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  1. to answer your question: u better book a hotel near the venue... i did for all her tours since 2001 DWT..believe me its worth. however, have fun at the new tour
  2. Interesting topic: i actually would exclude some songs to make the records appear/sound more serious MX: Meddellin, Faz Gostoso, Bitch im Loca RH: Bitch im M, Unapologetic, Veni vidi vici, Autotune, Graffiti Heart. Sex, Holy Water (i love the baseline but the songs are to childish...or to Gwen Stefani like), Borrowed time, B. Scars (uninspired) MDNA: L.U.V, B Day, (songs for chlidren)
  3. ohh it has so little bonus feature. must be an official item anyway, yeah would love an official blu ray
  4. i was there to :-) didnt expect George Michael! what a surprise
  5. Good topic so my first M moments: Frozen at San Remo followed by Wetten Dass some days later my first M concert: Drowned World Tour Barcelona opening night M's bitchy attitude at Absolut Madonna Cologne 03 between the songs (just give me a fan ) The golden Corsage at Re Invention Arnhem! Vogue opening Tours 01-06 in Paris. Best crowd! The first M concert in Switzerland SS 08 Free Pussy Riot tattoo on M's arm at MDNA Zurich (i dont remember if she wore the mask however) ....Ghosttown and Whos that Girl at Rebel Heart Zurich was pretty cool Madame X Paris. God Control opening with the US Flag
  6. im shocked M wasnt honored for her 40 years legacy Mtv really let her down. what a shame...
  7. Stuart also produced Seals dance album "System", its really great album. This ist how actually Confessions part 2 could have sounded like ...
  8. this looks so bad. From the cover i thought i'd be Rebel Heart Tour DVD Rip or bootleg. When i saw the list Most of songs have been released many many years ago on other bootlegs. I bed the quality of some songs must be horrible, recorded or ripped from youtube clips. (speaking of sound quality: anyone has "Calendar Girl" vinyl bootleg? )
  9. ha ha i was thinkin the same by the time i did post it...to think that some studio versions (of the tour versions) are better than the album cut
  10. Fever + Express Yourself + Open Your Heart + What it feels like + Human Nature - Video versions Oh Father edit (the one that starts with the piano) Hung Up EMA Studio version Hollywood Thin white duke
  11. No! The tours must be complete. Especially Blond Ambition "its like a train u cant jump out". To cut LAV / LAP from such a complex segment for a compilation doesnt feel right. The same as for Frozen DTW i dont ming a compilation with award performances thou. Mtv Ema/Vma - Grammys - Live Aid + 8...
  12. Agree! + the release of Truth or Dare made the rest. Lets not forget the massive impact that movie had to the Gay comunity! (and also maybe to Evian - althou its not an Evian bottle she performed false fellatio However - thats why 1990, Vogue, Blond Ambition remains so Iconic and important.
  13. great news! does that mean its the same URL link? were gonna use then ...
  14. "i do ten things all at once..." what if M teases us and then it turns out little sparrow is another movie shes working on... Wasnt there a movie planned about this ballet dancer ? aaaand "Loved"...what happened to these projects anyway?
  15. I was thinking the same about Kylie! however, i guess this list concern the USA market? i mean never heard of Carrie Underwood (really i dont mean this in a disprespectfull way - have no idea who this is)
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