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  1. Kabbalah 101. Life is a simulation, a game. Our opponent is the selfish voice in our head. WE are our own worst enemy. Left= selfish, negative. Right=sharing, positive. Central=perfect balance. Every lyric from Ray of Light onwards is saturated in Kabbalah. Every one of them. American Life was the most saturated and you can hear her dealing with her Catholic upbringing and what she knows now with Kabbalah, where does that put Jesus in the frame of things...basic clash of Jewish and Christian ideas she is straightening out in her work. Source: I'm a student of Kabbalah for 20 years. And pay no attention to the unhelpful comments, their opponents and egos are snapping away like lizards. Don't react, that's The Game.
  2. Why should she? Or any artist? fans listen to their music daily and know all the words, artists sing them a few times and move on with their lives…
  3. Ricardo is an amateur and Steven Klein wannabe. Andy got tired of following her with a lamp and iPhone so Ricardo got the new job and now thinks he is the next Steven Klein...ok.
  4. In all this "negativity" I want to remind that the blame should rest firmly on the people around Madonna. I have been close enough to that inner circle several times and it is deranged. Like rabid dogs protecting their bitch, it changes people. Being that close to her orbit sends people into another reality. They feed off of it. Turns people nasty. Not a fun place to be. So less blaming other fans for contrary opinions, less blaming M herself, more blaming the REAL enemies...her hangers-on and dingle-berries. Make-up artists, dancers, investment bankers, Kabbalists, personal trainers, and "social-media videographers" who follow her everywhere with a light and have to "archive" every little moves she makes. The world around her is a circus and anyone that survives it will tell you they never want to experience that again. Celebrity makes prisoners of people who then lose touch. It's a vicious monster. I hope at least she is happy and truly doesn't give a shit, she has lived harder and better than anyone else on the planet-she deserves not to give a fuck. And fans also have the right to not like things sometimes, after all the star/fan relationship is one of consumption. Give me a shitty product, I will complain. Give me quality and I will lick your asshole and sing your praises.
  5. I was front row centre for Madame X in London. Ricardo practically on my lap trying to film her. Getting texts from “M” every interlude. Didn’t even say sorry for getting in my way the whole show. Saw him next morning in hotel having breakfast, gossiping with some woman…Madonna has terrible people around her steering her in the wrong direction for a long time. Her social media presence proves that. Fan for 30 years. I miss when she used to be cool. 2008 was the end of Madonna for me. She’s a shell of her former self. We all know it. Just look at the face and ass… Shove my opinions where the sun don’t shine if you don’t like them.
  6. Love the mindless cult zombies that have never had an original thought in their heads in their lives. some like the performance, some didn’t. So what? Next.
  7. The Madonna I’ve loved my whole life is gone forever. It was a great ride while it lasted, nothing lasts forever. she is a prisoner of her own fame and fortune, surrounded by yes-men that don’t have her best interests at heart, they just use her to jump start their careers…
  8. You can do better? Why do we knock people who are doing something? He may not be professional or polished but he is a fan that got the opportunity of a lifetime. I would kill for that. I don't like his style, but I support and applaud him and am happy for someone who had a dream come true.
  9. Business deals. A friend of a friend needs a favour, invest in this project blah blah blah. Business is always shady and you can hear from her that she doesn't even like the smell at first...why endorse a project if you don't like it...money money money, for somebody somewhere. Not for her. Same with MDNA Skin. It wasn't her idea, it was a Japanese company that came to her to do it.
  10. They are neighbors in the Hamptons. She was in London after Madame X then flew back to her Hamptons estate.
  11. Where can we find her instagram stories? i don’t use instagram so I can’t see them
  12. No. It means "the form of a man up to the shoulders" Source: I'm a yoga instructor. She is invoking the image of a man's torso-to have and not to hold.
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