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  1. @MattyThere's also a 7" version of Physical Attraction and different mixes of Everybody.
  2. Yeah. That said, the Titanic Vocal version has a "So now what?" sample from Justify My Love. I guess that could earn them a credit, but wouldn't that be a sampling credit? In some cases, sampling credits can evolve into writing credits. That said, as you wrote, it must be an error or all versions would not credit them.
  3. Yeah, I've had to turn up my computers' volume. You're right. Maybe better to release them as they are.
  4. Why are Ingrid Chavez and Lenny Kravitz now credited for writing Rescue Me ? Wasn't it only written by Madonna and Shep Pettibone? All four artists are now listed...
  5. I have a few questions regarding that song. 1. Have you ever heard it on the radio? If so, which version if you can recall? Here are the official versions: # Album Version - 4:42 # Single Version - 5:06 # Video Version - 4:58 # Long Version - 6:03 # Movie Version (Without sound effects) - 6:56 # Movie Version (With sound effects)/Film Version - 6:42 # Instrumental - 6:54 Source: I guess radio stations played the album version (available on the Barcelona Gold) compilation or maybe the single version, though a bit long for radio. Did commercial radio stations play songs over five minutes long? 2. Does anyone have the album version?
  6. Madonna could very well have written that one line. Didn't she write all lyrics for Secret Garden, Rescue Me, Live to Tell, The Look of Love, Angels With Dirty Faces, etc.? And Madonna (as you most likely know) was always big on poetry (Anne Sexto and Sylvia Plath).
  7. @deathproofThx for the info! Ingrid Chavez is therefore performing Madonna's addition. I kinda suspected “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another” is the line Madonna added, esp. since it is displayed at the end of the MV. Do you know by any chance what Madonna added in Papa Don't Preach ? I think she added: "Daddy, daddy if you could only see / Just how good he's been treating me / You'd give us your blessing right now /'Cause we are in love / We are in love, so please!" or maybe "Don't you stop loving me, daddy / I know I'm keeping my baby". Can't tell for sure.
  8. Asking myself the same question... In this performance, the lyrics are identical (w/ minor additions not heard on The Immaculate Collection such as "I'm yearning" instead of "Yearning"). I guess Ingrid performed Madonna's additional lyrics. A longer preview of Ingrid Chavez' forthcoming single:
  9. Additional lyrics refer to addition, not subtraction. If referring to the credits as shown on Spotify, they're in alphabetical order, not in order of importance or percentage. This is why Goh Hotoda is credited first in the performance credits of Justify My Love (Q-Sound Mix Version) : Performed by Goh Hotoda, Madonna, Shep Pettibone. The original album liner displayed: "Lenny Kravitz; Additional Lyrics by Madonna". The reissued album liner displayed: "Lenny Kravitz/Ingrid Chavez; Additional Lyrics by Madonna". As for the Celebration album liner, it displayed: (Madonna Ciccone/Ingrid Chavez/Lenny Kravitz), and then Webo Girl Publishing, Inc., Madonna's publishing company, followed by the other publishers. Webo Girl somehow became one of the publishers of Justify My Love, so Madonna ended up getting a full writing credit in the end ("instead of just a mention of additional lyrics"). As for Papa Don't Preach, Madonna's only got to this day a mention of additional lyrics. @OhBabyReadyOrNot@rlittler81@Levon
  10. Listening. The Beast Within is not censored. Also... Interesting Madonna ended getting a full songwriting credit for Justify My Love (all versions, and the song is now also published by Webo Girl according to the Celebration booklet) but not Papa Don't Preach; in both cases, Madonna was credited for additional lyrics in the albums' liner notes. Also... Madonna was a lapsed Catholic when she conceived this, so it's interesting she'd read such verses that refer to damnation and Hellfire, that condemn fornication, sorcery and idolatry...
  11. Yeah. Madonna delivered power vocals there, and they were stunning! It's also of the house genre (gospel-house to be exact) like Vogue and would sound great in concert. Yeah...
  12. Arckangel

    Took a look at Madonna's monthly listeners and streaming numbers on Spotify, and then compared with those of other artists such as Beyoncé, Coldplay, Eminem, Michael Jackson and so on. Madonna's are way too low considering her stature. Why aren't people streaming her more? (Yeah. She did lose some fans over politics, but still... So did Eminem, and it's not affecting him.) Hopefully, these old maxi-single releases and Mo's upcoming biopic will stimulate new interest in her. Also... There are some collabs Mo should have released as singles: Iconic, Beat Goes On, Faz Gostoso. Yes, she needs adult contemporary stuff but collabs too. May look desperate to some, but she needs them. She just needs to make sure they be released as singles, videoed and successful. Crave should have been huge. Future had quite some potential. She should team up w/ Miley Cyrus again or Billie Eilish maybe or Drake again or Megan Thee Stallion or Justin Bieber whoever else and really make sure the song is massively played and a hit! I don't understand why it couldn't happen. Yes, she'll have to collaborate a lot more w/ youngsters and older successful acts too. By the way, Madonna is not like everybody. She'll always embrace her youth—she's ageless, timeless like Marilyn Monroe.
  13. Arckangel

    @kingcarlo818Yeah. Those songs were probably sped up, but there's the possibility Madonna sang higher. What about the Get Up demo? Mo sounds pretty high there, but it sounds natural to me.
  14. Arckangel

    @EgoRod@Eternal2015There is also another version synched to the Underground Club Mix. I once saw it on a French Canadian music channel called MusiquePlus. I suppose it's official. Anyone here has it? That version is more censored than the main video but still nice.
  15. Arckangel

    A friend of mine (who's a vocal engineer) hears no pitch correction on her older records. Some of the vocals on Madonna's first two albums were reportedly sped up to sound higher, but I couldn't tell for sure where actual pitch correction was used if ever used.