Why would they mislabel the Madonna album version (repeatedly calling it "Remix" or "U.S. Remix") and Celebration remix album version? Nothing too confusing there. That said, I'm glad the digital single is released.
  5. @dankpepe Madonna already broke up w/ Ahlamalik Williams?! I hadn't kept up...
  6. @TonyMontana Yeah. Been through strings of comments online, and people are basically calling her out for having had too much work done, and they deem her an ageist for seemingly fighting the aging process so hard. And those baseless paedophilia/child trafficking allegations don’t help… Maybe Madonna should have requested all press photos be approved prior to being published. I’m sure she’ll bounce back anyway like she always does, esp. when the tour starts. And maybe she’ll take some measures to diminish the odds of that occurring again.
  7. It appears to be a case of bad angle/lighting/zooming. Watching the live broadcast, I thought she looked great! Madonna’s unedited look can greatly vary due to angle or lighting, more so than before. And the gap between Madonna’s edited look vs. her unedited appearance is sometimes getting wider and wider. I never gave allegations of cosmetic surgery much thought, and there’s nothing wrong w/ some enhancement. However, too much work or bad work achieves opposite effect. If that’s what’s going on, it’s best to stop and focus on reversing some of it if possible. Madonna was always a natural beauty w/ striking features, and she doesn’t need all that.
  8. Madonna can sing most anything, even jazz, theatre and opera stuff. If a number is too high, she can lower the notes. As for the original Rescue Me, she can pull it (as she did in the studio). Half the song is spoken, and the other half just requires some good technique and placement. Her Blond Ambition voice would work best for it for that deep, guttural belting.
  9. I like the idea of a greatest hits tour à la ‘Re-Invention’; I think it’s a great idea. But just like she did ‘Re-Invention’, I’d still accompany the tour w/ a new album, whether an LP or an EP, and I’d include at least four songs from it. There could be 19+ more tracks (incl. interludes and medleys), so it’d still be a greatest hits show and advertised as such. I just like a “current” theme to still be present (I don’t see Mo as a dinosaur). And yeah, we’ll probably get live performances of the recent reworked versions of ‘Frozen’, ‘Material Girl’, ‘Hung Up’, and maybe some unearthed stuff like ‘Back That Up to the Beat’. Should be a very entertaining spectacle. And maybe we’ll get to hear ‘I’ll Remember’ and ‘This Used to Be My Playground’ live for the first time. I’d expect some more album tracks such as ‘Pray for Spanish Eyes’, ‘Pretender’, ‘Something to Remember’, ‘Back In Business’, ‘I Know It’… With a lush live instrumentation, those would sound amazing! Also, ‘Angel’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘Love Don't Live Here Anymore’, ‘Physical Attraction’... Some newer tracks like ‘Crave’, ‘Faz Gostoso’, ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Wash All Over Me’... And I’d bring back Niki & Donna if possible.
  10. @diegolcl Maybe it was fake fur. 2 200 € ??? The original was not anywhere that pricey.
  11. Physical Attraction was never remixed for this project (in the album liner, it's the only track without additional production). Its single edit is the same as the 1983 7" edit.
  12. Has anyone on here warned Emily of that already? They should put the actual dub version on the maxi-single or Fever (Edit Two). And yeah, correct the credits.
  13. Don't most computers (desktop/laptop) come w/ a CD/DVD player and burner?
  14. Mmm... Do we really know her personally? I’m sure Lolahol has had to deal w/ quite some undue/disingenuous attention and scrubs in her life, people wanting to give her a hard time or just take advantage of her… She’s had to harden herself somehow. Madonna herself has quite a strong personality and can be quite the bitch on occasions, but it’s usually if warranted. I’m sure Lola’s actually nice to the people she works with and she lets into her life. Like Paris Jackson, I sense in Lolahol high artistic sensitivity and some maturity and wisdom about life and all. Maybe she’ll appear to be nicer at some point as her fanbase expands and she gets to interact w/ her true fans online.
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