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  1. Well yea I wrote that they will probably release it for a first album repackage
  2. They only took the US maxi 12”s. Live To Tell - Instrumental -album version -no edit, idk if it’s because it was on the 7” but it’s basically the same Papa Don’t Preach -Extended -we didn’t get ANBD because it’s most likely on a first album anniversary edition -album version True Blue -Color remix -Remix edit -instrumental color remix -ANBD because of the same reasons as Papa Open Your Heart -extended -dub -no Lucky Star or White Heat because it’s already available. La Isla Bonita -Extended -Instrumental extended
  3. Excuse moi True Blue remix edit is much better produced and fixed than album version
  4. Thanks for informing! I thought the picture showed 18 tracks and that there were more lol but I don’t have Apple Music, do you have the Spotify one? Could ya send that link please
  5. It is, but it’s not shown in that picture since it’s like 25 tracks in total or so
  6. TRUE BLUE 35 ANNIVERSARY out midnight local time
  7. If I would guess we will get Causing + Rain in August, and later this year Deeper And Deeper+ HD video and Take A Bow + some 90’s single. The rest is something only Madonna’s team knows😳 and all True Blue singles as “surprise”
  8. Probably blond ambition but i am not so sure, last time we discussed causing 5 remixes had been looked at and maybe we’ll only get that? Like no video upload
  9. What if Causing gets put online August 27, as its remixes has been discussed by Rhino? Would make sense as it’s literally during its anniversary
  10. They must’ve updated all songs because the intro was there before they updated and changed the papa version, which means that the “True Blue surprise” most likely is merch and a digital release of all singles on the album, but they need to fix the correct versions
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