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  1. VisitRio, the official instagram page for tourism in Rio has posted about it as well https://x.com/forumpandlr/status/1765756920785236267?s=20 https://www.instagram.com/p/C4NgJoIuYTk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  2. Brazilian Newspaper O Globo says the concert is really happening: https://oglobo.globo.com/blogs/lauro-jardim/post/2024/03/show-de-madonna-em-copacabana-esta-confirmado-e-deve-ser-o-maior-de-sua-carreira.ghtml
  3. I think it’s totally understandable that they might hold on to any rumor that the tour may go to Brazil. Like mentioned, we’re very passionate and would indeed deserve a concert. Luckily I live abroad and had the opportunity to see her. To say you’re sick and tired of people just wanting to have the opportunity to do the same is kinda selfish. If it does not concern you why. Would you bother? Having said that, I think fan pages should not spread those rumors like that and get fans hopes up.
  4. People were speculating Rock in Rio since Itaú is the biggest sponsor of the festival. But now they’ve followed the other people that were part of that ad. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a concert announcement or anything like that. We’ll see…
  5. They were only following her earlier. Now they’ve followed the other people that appeared on that tv ad with her.
  6. Brazilian bank Itau arquived all of its pictures on Instagram and now is only following Madonna. An announcement is due tonight apparently.
  7. Thank god it wasn't anything serious. He could've at least helped her up
  8. Not only Madonna tracks. I shazamed one song he was playing that I really liked and it was Röyksopp’s What Else Is There?
  9. Had one amazing night! Seeing her live for the first time! Loved every second of it.
  10. I-D Magazine did a very good article about The Girlie Show: As her Celebration Tour launches in London, we look back at Madonna's 1993 dark and inventive concoction of interwar burlesque. https://i-d.vice.com/en/article/n7eqgq/madonna-girlie-show-queer-utopia I loved the last paragraph: ‘Queerbaiting’, a term thrown around increasingly in the 2020s to describe LGBTQ-adjacent but apparently straight celebrities, makes sense in the context of faceless executives selling TV shows. The accusation loses its potency when applied to personalities who know the bends and brooks of gay culture of their own accord, and intimately enough to frolic around in them. This knowledge becomes more impressive the further we move from the public health crisis of the 80s and early 90s, leaving the canon behind in a brave new world of queer politics that does not always acknowledge its precursor. With the Girlie Tour, Madonna wasn’t so much using these drips of subtext to sell albums and concert tickets as she was to make a profound and prescient statement about gay culture itself — its all-encroaching existence, and its slow decline during a period of political neglect and tragedy. It was her extraordinary visual and historical literacy — the greatest of any popstar - that allowed her to do so.
  11. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/F8atvZPXQAAYwzA?format=jpg&name=large
  12. I think Erotica was so important to Madonna imagetically in the long term. I would not change a thing.
  13. Finally Enough Love has been certified Gold in the UK https://www.bpi.co.uk/award/18794-2003-2
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