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  1. @Roland Barthes @Starchild @BuggedOut I missed the earlier convo, but like Madonna, I've always given MJ the benefit of the doubt. Besides, that train station invoked in Leaving Neverland did not even exist at the time of the alleged abuse. Dan Reed, the director of the film, had no choice but acknowledge that fact. By the time the train station was built, the boys were past the age group MJ was rumouredly attracted to.
  2. Why do they always misspell Jellybean Benitez' name in the production credits on Spotify? It's "Benitez," not "Benitiz." And did Butch Jones produce, remix or engineer any of these three versions? He's listed as one of the producers. The main producer of the song is Reggie Lucas.
  3. Why? I assume we're all adults on here, many of us past 30 or even 40. If we can't discuss this in peace, then no wonder why the world is in this shape. @steady75 above summed it all very well.
  4. I do not see Madonna as a legacy artist. As the journalist cited above explained, Madonna’s never actually stopped making music. In between studio albums, she releases live albums, compilations, remix albums, soundtracks or one-off singles (incl. all the latest songs w/ Tokischa, Saucy Santana, The Weeknd and Playboi Carti, Fireboy DML, and so forth). And she’s always kept performing live, whether in concert tours or other occasions. For the same reasons, I cannot see the Backstreet Boys as legacy acts neither when they’ve always been so active. I see the Spice Girls (as a group) as legacy acts since they essentially broke up in early 2001. Ever since, there have been some reunions and a few new songs, but no new studio albums. Heck, Victoria Beckham even refused to join their last reunion tour in 2019 even though she was still officially part of the band or brand… The girls have been reissuing some stuff, and they reminisce about the old times on Instagram. That’s what a legacy act looks to me—sole focus on the past and very few brand-new creations if ever.
  5. Radio stations refusing to play Madonna’s more recent work, MTV no longer nominating her, have a lot to do with it. There should actually be laws against such blatant ageism. The fact some believe Mo only had a few or several hits in the 1980s showcases an even bigger problem. Technically speaking, any entry on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart is a hit, and Madonna’s had a string of top 20 hits at the time. I regularly hear certain old Madonna songs on the radio or store playlists, and there are quite some other old songs I never hear on those: ‘Angel’, ‘Causing a Commotion’, ‘Who’s That Girl’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘This Used to Be My Playground’, ‘Hanky Panky’, ‘Justify My Love’, ‘Erotica’, ‘Human Nature’, ‘Bedtime Story’, ‘You’ll See’, ‘Everybody’, ‘Burning Up’, etc. Those I heard on those in recent years and months are: ‘Borderline’, ‘True Blue’, ‘Holiday’, ’La Isla Bonita’, ‘Music’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Into the Groove’ and ‘Keep It Together’. Not enough gems (old, newer, even newer and new) from her catalogue are played. That’s what gives some people the impression she only had a few or several hits… A few days ago, in a clothing store, I heard ‘Popular’ on The Beat 92.5, a Montreal radio station. Finally! A new Madonna song on the radio. It had to be w/ The Weeknd or it would most likely have been ignored no matter how good. Not fair!
  6. If so, I hope she's now undergoing voice therapy. Madonna always needs more voice, not less.
  7. Yeah, it's her. True. But at this point, it seems like she genuinely believes all of her allegations and accusations. That woman has been at it for much over a decade. Now, if you've got some popcorn... https://www.judiciaryreport.com/madonna_sends_her_vile_cult_members_to_engage_in_attempted_sexual_assault_criminal_stalking_and_harassment.htm https://www.judiciaryreport.com/madonna_escalates_her_psychotic_criminal_behavior_property_destruction_trespass_stalking_hacking.htm https://www.judiciaryreport.com/madonna_lawsuit.htm @Ayham @Brendanlovesu1 @Prayer @SuperBicycle
  8. There’s a particular blogger (a female) that has been harbouring and expressing the most extreme hatred for Madonna over the years, accusing Madonna of sabotaging her in various and vicious ways: massive copyright theft (that blogger claims to have a huge 10,000+ song catalogue Madonna stole from and passed around in the industry), espionage, wiretapping, aggravated stalking and harassment, commissioning (through members of the Kabbalah Centre) repeated acts of attempted murder (incl. three instances of vehicular assault), attempted sexual assault, theft of real estate property, etc. She’s now rejoicing at Madonna’s plight… Some of you may know which blogger I’m referring to. Most would say that blogger’s just crazy and making up complete fabrications—that’s blogger has never been able to adequately prove her claims, and chances are Madonna doesn’t even know about her. I’m just saying, on a metaphysical level, that type of hatred and jealousy harboured for someone may act as a conduit of negativity, a curse of sorts. And that’s precisely why Madonna’s been praying angels for protection and wearing the Kabbalah bracelet over the years. That said, if the tour was postponed, I guess they deemed Madonna would not be apt and ready by July 15. Madonna could live long, but she's gotta rest, sleep more and reinforce her immune system.
  9. @tscott I already miss the darker red, but this shade is good (hope it doesn't get lighter). Not that light blond or platinum don't suit her anymore... That copper just looked so new on her. Blond wigs can always be worn for the show.
  10. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=BQLyEgwA560 Clean version: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=FaLXkc4bOjE
  11. I offloaded iTunes/Apple Music on my phone for that reason. I had taken the time to rip files from my own CDs, properly name each track, each album, made sure they'd appear at the correct places, etc. I then synced the files to my phone. After an update, all the uploaded CD files disappeared from my phone! I was not going to sync it all all over again! And Apple Music would not let me play a remix EP I had actually purchased just because it was taken down… (I still have its files and artwork on a computer and external drives). I may still occasionally purchase files on iTunes (to support the artist some more) and play them on a computer or some form of music player. Have any of you used iPods? If so, are they any better? @MPowered
  12. Yeah. Posting the "album" URLs (instead of the "track" ones) display the original single covers:
  13. "Sodomy" commonly refers to hetero or same-sex anal intercourse. Many hetero adult sites use that term—some gay adult sites as well. Nothing wrong w/ her use of it, and using the term "anal" would probably have irked some readers more. Sure, the term "sodomy" is often used in a religious context by fundies against homosexuality and anything LGBT (and sometimes other types of non-reproductive sex), but it's not the case here. Oh yeah! That very term ("sodomy") actually excites me. It does have a strong "forbidden fruit" appeal. For instance, some Muslim fundies use the term "the act of the people of Lot." That phrase arouses me too. English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys decided to take the piss by naming one of their songs The Sodom and Gomorrah Show : This is the concept of reappropriation. Just like women calling themselves "bitches," gays calling themselves "f***", Black rappers using the N-word in their songs, etc.
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