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  1. Yes🥰 last year we got amazing releases such as glow in the dark disco by Kylie Minogue
  2. We really should get a vinyl for this
  3. Well it’s probably real but got listed too early, thats why the title and links got hidden on Amazon and it won’t probably get released until the anniversary or later, however it can be a Black Friday Amazon event but this is most likely a #M40 release
  4. How amazing! Was it from madonnas account or another?
  5. If she’s releasing a CD of this she needs to release vinyl as well, anyways this is interesting!
  6. The weight is published on Amazon India and it’s 300 grams so idk
  7. Anyways I need to ask again on here when do we expect anything to update? Is it an Amazon Black Friday or anniversary? What do we think?
  8. Plus Amazon DE finally updated the title from maxi single to Vinyl LP
  9. Same!! Knowing madonna she’d never to something similar just for her greatest hits, but she could do an acoustic night where she sang songs from erotica + bedtime stories and then adding some of her biggest songs:)
  10. She also didn’t want to go to a lot of award shows, I recall sometime when Madonna said that. Can someone please inform me on when and where?
  11. I think this era should’ve been as Katy wanted it. But due to her pregnancy and other stuff the era was a bit hit or miss. However, I love the song daisies a lot. It’s actually great to see the music video too!
  12. And we can’t copyright the pictures used because they’re already copyrighted🥲
  13. I mean, they own the rights to the pictures we use anyway, but would be really interesting, i made this concept and if they create it like that I wouldn’t complain However they only liked this reply
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