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  1. As I promised like 6 months ago, I said I would put together my favorite of the Rebel Heart demos. Well I totally forgot about it until all this bickering over the song SEX in the new music thread. Now I have FINALLY finished! Here is my list of the best Rebel Heart demos:

    Living For Love (Carry On) (2014-05-10)

    Devil Pray (Demo 2014.09)

    Unapologetic Bitch (Demo Ruff 2014.05.09)

    Illuminati (Demo 2014.06)

    Bitch I’m Madonna (Diplo Final Mix)

    Hold Tight (Demo 2014.10.07)

    Joan of Arc (2014.11.23 Acoustic)

    Iconic (Mix 4)

    HeartBreakCity (Demo 2014.05 New Vox)

    Inside Out (Demo Rev4)

    Holy Water (Demo 1)

    Wash All Over Me (2014.07.03)

    Best Night (Demo Ruff 2014.05.07)

    Veni Vidi Vici (Ruff 2014.05.09)

    S.E.X. (Rough 2)

    Messiah (2014.05.19)

    Rebel Heart (2014.05.19)

    Beautiful Scars (Demo R2)

    Borrowed Time (Demo 2014.05.19)

    Addicted (Demo 2014.09)

    Graffiti Heart (Demo)

    Queen (Mix 5 2015.01.09)

    Heaven (Demo 2014.06)

    God Is Love (Demo)

    Nothing Lasts Forever (Demo 2014.06)

    Tragic Girl (Etienne Mix 2014.07)

    Never Let You Go (Demo 2014.06)

    Two Steps Behind Me (Demo 2014.03)

    Living for Love (Grammy Studio Version)

    *The only songs I left out from the original album were Body Shop and Autotune Baby because those songs are truly atrocious and no demo helped them* 

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