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  1. i think it’s odd as well, however, fever & ldlha was actually posted on their website i think as many people could access it, and ray of light was kind of a logic release. however, american life & nrm seems to be made up.
  2. i heard from a person that it originally was planned to be a ray of light remixes release tonight for its anniversary but apparently got replaced by express yourself? anyone know why, maybe because of the unfinished hd video? anyways great mixes🥰
  3. Apparently it’s possible to reissue Madonna’s newer albums from hard candy onwards on coloured and black vinyl so write if you’re interested:


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    2. BadGurlMadge


      You can basically email Rhino records and demand repressings, but in order to do that they need to see that a market and a demand exists from other people, it’s mostly Hard Candy and Celebration we want reissued :) 

    3. MisterMistere


      Let's do this! If someone could share the email address where to, we could choose 1/2 goals and start writing all at the same time! Celebration for sure, but also other kind of stuff. Like A Prayer purple vinyl instead of that orrible Red one; Some other ones like Remixed & Revisited pdk!

    4. BadGurlMadge


      Yes! Certain people have emailed them and almost 210 people interacted just with that story! I don’t know because other bigger accounts also shared it so we dont know the total amount of people 

  4. There is something so extremely flattering and wonderful with his pictures. It’s like he knew in which positions and lights Madonna was most gorgeous but there are lots of other photographers that can do that too, but there’s something so wonderful with his pictures.
  5. it amazes me how late madonna releases digital editions of her concerts. hurry!
  6. i don’t get it, why was it scrapped originally? anyways i need to hear the song tea, but idk about the rest since im not a fan of edm and those sounds
  7. Probably like the performances performed a year later or so
  8. Wasn’t Rain also rehearsed? I heard some rumours about it but I’m not quite sure
  9. Hmmm I mean for RSD Black Friday we’ve only really gotten Ray Of Light before I Rise, sure they could reissue some album but I don’t see them releasing something bigger on that date
  10. There’s not really any release to add there, we usually get reissued albums and remixes EPs/or 12” maxis for that (new ones) and it seems more likely that we’ll just get it by Rhino here and there
  11. there won’t be any release by her for rsd again probably. however if we’re lucky we’ll start to get coloured LPs again by rhino
  12. At this point I wonder if we’ll ever get Madonna again for RSD. It just feels like she was a fun artist to add some years
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