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  1. I’m rewatching The Madame X tour and goddamn how do so many of you think this album isn’t amazing. It’s so easily her best. The portuguese section of the show is PHENOMENAL. The emotion and power in Batuka! The absolute banger that is IDSIF. Crazy and Killers ughh beautiful! Do I even need to talk about Future like cmon… Extreme Occident is fucking amazing. I cannot get enough of this

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    2. chaosmen1984mk


      Madame X is an album where I feel that Madonna finally takes the reins of the entire creative process and not like the previous albums where all the responsibility was that of the producer and where Madonna only followed his instructions without involving me beyond what was due. I always felt this from Hard Candy to Rebel Heart, records where I couldn't find that label that has always characterized Madonna and where any other artist could have sung all the songs on the record and sound exactly the same.

      That is why I am glad to be one of the lucky few and with good musical taste to feel that I am in front of a wonderful album that explores sounds from all over the world and that still falls short because there are so many musical genres that were left pending and that it would have been impossible to put them all on a single disc and that is why I would have loved a second part of this beautiful album that from its conception wildly attracted my attention, especially with that mysterious and disconcerting intro that symbolically summarizes the whole Madonna's career: that of a woman who can live so many different lives in one.

    3. MCL_1993


      Very interesting to start that conversation, honey!

      I think Madame X is an amazing album but it provides a lot of deep cuts, nonetheless. It feels more like an album for die-hard fans and I think that she never intended to serve a larger demographic with an avalanche of chart bangers, either. 

    4. blondebenji


      Absolutely love it and still play it. so many amazing tracks and the 4 official singles were stellar


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