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  1. What a beautiful experience...!! I want to ask you a question remember how was dance? On killers who are partying... I am so excited to see that act!
  2. I think crave was not included because it was not recorded professionally and it seems mx is something more cinematic, it's very different from the release of his two previous Tours
  3. https://instagram.com/stories/al4realz/2669466367590591765?utm_medium=share_sheet
  4. From @scallywally instagram I see different scenes of the new trailer!!
  5. I am so excited to see madame x... Medellin looks so good in this trailer... It looks like being there, no filters mdna tour RHT...
  6. The photo above is the second trailer the one below is the first trailer... The second trailer was better the more realistic colors
  7. # rumor According to rumors, madame will not have all the songs on the tour. However, strong rumors on twitter say that Madonna has us a big surprise for December😑
  8. It's not a documentary like "I'm going to tell you a secret". Do you see behind the scenes images in black and white in the trailer? Well, not... You just see the show and period... The word documentary is what they now call the concerts on the platforms.
  9. The exaggerated filter is disappearing more and more... Thank you god
  10. Rumor has begun to circulate that the possible release date for the # madamextour DVD will be September 2021. If this is true, two things can happen: * may Madonna premiere her show approx. For the month of July through netflix or amazon. * who is simply not interested in any digital platform and releases it directly on DVD and blu-ray. If so, it would become their first release since the virgin tour in 1985, not to have previously premiered on any media (such as TV or streaming) and released directly in physical format. What do you think?
  11. The facebook page that posted it didn't want to tell me where it came from - it just told me that surprises are coming next month.
  12. filters small parts of the finished format of the long awaited "madame x tour" apparently does not bring filters and comes full hd. From facebook page
  13. Omero

    Lady Gaga

    I'm looking for an interview from the American life era, where Madonna shows an outfit very similar to gaga's... They are so similar
  14. From Ricardo Gómezomez's instagram... Photo section?? To promote madame x tour...??
  15. I think a little documentary will come and after the whole concert, she wants all of us who didn't have the opportunity to attend to see her tour...
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