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  1. BadGurlMadge

    Imagine if it’s included in her biotopic
  2. Hi y’all, hope you have a great day 

    1. Voguerista


      Awww you too!!💃💫

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    3. Team Madonna
  3. BadGurlMadge

    Omg yes!! We need IDSIF vinyl, and hopefully an european vinyl release so the import price won’t be like €40
  4. BadGurlMadge

    In all honesty i just wish they’d take old videos from her because I know clearly that those videos of her in the dance school and in the first song writing process exists, some of them are even in other documentaries, but i mean i cannot change that and i hope we’ll be getting a GH album together with the movie
  5. BadGurlMadge

    Bad Girl. La Isla Bonita or Spanish Eyes?
  6. BadGurlMadge

    Honestly I’m kinda sad, I don’t want anybody else to play Madonna since there’s only one, and that there can only be one..... I’m not a fan of these movies, idk but the artists loose value when they do these, it feels just like they’re making a cartoon over a real iconic movie
  7. BadGurlMadge

    @xavier time to create those copies🤭🤭
  8. BadGurlMadge

    Thank you!! But is it confirmed or only dates for Black Friday? I’m confused if they’re skipping it this year or not
  9. BadGurlMadge

    Guys, when’s the RSD Black Friday? They usually release new stuff, so hopefully we’ll get sumn!
  10. BadGurlMadge

    It’s a promo from the US!
  11. BadGurlMadge

    These don’t feel like genuine Madonna titles but I could see Sunrise being a title. Here’s some songs names I think Madonna would jump on Dark Talk U.S.A rose dancing Horrible (no this isn’t any shade to amazing.) Breaking slaves Pitched from start (self honour to her older self)
  12. BadGurlMadge

    Ciao Bella. True Blue vs Cherish?
  13. BadGurlMadge

    With what songs? None were hits, but if any song: Give Me All Your Luvin, Girl Gone Wild, Bitch I’m Madonna, Living For Love, Medellin & I Rise?
  14. BadGurlMadge

    Yes! It’s set up all around the world:) that was just an example