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  1. Arckangel

    @wtg1987That might initially have been the point of the inclusion of Vogue, but as I've explained, the song Vogue, with its enumeration of Hollywood stars, with all its glamour, totally fits the album's 30s vibe (so does the music video).
  2. Arckangel

    I've just seen this: lol A comment: Pablo Cancino, 1 year ago Not impressive, but i think it's a good Madonna acting. I'd love watching her doing more films in the future.
  3. Arckangel

    It is professional voice acting—her voice came across as rich, powerful, putting the fear of God in the ears of the listeners, and she has great diction. She wasn't merely reading. Just like her spoken part in Dark Ballet—put the fear of God in the ears of the listeners. I'm sure other listeners felt that "fear" as well. You see, it's all subjective. As wooden and unnatural as Mo comes across in films to many of you, she comes across as genuine and natural to others. In my case, that may be because when watching Madonna act, I forget about the Madonna persona and focus on the character. Madonna herself was asked if she could act (by Larry King if I recall correctly), and she said: "Yes." To me, Madonna is also a triple threat (singer, actress, dancer). That and more! A clip of Madonna in Arthur and the Invisibles (professional voice acting):
  4. Arckangel

    Her speaking voice (when acting) is terrible? I seriously beg to differ. What about her speaking part in Ariana Grande's God is a woman ? As for A Certain Sacrifice, I know it wasn't overall the best of films, but that scene in the diner, right after the rape, is Oscar-worthy. Madonna's acting in the whole film is good; she worked w/ the material she was given and the circumstances.
  5. Arckangel

    @GilbertI was referring to critics in general who consider J-Lo a triple threat and a better actress.
  6. Arckangel

    Regarding Vogue... I've always felt it fits the soundtrack album. It is preceded by Now I'm Following You Pt. 2, which has some more modern, electronic elements. It then segues into Vogue, a house track, which is fitting. The song Vogue references to stars of past decades, quite some of which were active during the thirties, the time the movie is set. As for the music video, it recalls the look of films and photography from The Golden Age of Hollywood, which is once again fitting. And it's the best ending the album could get.
  7. Arckangel

    Not to me. I have seen a lot of her movies (A Certain Sacrifice, clips from Vision Quest, Desperately Seeking Susan, Shanghai Surprise, a clip from Bloodhounds of Broadway, Who's That Girl, Dick Tracy, A League of Their Own, Body of Evidence, Dangerous Games/Snake Eyes, Four Rooms, Evita, The Next Best Thing, Die Another Day, Swept Away), and I never noticed anything bad, amateurish or mediocre about her acting—always seemed natural to me (she did study acting in 1979). Keep in mind she's also acting in her music videos, esp. those like Oh Father, Bad Girl, Take a Bow (helped her obtain her starring role in Evita), The Power of Good-Bye, Ghosttown and God Control. It's not fair to call J-Lo a "triple threat" and not Madonna; Madonna's just as good at acting, and even did three stage plays: Goose and Tomtom, Speed-the-Plow and Up for Grabs. Obviously, she was passionate about it. (People just had a bias against her as an actress just like many have a bias against her as a singer/vocalist or even as a dancer). Just go back and watch that scene from A Certain Sacrifice where a man sexually assaults her in the toilet of a diner... The way she cried and was so distraught afterwards. That was real acting, and I definitely felt the emotion.
  8. Arckangel

    True. Maybe Madonna should give movie acting another try someday.
  9. Nice post, and nice shot-out to Michael Jackson.
  10. Arckangel

    Madonna's very rich. She could have funded the video herself just for the sake of art, and her subsequent tour grossed additional millions.
  11. Madonna posted a series of teasing posts saying she was waiting for Anitta... Did anything come out of it? Faz Gostoso was not released as a single, and the music video was reportedly cancelled (because of lack of funds???). It's not the first time that a planned single is cancelled, but this is an abysmal waste... I mean, there is no law preventing a late release, even a 2021 release (because of the current lockdown).
  12. Arckangel

    Too vocally demanding? I don't think so. And performing it live, she would have been aided by backing tracks in the verses, the choruses (the chorus has parts overlapping) and background singers.
  13. Arckangel

    I had been wanting to make that thread for awhile. So here we go... Rescue Me. To me, that song is up there w/ Like A Prayer and Vogue. It was released as a single, got the remix treatment (great remixes), but it only got a montage video (WTG Tour clips) and no actual live performance. Apparently, the Madame X performance would have been too long... Couldn't they shorten it? That interlude was better than nothing but not enough. Why has Madonna paid that song dust? Doesn't she realize its brilliance? This song could seriously have become a well-known hit, one of her top classics. It is among fans, but can you picture what an actual music video would have been? With a video, TV performances and more tour performances, it would have been a lot more impactful. Missed opportunity.
  14. Arckangel

    And there is also the official 12" Dance Mix Edit version: It's the official video more similar in sound to the Immaculate Collection version.