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  1. Every tour is a greatest hits tour is it not? She plays the same songs over and over...
  2. The right song won. And look at that complete track list score! She really messed up that release. Could've been one of her biggest but totally ruined by featuring artists and her reaction to the leak. Ah well. Wish I had done more Mega Rates...
  3. I don't get the whole weed-urban-whore thing that seems so popular. Seems kinds lazy.
  4. I regret not participating in previous ones...my votes could have skewed things!
  5. Are you sure it's not you behind that account?
  6. You mean leeching credibility and attention from whoever is trending on kids social media nonsense?
  7. In ridiculous filters.... Don't care what anyone says. Since 2008 she has been deeply uncomfortable with her face. Turning 50 messed her up. Look at those ridiculous cheek implants she got in 2008. That's where it all started. I was front row centre at Madame X, she looked right in my eyes and I could barely recognise her. Puffy bloodshot eyes, big cheeks...felt so sad I couldn't recognise the woman I loved for decades.
  8. Yeah. Proving my point. Face wrapped in wire...text on top of her face... Everyone knows she has issues with her face
  9. Interesting how she keeps her back to the camera for most of it, then fuzzy camera filters...she REALLY is uncomfortable with her face. Look at her album covers since MDNA...anything to obscure her face. Anyway, that was fun. Do you think she likes sex?
  10. I go with the man himself on this one. We have no idea how many songs were written or played with during sessions.
  11. Bingo! The vampiric narcissistic ego in her needs to remain youthful. I wouldn't be surprised if she drained the life out of her daughter, whom I am sure she envies.
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