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  1. Almost 800 millions views :heart:


  2. How can you not love her! TrollDonna :devil:


    1. DickTracy


      OMG i fuckin love her

  3. I like the movie, M performance in it is fantastic. Don't Cry For Me Argentina is one of my favorite (miami mix )
  4. All those lists of lead, second & third single's showing how amazing catalog of songs M have. It's also funny how some second & third singles are better than the lead
  5. All those second singles are fantastic, what a collection of songs
  6. :luv:


    1. vesalii


      that knee, God,  Id hope her choreos are not too extreme for her

  7. This is nice 


  8. Still nothing for 40th anniversary, no special album edition...

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      so make one

    2. McDonna


      I'm flabbergasted.  One could think the tour being paused may have put a wrench in some plans, but I don't see why the debut album still couldn't be celebrated with some big re-issue. I can only hope something is still coming, but I'm not holding my breath.  Chances are they may not even being working on the re-issues yet.  I hope that I'm wrong, but after defending the new Warner deal for so long and we've gotten past the first album's anniversary and further away, the more I doubt anything is coming.  :sad:

  9. Madonna in NY :heart:



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    2. Madame X
    3. Chris


      his arms :worship:

    4. Angelo


      Of course she's happy..look at her boyfriend. Sis I feel your happiness ❤️❤️❤️🍆


    1. vesalii


      I agree, wtf!

    2. McDonna


      A posse of Madonna fans aren't impressed:


    3. steveclemo


      Its tragic. Where is the celebration?

  11. Imagine saying that Madonna, that was a victim of a rape herself, that literally make it on her own in NY, a woman that is constantly bullying by media and as we can see by some of her "fans", is not a survivor, like wtf
  12. Bitch go somwhere esle with this toxic bullshit and negativity, Madonna didn't mock Sinead, she disagree with her about ripping off picture of JPII, Madonna said there was other way's to protest, that's all. I think you should be banned from this forum for spreading bullshit and hate toward Madonna!!!
  13. Vulgar is featured in trailer for Gen V :lord: 


    1. MartineX


      is that a horror movie?

    2. Brendanlovesu1


      @MartineXit's a spin off of the Amazon Prime tv show 'The Boys'

  14. This total unlistenable mess is a song Britney choose as her comeback...


    1. lap


      As bad as Vulgar. What's happening?

    2. proxy


      @lap Vulgar is a masterpiece comparing to this, and it's actually a song I like

  15. Bitch I'm Madonna 


  16. Quite good 


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