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  1. Madonna X Beeple interview


  2. Debi Mazar Says 'Dear Friend' Madonna 'Inspires' Her: 'She's a Good Mom and a Good Person' 


  3. Our holy mother Madonna giving birth to different type of life
  4. I like it, it's not something groundbreaking, but for charity and something little bit different.
  5. If this bitch decide to release something more by the end of the year I will be homeless, anyway
  6. What else can fans do, no one care what you writing here, he is after all her manager no matter what we think about him, he loves making money from her so maybe it's time for him to do his job better and care more. And Madonna is not an independent artist, she have to listen to many people, she's not self-published.
  7. For people here being so “concerned” about M, go to Instagram and write message to Guy Oseary with all your worries, instead bitching here. I can’t do that because he blocked me some time ago, when I wrote to him after Eurovision. But you all can do that, so go spam his Insta, I dare you, let him know what you think. Because bitching here won’t change nothing.
  8. You just describe internet, there’s a lot of toxic people who will drag someone to death with fake care, many Madonna’s fans are no better. I didn’t like the performance either, but won’t be critical to death, to point that’s it’s just blatant hate like some people do. Madonna is out of shape, maybe she’s on painkillers after the operation, maybe not. Maybe she will go back to shape, or maybe she would never. The fact is she have the year’s of very demanding devastating to her body tour’s, I’m not surprised this moment finally happened that she paying the praise for it, she’s a human. This is also just guest performance I wouldn’t do any assumptions for future from it. That’s all.
  9. Gonna dress you up in my love All over, all over Gonna dress you up in my love All over your body 



    1. blondebenji


      hope they bring the chart back now clubs are open

  11. OMG :hearteyes:


    1. MCL_1993


      'Bae, we're moving to Barcelona. NOW!!!'

    2. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      We should ALL consider opening one of these up in our respective cities!! I just KNOW it would be a successful & FUN place for EVERYONE to go! This truly sounds like heaven to me!!!! 


    1. professormouse


      The FB Cocteau Twins page mentioned that song the other day.

  13. 'Cause I’m just me That’s all I can be Something real Something I can feel You know I just can’t change This is how I’m made 


  14. Elton thanks Madonna 


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