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  1. Nice cool artwork. That said, I find this special edition rather basic (nothing previously unreleased). When you listen to an album in full, do you like to listen to that many extended mixes at the end? Maybe it would have been better to issue digital singles for all of the True Blue single releases.
  2. True, but at least it was released as a single and got the remix treatment. Faz Gostoso remained album-locked, and all those "Waiting for Anitta" teasers never materialized.
  3. Is anyone else having a blast reading comments on Madonna's FB page? Brenda Poe Dressman A 63 year old woman needs to close those legs!!! Damn woman, your two years from being a senior citizen!! Show some respect for yourself! Ana Rosa Martínez Brenda Poe Dressman every woman, no matter how old, needs to close her legs for a picture. It is disgusting. You can say a lot of things with your legs closed. Brenda Poe Dressman Ana Rosa Martínez absolutely Link to comments: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=351533706321422&set=a.277168653757928&comment_id=351617212979738&__tn__=R*F LOL!!! I could do without these comments, but since they're there, let's have a laugh!
  4. This is a question regarding Madonna's 80s and 1990/1991 TV performances. Were there any TV performances for the True Blue, Who's That Girl, Like a Prayer and I'm Breathless albums aside from Causing a Commotion, Express Yourself and Vogue at the VMAs? There were lots of performances for The First Album and Like a Virgin (but none that I know of for Crazy for You, Gambler and Spotlight). I do remember seeing a short clip of a La Isla Bonita performance at some point, and it looked like it was not from the Who's That Girl Tour. It must have been filmed in 1987; I've never ever been able to find it anywhere. Anybody seen it? And finally, were there any TV performances of Justify My Love or Rescue Me ?
  5. The US Vogue CD maxi-single lists the first track as the "Single Version." They've simply omitted it on Spotify. The I'm Breathless version on Spotify should not be called "Edit".
  6. If true, not sure it's the whole concert. I'd need some receipts. Same thing when it comes to MDNA and Rebel Heart. I'm sure the Drowned World DVD has the actual live vocals (at least for the greater part of the concert). Re-Invention (the Lisbon footage) is quite live too. I'm still not convinced the Superbowl performance was fully lipped. The parts w/ CeeLo sounded live. Didn't they have ear monitors? Like a Prayer may have been live (supported by a backing track maybe).
  7. It seems like the DVD will contain newly shot scenes + scenes filmed during the actual concert + rerecorded vocals (maybe?) + live vocals. As for the Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD, is it true it was all dubbed at 100%? Live vocals can be corrected for a DVD release, right?
  8. @superbu Is the single version of Vogue ever played anymore on the radio?
  9. Looking forward to Keep It Together : the CD maxi-single tracklisting + the 7" Remix above. The 7" Remix is an enhanced and sped up album version. Hope they'll also eventually release Fever and Love Don't Live Here Anymore. All singles (released in the US or not) should eventually appear in digital form. Also looking forward to Everybody w/ these mixes: 7" Edit (3:58), Remix Edit (3:20), Dub Version (4:40), Remix (6:16), Dub Version (5:59), 12" Version (5:56), Album Version (4:55), Instrumental (4:15), Dub Version (8:58).
  10. Mmm... The thing is, Madonna authored, composed and produced all those songs—along with those producers and writers, but she did, so maybe that's actually what she wanted. I, for one, like the urban/rap/hip-hop element of some of Madonna's music.
  11. Cops banned from participating in NYC Pride events Excerpts from the article: "Detective Brian Downey, 41, president of the NYPD’s Gay Officers Action League, said hundreds of members of the police department have been marching for nearly four decades in good faith and solidarity with the community." "The move toward private security raises a host of high stakes liability and insurance issues, and police sources tell The Post that parade organizers are ill equipped to protect millions of revelers in the Village. “I don’t know what the end game is here,” Downey said. “When you create an echo chamber and you take a dissenting voice other than the voice of these activists, who don’t want reform they just want abolition.” “How does this work? I think this was a poorly made decision and the execution was even poorer,” the gay NYPD leader said."
  12. Anybody seen this? Disney Imagineer Speaks Out on ‘Snow White’ Backlash Excerpt from the article: "Now, the “True Love’s Kiss” scene is facing some mixed reviews online. The San Francisco Gate published an article about the changes, saying that true love is not possible if both parties do not give consent to kiss. (They didn’t acknowledge that in the Disney story, The Prince thinks Snow White has passed away when he kisses her.)" Weren't Snow White and the Prince in a relationship??? You see! This is where I was getting at in my original post. This is what I find ridiculous, but eh... @Kae-Leah Williamson @Gorgeous M @OhBabyReadyOrNot @Voguerista
  13. Just saw these on her FB story. WoW!!! It's obviously Madonna. I wouldn't mistake her for anybody else. People, please keep in mind tons of much younger folks (from teens to adults in their thirties) make use of filters, so what's the difference here? Whatever filter is used, it's her face. All her photoshoots (just think of the True Blue album cover and single covers from that album) involved make-up, adequate lighting, retouching, colouring, etc. There's nothing new here. Looking so young just shows age ain't nothing but a number! Ain't our souls millions of years old anyway?
  14. True. I love how Madonna's succeeded in replicating the same youthful look in Crave.
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