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  1. Agree! + the release of Truth or Dare made the rest. Lets not forget the massive impact that movie had to the Gay comunity! (and also maybe to Evian - althou its not an Evian bottle she performed false fellatio However - thats why 1990, Vogue, Blond Ambition remains so Iconic and important.
  2. great news! does that mean its the same URL link? were gonna use then ...
  3. "i do ten things all at once..." what if M teases us and then it turns out little sparrow is another movie shes working on... Wasnt there a movie planned about this ballet dancer ? aaaand "Loved"...what happened to these projects anyway?
  4. I was thinking the same about Kylie! however, i guess this list concern the USA market? i mean never heard of Carrie Underwood (really i dont mean this in a disprespectfull way - have no idea who this is)
  5. Live to Telll Thinking about how the movie can start with the intro of the song. and the first image we see is M's back underneath the cross on the stage of Blond Ambition (a looong intro) and then a very, very quick shot of her Mother and then fade out and some seconds of silence ... shivers anyone ?
  6. I agree with: Ditching Babyface and other plans for ROL Vogue as a single ...my choice: Bedtime Story video Evita Geisha segment in DWT tour + Paradise Video + Lo que siente instead of E-Album version Live to tell in CT Opening of MDNA tour Opening Vogue RIT Oh Father / Spotlight as Japanese single (great collecting item - allthou might rather b Warners decision) Beast Within Video/Photoshoot with Klein and THAT dress!! Ultimately: Truth or Dare - our guidance trhou our life/passion/dealing with death and BJ on bottles
  7. How was the ending supposed to be? Anyway, yeah the movie is kinda dull, yet besides Evita its her best acting performance.
  8. If the "Godfather 3" would have been done around 88/89 i would like to have seen a brunette-like a prayer Madonna as Mary Corleone. I think M even was in talk for it at some point but beeing considered to "old". She was actually offered the role of the seducing reporter, that went to Bridget Fonda. Just a thought (its not really a worst career decision)
  9. Agree. From Music on M did a Tour with every album. Means after a possible ROL Tour, there would have been Music and DWT But at the end id rather consider it a "missing decission" because if i have to chose a really bad decision...well id go with the most collabs M did with Niki Minaj / especialy L.U.V - such a dumb childish song and Collab with "Lil what ever" on Revolver
  10. Choosing "The Next Best thing" over a "Ray Of Light tour"!
  11. Cool! didnt knew Tricky's version was a cover.
  12. Cant say really, exept for Hard Candy pretty in the least fave section. About Ray Of Light, i so wished it was called: Veronica Electronica as planned.
  13. huuu that would be tooo many but lets say the whole geisha part in the DWT is one of my highlights. especially since seeing it live: Paradise (the ray at the end of the video) Frozen, i love the vocals and the extension of her arms. Sky fits Heaven, ...the martial art on stage. need i say more?
  14. Yes indeed Tony bennet, but also celine Dion. Check the Parkinson M interview 05, where she performs Hung Up and Get Together. It a cool interview.
  15. M did explain in interviews more often that her Dad isnt that impressed by her stardom and that he treats all of his children the same. Means, she dont het the xtra attention when shes in Detroit. M is not even her Dad's fave singer, as we know ...its Celine Dion (any one remember Parkinson interview 05 for Confessions?) Im sure he is proud of her concerning her working ethic and what she has achieved, but not necessary impressed by the work per se, nor i think they listens to her music. I hink the same is with her other siblings however. I doubt they go to the record stores the day the new album comes out...
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