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  1. BadGurlMadge

    I don’t even wanna think about one
  2. BadGurlMadge

    i agree about the eyes! i haven’t seen a person with more beautiful eyes than Madonna and she even had makeup that matched them!! her eyes was the first thing i fell for when I first saw her. take a look at this gorgeous queen
  3. The Look Of Love and Bad Girl deserved to be on the original release
  4. BadGurlMadge

    Yes but I don’t think we will get more copies since she told she thought it was too strong
  5. BadGurlMadge

    Interesting concept to release a commercial when the perfume is sold out
  6. BadGurlMadge

    That’s just a lithograph though??
  7. BadGurlMadge

    Well I mean. @Fighter@Enricoshe literally changed her YouTube header now too!! is she teasing??
  8. BadGurlMadge

    She revealed the tracklist to it and no Madonna in sight
  9. BadGurlMadge

    She did... this b*tch is messing with us lets pray she will tho
  10. BadGurlMadge

    Second* the first is this, she looks so stunning
  11. BadGurlMadge

    Oh with teasing I don’t mean music only, like has she collaborated with someone recently? (Except for the biotopic)
  12. First of all, she randomly coloured her hair and started to wear similar clothes. Second of all Madonna changed her writing A LOT just from colouring her hair and changing style. Third of all, this looks straight from a photoshoot
  13. BadGurlMadge

    Hollywood. Has To Be or Little Star?