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  1. @dominbil Madonna likes to follow current trends. She’s determined to remain as young and relevant as possible for the rest of her life, and one of today’s trends is big fat ass booties. Madonna’s not the only one. Alex Montenegro, an adult actor, has just told me he’s growing his booty (you can see it in his current story). There is also a lotion that helps achieve that objective. Of course, it may all look superficial, but sex sells, and such businesses (incl. music) are a lot based on image. Madonna’s digital enhancement has never bothered me, and I usually don’t even think of it. The only issue is when she greatly modifies a photo that was already made public (like that of her and 50 Cent together); that only exposes her. I wish her real-life appearance was a lot closer to those edited shots.
  2. @Gutten @Ian And Madonna wrote it alone, lyrics and music.
  3. Shouldn’t ‘Into the Groove’ have been added to the 2001 remaster? It was not part of the original 1984 pressing (it was added to some 1985 pressings), but so weren’t the two extended mixes of ‘Like a Virgin’ and ‘Material Girl’. Missed opportunity right there. The album is solid enough without it, but that ‘Desperate Seeking Susan’ song makes it even stronger. @Karma @MDNA22
  4. @Nahual And what about the Soulpower Remix? It gave the song a whole new polish, and it's amazing how the 1984 vocals still matched Madonna's 1995 image.
  5. @PanditaRulez, the thread says: "Physical Attraction (18.070 Brazil / 'You Can Dance' Single Edit) - 3:57 - WAV Edit of the 11-23-1982 Demo / Released on PRO-CD-2892" Here's the file: https://mega.nz/folder/aT4gnaSB#5-YtIC_fIIoyqNxTyuf5Xg Isn't it the same version as this? This edit of "Physical Attraction" is from a promotional LP for Madonna's 1987 remix album You Can Dance. It's actually the same version that first appeared in 1983 on a promo single. My specs: Recorded using Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable with internal preamp removed and an AT 120E cart. All records are cleaned on a VPI 16.5. I use Adobe Audition CC for recording and processing. Clicks are removed manually with a light filter used sparingly. According to Qobux, the version of Physical Attraction used is the 03:45 'You Can Dance Remix Edit': https://www.qobuz.com/es-es/album/finally-enough-love-50-number-ones-madonna/tu514gw6zpxbb The Finally Enough Love booklet says the same thing: PHYSICAL ATTRACTION (YOU CAN DANCE REMIX EDIT) 03:45 Dance Club Chart Peak Date: 02/06/88 The underground club vibes of the original song—written and produced by Reggie Lucas—perfectly matched the flow of the You Can Dance project and was the only song included on that album without remixing production. This edit was featured on the 1987 promotional release of the LP and also as a B-side to the 1983 European 7” release of “Burning Up.” https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0046/6311/5847/products/Madonna_50NumberOnes_3CD_ProductShot.jpg?v=1651541010 Looks like it's going to be a shorter version of the 03:57 'You Can Dance Single Edit'—basically an edit of the 06:35 12" version/Madonna album version. @Candy Perfume Boy @Angelman60@Frank
  6. It's just an edit, exactly the same as the 1983 7" edit that surfaced in certain markets—absolutely no difference except for a remastered sound. Physical Attraction, on You Can Dance, is the same as the original 1983 12" version except for the intro and outro; they felt Physical Attraction was clubby enough and perfect the way it was.
  7. A few things they could have done differently… Create remix edits for ‘Like a Virgin’ and ‘Material Girl’. Here are two good fanmade edits: Wouldn’t it be more interesting? They also could have remixed ‘Physical Attraction’ somehow (so we finally have an actual official remix of the song). That way, all tracks would be remixed, but it’s still good the way it is.
  8. Yeah, I was under the impression it was all going to be brand-new remixes. See, this was the perfect occasion to finally have ‘Physical Attraction’ remixed; the ‘You Can Dance’ mixes were not remixed and have no additional production. Is there just one true official remix of ‘Physical Attraction’? Regarding the compilation cover art… Since ‘Angel’ was excluded, they should have used the artwork for its B-side (‘Into the Groove’) or the ‘Into the Groove’ international A-side artwork, but that’s just a detail. Not much anything new here, but it’s still a nice release.
  9. It should be noted Physical Attraction was not actually remixed on You Can Dance. The booklet lists no additional production on that song, and it appears to be identical to the original version save for the intro and the outro. This upcoming anthology is a fitting occasion to finally have it remixed. It probably won't, but it should.
  10. It's 56 number ones total. Two of the number ones are double (49 + 2), and five You Can Dance tracks (Spotlight, Everybody, Physical Attraction, Over and Over, Where's the Party) do not appear elsewhere on the list. If it's strictly 50 songs, six won't make the cut.
  11. Is this a new video? I've read a comment saying it is three years old.
  12. So, we're never gonna get Fever and Love Don't ? Why not release all the maxi-singles (incl. promos and imports) once and for all? That'd only increase Madonna's number of monthly listeners on Spotify. It's impressive but too low for her, the Queen of Pop. She should be at 25 million+.
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