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  1. So I'm waiting for this personalized message from Madonna, better be good one :Madonna003:



    1. Jackie


      Love it! I don't normally look to say negative things - but Ricardo claiming it's his re imagination lol - Girl. 

  3. I'm waiting for message from Madonna, I been streaming her music this year like crazy (ok not only this year :tongue:


  4. No you talking about price between 1500 -3000 $, they will auction 800 signed copies.
  5. Yeah, this is exclusive reedicion, normal fans will not afford to buy it. She could at least give us 30th anniversary of Erotica album, but on the other hand I don’t blame her, she wants to keep SEX book being rare and exclusive print.
  6. Now, 30 years later, the book is being reissued by Saint Laurent Rive Droite with a new edition published by Callaway. To celebrate the re-edition, Saint Laurent is holding an exhibition at Art Basel curated by Madonna and Anthony Vaccarello, where large-format prints from the book will be shown in Miami for the first time. The Steven Meisel-lensed photographs will be on view in a temporary beachfront box built especially for the occasion. Only 800 copies were created and a limited number will be signed by Madonna with proceeds benefiting the artist’s Raising Malawi charity via an auction in the upcoming months. T-shirts and tote bags will also be for sale at the exhibition. https://www.papermag.com/madonna-sex-exhibit-saint-laurent-2658768384.html?rebelltitem=3#rebelltitem3
  7. Cristina Scuccia that sings cover of Like A virgin is no longer a nun. Madonna saved her :Madonna006:


  8. Fever in HD on YouTube :fire:


  9. Almost 400 millions views :luv:


  10. No videos in HD for Fever & Rain :cry: 




    1. blondebenji


      hope she drops the remastered video as well

  12. "The hyper-fictional, exaggerated biopic parody features a wild turn by Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, portraying her as a narcissistic vulture. Even as a bit, it doesn’t sit right."

    "But, as the movie slips further from reality, what could have been a memorable cameo turns into a crucial subplot. The gag goes from winking and satirical to actively anti-Madonna." 

    I told you all, but I was being hated here, and that I lack a sense of humor:sad:


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      it's shyte
      and it's anti madonna for the hell of it ?

      where do i book


    2. Piksel8


      the movie is extra... if you've seen it, you'll know... take it with an entire red sea ocean lol she's basically a sub villain there, at one point she's kidnapped by Pablo Escobar.:ahh:. If you think this is anti-Madonna... have you seen Pixels (2015)? She's basically an Alien there planning to destroy it humanity.

  13. Lola released new single Cuntradiction & GO - EP
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