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  1. https://www.discogs.com/master/65456-Madonna-Dress-You-Up?image=2558600.SW1hZ2U6NDUyNTQ4MzU%3D Canadian 7" single "Dress You Up" (remix/edit) – 3:45 "Shoo-Bee-Doo" (LP version) – 5:14 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dress_You_Up#Track_listing_and_formats
  2. "Dated" doesn't simply means "old." In terms of music, it means exactly what you meant—that you find its sound very 1984/1985 and not as timeless as some of her other albums. Your use of English was perfect there.
  3. Beyoncé, Beatles, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Radiohead have two albums on the list.
  4. Are you referring to the BAT bomber jacket or another one? Where are you in Canada if I may ask? I'm in Montreal.
  5. What I wish for: 1. Into the Groove 2. Everybody (LP Edit) 3. Shoo-Bee-Doo 4. Into the Groove (Video Edit) 5. Into the Groove (Movie Mix)
  6. Just a side note regarding Britney… I so wish they had ended the conservatorship right after the 2009 Circus Tour as they had told her. Britney was reportedly told an extension of the c-ship would help her obtain insurance for that tour, and that once the tour was over, the “permanent” c-ship would be lifted. Britney went through the whole tour—97 shows across the world! I don’t need to tell you the amount of discipline it requires w/ all that travelling and rehearsing. And she had to face the public, perform well for her fans. She did not miss one show! Only one concert was cancelled due to a contractual dispute. The tour proved that she was of good sanity and stability. They should have ended the c-ship as early as possible afterwards and just made sure she still had access to therapists, doctors, financial advisers, etc. But no… They instead pretended she was still “gravely disabled” and “susceptible to undue influence” in order to keep her on a leash. It’s only in late 2021 that they finally ended it after Britney’s father stopped fighting it. No wonder she’s admittedly so broken, but I hope she totally heals from it, whether or not she goes back to recording and performing the way she used to.
  7. And TAB may make it to the DVD. If so, it'll sound spotless regardless.
  8. "However, the S&S was heavily re-recorded in the studio." Were there any actual live parts, pitch corrected or not? And by the way, is it true the Super Bowl performance (incl. CeeLo Green's parts) was 100% lipped?
  9. To reiterate what I said earlier... Maybe Madonna’s just separating the art from the artist, but I very highly doubt so. If she honestly believed that MJ was into climaxing to little boys’ bussies (as alleged by James Safechuck in Leaving Neverland), she’d likely be as repulsed as some of her fans. Madonna’s a very smart woman, a lot smarter than many give her credit for. Don’t you think Madonna did her own vetting of MJ? She defended him back then in 2003 after the airing of Martin Bashir’s documentary Living with Michael Jackson. I remember her saying that the negativity sent to Michael would go back to the senders or something along the lines. And she defended him again after the release of Leaving Neverland in 2019, saying she does not have a lynch mob mentality. Just like Madonna stated herself, I do not believe the accusations unless they can be proven without a reasonable doubt, and at this point, there likely won’t ever be, esp. in this age of AI and deep fakes. ------------------------------------- 1. Evan Chandler, the father of Jordan Chandler, did not go to the police. Instead, on August 4, 1993, he demanded $20 million dollars. MJ refused. August 4, 1993 – A meeting takes place between Michael Jackson, private investigator Anthony Pellicano, Evan Chandler and Jordan Chandler in a suite at the Westwood Marquis Hotel. Later that day, Evan Chandler and Barry Rothman meet Pellicano in Rothman’s office where they make a demand for $20 million to not turn to authorities and to not go public with allegations of child sexual abuse against the entertainer. It’s only after MJ’s refusal that he had a lawyer file a $30 million dollars civil lawsuit against MJ. More on all that stuff here, here, here and here. As Janet Jackson once said, if somebody hurt her child in that manner, she would not want the money—she would want much more terrible punishment... 2. As for the other accusers, plenty of info can be found here, here, here, here and here. James Safechuck, mentioned earlier, alleges sexual abuse at the Neverland train station that did not even exist at the time. More on this here and on this tweet by Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed here. By the time the station was built, Safechuck was 16, and the alleged abuse ended when he was 14. I could go on and on, but these are some of the reasons why I’m with Madonna on this. And did MJ truly disparage Madonna all that much? @Lorx @Kae-Leah Williamson @Michael_Py
  10. Many in the audience surprisingly remembered the words. After all, it was a number one Billboard Hot 100 hit, her last single and hit before the end of her early 90s pre-Erotica peak. I hope Madonna’s next tour will delve more into deep cuts and unperformed singles such as “This Used to be My Playground,” “I’ll Remember,” “Rescue Me,” “Crave,” and some album tracks from “Pretender” to “Wash All Over Me” to “Faz Gostoso.”
  11. Only thing I’d change is add the long overdue “Rescue Me.” Can you imagine how such a gospel-house stunner would sound live in a packed venue? As for that medley… I love the “Like a Virgin / Billie Jean” section; it’s such a great nod to the “Virgin / Thriller” era. I esp. like the new vocal sound of “Like a Virgin,” and the “Angel” snippet. Also… It’s interesting to note that in 2009, Madonna said that she didn’t want to jump on the MJ accusation bandwagon (having herself been accused of so many things, incl. child trafficking and paedophilia) and that she would look into possible motivations of the accusers (Wade Robson and James Safechuck). She also said that she’d eventually take some time to watch Leaving Neverland. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/madonna-michael-jackson-sexual-abuse-allegations-leaving-neverland-a8903146.html Some Madonna fans replied that it was just that—Madonna not having watched Leaving Neverland yet—implying that if she watched it, she’d automatically rescind her support for MJ. It’s now been almost five years, and there she is, paying great tribute to MJ on her Celebration Tour. It means one of these three things: 1. Madonna watched Leaving Neverland and doesn’t believe the accusers. 2. Madonna still hasn’t watched Leaving Neverland, which would show how little does she care about it. 3. Madonna watched Leaving Neverland, fully believes the accusers, but has decided to separate the art from the artist. I very highly doubt it’s number three, so Madonna may be in a way making her own statement with that homage.
  12. Those are not fully lipped. Maybe "Justify," but not "Erotica."
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