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  1. BadGurlMadge

    Yes but I don’t think we will get more copies since she told she thought it was too strong
  2. BadGurlMadge

    Interesting concept to release a commercial when the perfume is sold out
  3. BadGurlMadge

    That’s just a lithograph though??
  4. BadGurlMadge

    Well I mean. @Fighter@Enricoshe literally changed her YouTube header now too!! is she teasing??
  5. BadGurlMadge

    She revealed the tracklist to it and no Madonna in sight
  6. BadGurlMadge

    She did... this b*tch is messing with us lets pray she will tho
  7. BadGurlMadge

    Second* the first is this, she looks so stunning
  8. BadGurlMadge

    Oh with teasing I don’t mean music only, like has she collaborated with someone recently? (Except for the biotopic)
  9. First of all, she randomly coloured her hair and started to wear similar clothes. Second of all Madonna changed her writing A LOT just from colouring her hair and changing style. Third of all, this looks straight from a photoshoot
  10. BadGurlMadge

    Hollywood. Has To Be or Little Star?
  11. To give up a digital remaster of this cover?
  12. You forgot Express Yourself, Madonna I need that 7” remix on Spotify no matter if you care, get your job done💋 I would love to have Causing A Commotion 7” single screen remix too, idk about Bad Girl though. Isn’t it easier to just add the Fever remixes since Bad Girl only comes with the album version
  13. BadGurlMadge

    Not for the artists I listen to, I recognize their beauty marks and noses, but there’s one more that I’ve seen flopped and it’s Dua Lipa
  14. BadGurlMadge

    I thought I was the only one that noticed on reviews of Blond Ambition (as an example)
  15. BadGurlMadge

    Yes! But it feels so odd, why did they reverse her face? Considering no other artist gets their face reversed on covers
  16. Talking about these She also reversed her face on certain photoshoots afterwards that made her face look odd. Discuss!
  17. BadGurlMadge

    Keep it Together You’ll see or Live To Tell
  18. Madonna, why sell a perfume for $250 when you can give us the Madame X tour + (hopefully a vinyl or cd of it)?


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    2. BadGurlMadge


      Sadly she couldn’t pay with her other $300 000 000 000 unfortunately😢

    3. professormouse


      How many colours are there in a rainbow ?
      It's a tour souvenir for those with more money than sense.
      Buy hey, why not.

    4. VogueMusic



      "yes ofc, but £190 for a perfume is ridiculous "

      Perhaps, but not if you are of the demographic it's aimed for. Not every Madonna product is for every part of her audience. That goes for any individual/company selling something.

  19. BadGurlMadge

    This Used To Be My Playground. Causing A Commotion or Dress You Up?
  20. it’s so random with that interview, doesn’t she has more famous ones? as an example from when in bed with madonna got released she got to do more famous interviews
  21. BadGurlMadge

    Like A Prayer Erotica or Justify My Love?
  22. BadGurlMadge

    Banned in Scandinavia & Benelux on VH1 & MTV I think
  23. BadGurlMadge

    A though question, but the only continent that has the upside down cover is North America, and even the reissued versions have the regular non upside down cover, so i consider that one as the official
  24. This version isn’t even as good