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  1. Is it possible? Would be very happy if so!! I can rejoin this forum if needed:)
  2. Vinyl sales were highest since 1991 last year so I’m sure that we can have both:)
  3. I’m actually very pleased with this and I’m really excited, Madonna blessed us a lot
  4. Hey! I made this concept, 2 versions of Remix Revolution, which I guess the upcoming project by Madonna will be called. One version is a megamix edition and the other will be a box edition with full remixes. Anyways here’s a design I made for the artwork:)
  5. Absolutely, she needs to announce the event soon too
  6. Not really but it’s an an easier way to explain the event
  7. It’s what we call that announcement Madonna made on her birthday
  8. If you could think of dream events during #Madonna40, what would it be? For me personally it would be -All albums re-released on coloured vinyl, fans will buy and hopefully Bedtime Stories and American Life can finally get their coloured editions. Imagine Bedtime Stories on cyan or pink vinyl and American Life on marble red-ish. Amazing. -Expanded editions with demos fans haven’t heard of too, as a nice present. -All singles on digital as they did w MC30. -Merch -A general demo album.
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