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  1. BadGurlMadge

    I use Discogs as well:)
  2. BadGurlMadge

    That’s really unprofessional!!
  3. BadGurlMadge

    The worse thing is that Discogs is even more expensive. I’m very excited for my order though! Although the delivery time is a bit long
  4. BadGurlMadge

    hey dahrlings! i have this quick question for ya; have you ever ordered from 1stopmadonnashop? just ordered and i’m just wondering if you’ve been pleased with the products you’ve received. xx
  5. i haven’t been here for so long. sorry all!

    1. Voguerista


      Welcome back. Good to see you again!!’:hug:

  6. BadGurlMadge

    But I just said that it was my opinion
  7. BadGurlMadge

    in my opinion she was more attractive without all fillers and facelifts
  8. BadGurlMadge

    I don’t even wanna think about one
  9. BadGurlMadge

    i agree about the eyes! i haven’t seen a person with more beautiful eyes than Madonna and she even had makeup that matched them!! her eyes was the first thing i fell for when I first saw her. take a look at this gorgeous queen
  10. The Look Of Love and Bad Girl deserved to be on the original release
  11. BadGurlMadge

    Yes but I don’t think we will get more copies since she told she thought it was too strong
  12. BadGurlMadge

    Interesting concept to release a commercial when the perfume is sold out