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    Estar informado con las novedades sobre nuestra Reina Madonna, compartiendo información con todos los fans de alrededor del mundo.
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  1. I would go back to her 80's era, to enjoy everything she did in her early days consecrating herself the Queen of Pop. All those years of her beginning, marked my life with many changes and very strong decisions on a personal level, and she was always there, with her music, with all that security and strength that she showed to the world, teaching me and helping me to clarify many things, from my sexuality, to face society and say what I really thought and free myself in many aspects of my life. And also if I would return, I would reaffirm again my fanaticism for this blessed woman.
  2. Cause when I started doing I did not know where to place it, anyway the publication is well understood, kisses
  3. GabOso

    This Used to Be My Playground ¿Jugador o ángel?
  4. GabOso

    So much beauty, Omg !! I love her so much in this time
  5. GabOso

    I love that style and that Tour, so Goddess and beautiful
  6. GabOso

    Blond Ambition World Tour ponytail is my favorite but watching her descend the stairs on the Virgin Tour, she blew my head off with tremendous sensuality and beauty, I loved that hairstyle like disheveled, even from the Virgin Tour to the BAT marked my life forever as her loyal fan. That must be why I love those looks and they are my favorites forever.
  7. GabOso

    When I listened to "Dress You Up", I was fascinated and it's one of my favorite songs from the 80s, but when I saw her sing "Gambler" in the Virgin Tour, I really loved that song and it highlighted my fanaticism for her seeing so much beauty, strength and sensuality, I fell in love completely of her.