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  1. Are Madonna's videos still submitted to the VMAs? When was she last nominated? Isn't her management or record label in charge of handling those submissions? Are her new singles and albums still submitted to award shows? If her work is still submitted but no longer nominated, then yes, it is pure ageism (and maybe also sexism). So much talk about racism, transphobia, homophobia and so on, and that's great, but why is ageism totally accepted? The quality of Madonna's work is still on top pro level, regardless of the fact a number of fans prefer previous material. Music videos for Dark Ballet and God Control, those two short films, have great artistic merit. Crave is a jewel (Mo looks quite young in it, by the way), Medellín is a stunner, Batuka is heartfelt, I Rise has a great social message... None had enough merit for MTV? I understand MTV may want to give younger or newer artist a chance, so maybe they should create a specific category for older acts... It'd look ageist, but at least older acts would get nominated, receive awards and be called to participate and perform more often.
  2. It may very well work. I remember watching Madonna: Innocence Lost years ago, and I loved it. The moment Madonna first discovered a bottle of peroxide, the moment she seduced a DJ and inserted her cassette tape in the deck and pushed play, the moment before her MTV Like a Virgin performance when she was shown pensive, sipping her honey tea... Imagine how a high budget film may turn out! Looking forward to it.
  3. Thank you for standing up for MJ. :02:

  4. Madonna's just posted this: Of course, some are shaming her for this. Thank God the #MJFam is there to set the record straight.
  5. Arckangel

    And I'll remind you all that Madonna herself is still constantly being accused (by that Aisha lunatic you may know of) of commissioning and committing sex assault and having commissioned attempted murder... If all accusers are to be automatically believed no matter what, Aisha should be believed. Some are even accusing Madonna of drinking adrenochrome... lol Should we believe them too?! @PaperFaces @Mister_Pop@PWCCA@vasili@poodle @Voguerista
  6. Arckangel

    Madonna's certainly not cancelled MJ. This just in: Is she a "pedophile apologist" like some like to call those (incl. Madonna fans) who stand by MJ? I think not. Like me, she believes in "innocent until proven guilty"; that's exactly how she put it. Regarding those allegations... What bothers me is how so many believe them even though all fully debunked! Why would anyone cancel MJ over debunked allegations? That train station Jimmy talks about in the film where he and MJ supposedly "had sex everyday" did not even exist at that time! Jimmy claimed the abuse occurred from ages 10 to 14 (from 1988 to 1992). That train station was built from 1993 to 1994; Jimmy turned 16 in early '94, and MJ was seldom at Neverland that year. By '95, Jimmy had turned 17... Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed himself admitted the train station was built from 1993 to 1994, and he claimed Jimmy was mistaken about the date of the end of the alleged abuse. The thing is, the whole narrative of the film is that MJ would abuse kids until they were 14 and then discard them for younger flesh... Plenty more lies were discovered in that hit piece. Square One 2.0 Amazon Prime Version: WORLDWIDE: 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Evan Chandler was influenced by Victor Guttiérez (an admitted NAMBLA member) who put such ideas in his head. Evan went straight to Jackson and demanded $20,000,000. Why didn't he go to the police? Jackson refused, there was a strip search, but he was not arrested. The civil trial was going to occur before the criminal trial, and it would have made the prosecution privy to Michael's whole defence. This is why the civil case was settled, and the condition to get the money was to admit Jackson was not liable to any wrongdoing. Evan's brother Ray Chandler wrote in his book All that Glitters : "Had Michael paid the $20 million demanded of him in August 1993, instead of the following January, he would have spent the next 10 years as the worlds most famous entertainer rather than the worlds most infamous child molester." Enough said... The criminal case went ahead as planned, and two grand juries refused to indict Jackson due to lack of evidence. Besides, Jordan's (Evan's?) description did not match; Jackson's autopsy revealed he was not circumcised. In Square One, an acquaintance of Jordan's reveals Jordan had told her MJ would never do such a thing. Evan was very violent to his wife and Jordan. Jordan even sought a restraining order against him at some point, and Evan ended up committing suicide shortly after Jackson's passing. As for the Francia case, investigators were desperate for another alleged victim. Francia repeatedly stated Jackson had not molested him, but he was pressured (by investigators and his mother) to state Jackson had done so. There was a civil settlement because SONY had spent tens of millions on the HIStory project, and a trial would have jeopardized it. As for the Arvizo case, Jackson had an alibi; he could not have committed those crimes during those dates. The prosecution simply changed the dates and still sent the case to the court. Francia testified and was not found credible. A chef claimed he had seen Jackson molest Macaulay Culkin, but Culkin insisted that was a false allegation (to this day, Culkin still stands by Michael). In the end, Jackson was acquitted on all fourteen counts. Janet Arvizo (the mother), just like Evan Chandler, was all about the money. Janet Arvizi had even lied about being sexually assaulted by a security guard in a store. The links above have all the details. If one is going to spend four hours watching Leaving Neverland + possibly one hour watching After Neverland, it is only fair they spend at least the same amount of time consulting rebuttal articles and documentaries. Brett Barnes, a childhood friend of MJ's, also still supports him. Brett Barnes on Twitter And it's important to highlight the fact, as Jermaine, Brandy & Taj Jackson noted, that girls and parents also did take part in those sleepovers. Brandy & Taj (Michael's nice & nephew) were there, and Brandy was Wade's girlfriend during the time of the alleged abuse. Brandy Jackson on Twitter / Taj Jackson on Twitter @PaperFaces @Mister_Pop@PWCCA@vasili@poodle @Voguerista
  7. Jamaica! Madonna went to Jamaica? Personally, I'd avoid all places where homosexuality is a crime (it's terrible in Jamaica) just to be safe (false accusations and all). She went there w/ her boyfriend and kids, so I guess that's safe enough.
  8. I can confirm that's not true; it's just the way the line: "Life is a mystery" sounds backwards. Madonna did admittedly wear a Lucifer ring on the Arsenio Hall show in 1992; whether Lucifer or Satan are the same being is up for debate. Satanism is very diverse; some Satanists are non-Theistic and see Satan as a symbol that represents repressed forces of nature, as for Theistic Satanists, they either see him as the biblical figure or an entity that predates Christianity (and they may link him to Set, Marduk, Enki, Tiamat, Ahriman and so on). More info: Madonna does not come across as Satanist to me since she's aligning herself more w/ the biblical god Yahweh and the right hand path. Also, occult imagery and symbolism are not always necessarily Satanic; it depends on the actual intent of the artists involved. Besides, Madonna sings or speaks against Satan or The Devil in Justify My Love (The Beast Within Mix), Intervention and Devil Pray.
  9. I agree it is unfair to business owners (not sure insurance is gonna cover all that!). As for the torching of police stations, as horrible as it looks, it is an act directly directed at some of those responsible. All people want is those four cops held accountable, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and severely convicted. And as some may note, there is Black-on-Black, Black-on-White violence, etc. But those cops are held to a certain moral standard, they are supposed to be trained, in control of their emotions and fear. Too many of them have shown to be overtly afraid, jumpy or just plain hateful or unprofessional. Peaceful action obviously does not work! It just doesn’t! It’s been that way for decades on end, and it’s getting worse w/ more and more killer cops committing plain murder and getting away with it. When peaceful action does not work, it incites war—physical war! I know it's horrible, but how many more murders will those cops get away with?
  10. @Roland Barthes, you really want to go back to MadonnaNation? See my experience (on the first page). What's the point of being part of a forum where only one point of view is allowed? (Their mods/admins only have contempt for Madonna fans that also like MJ.)
  11. That's why she should not delete that post. If she does, it means she no longer can take the heat of social media...
  12. She was referring to Rocco who is White, using it as a term of endearment. I find it odd that Black or mixed race artists can constantly use the N-word in songs, etc., but non-Black people can't ever use it as a term of endearment. If a Drake song is playing, there are 10 people in a room (incl. 4 Black and one mixed race people), and they're all singing along... Should the 5 non-Black people stop singing/miming everytime the N-word comes up? Many would say yes, I find that ridiculous, and that's why I will never use it in my own songs (I'm Black). Back to this latest "controversy"... Too many forced apologies and removals are not good. It means social media may dictate the way she acts/behaves. When asked not to say the F-word, she'd go ahead and say it. I would not want her to lose that attitude she had.
  13. I hope she won't delete it. If everytime some people react negatively to what she posts she deletes it... She deleted the bathtub video, right? She also removed that "dis n****" photo, right? That caption was a reference to Rocco who is White. She should have explained that under her post and left it at that w/ no apology, no removal.
  14. Arckangel

    That's what I was saying. It all made Vogue fit the record. I knew Madonna had professional vocal coaching way before Evita ; She did have some in 1979 in Paris too.