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  1. Is there any official announcement? Is this an official release? You know streaming platforms are filled with fan created "albums". Just check... You create a free account on amuse.io, upload whatever release you want, and it'll pop up everywhere in 30 days...
  2. Question here (it has to be with Britney stuff on streaming (video)). I'm uploading to ok.ru (cause they won't block everything like YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo) old VHS tapes rips of Britney, A Teens, some Xtina... Is this the forum where I should post the links? No download links. Just links to watch videos on streaming. Thanks!
  3. Not sure if someone might appreciate these, but since it was just sent to me... let's share 3GB. Art, photos, trailers. Download (Mega): [Hidden Content]
  4. Her "Hot Stuff" & "MacArthur Park" multis popped up at LiteRecords.
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