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  1. Omero

    Maybe she returned to New York to tune up details of the MXT DVD...
  2. Omero

    todo lo que dices es muy cierto...👏👏👏
  3. Omero

    I think she told us lies I have a feeling that it is already finished and I think it will be released in December on Amazon Prime or some platform
  4. Omero

    guys but Madonna is not Katy Perry and Ariana Grande ... Madonna is Madonna ... she will launch the tour how it happened with her previous tours
  5. Omero

    if it can be true because in some of the shows in Paris she did not wear the blonde wig and in the teaser it appears like this
  6. Omero

    according to what it says here it will be something confessions tour style ... and not like MDNA and RHT ...
  7. Le envié un mensaje ... espero que responda
  8. l hope someone can contact the one who bought these b Rays ... could someone ask the seller who they sold them to?
  9. Omero

    this makes me think that the company will edit madame x tour ... I suppose Madonna and the director RG already gave it to them for the edition this will be pure madame x documentary style so simple but perfect and beautiful