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  1. If this is true, this is the perfect moment to leak it!!
  2. i dont know if you guys know, but ALOFO 4K its available in rutracker, a full BD 4K.
  3. yes!! Happy that Mtv is doing this I hope someone can record it in great quality.
  4. I think American Life deserves it. #JusticeForAmericanLife
  5. Sad that @Fighterhad to close the topic "Will it ever leak ? DWT Barcelona" I think it was an interesting subject (the one about DWT Barcelona, of course)
  6. OMFG !!!!!! El trabajito que me ha costado a veces expresarme cuando he hablado contigo y resulta que dominas mi lengua a la perfección Pues nada. Me alegro!! Sorry, I had to say that in Spanish.
  7. Thanks a lot @Craigypants I bought the DVD because I thought there was not a Blu-ray release. So where is it coming from??
  8. @wtg1987Would you be kind to share the Causing a commotion bootleg cd in lossless please?
  9. Yes, but the thing is... why so much negativity??? why are there so many people asking for her to retire?? she is a fucking amazing performer, but she is not known for a great voice. We all know that Eurovision's performance hasn't been her worst performance, right? (do I have to remind you Ray of light with Lenny Kravitz in VMA, and some disasters in Sticky and sweet tour??) What bothers me now is that it seems like everybody wants to see her fail. for the first time the video of eurovision she uploaded to youtube has almost the same amount of likes and dislikes IMO, the worst
  10. Sorry, I dont know if you talked about It before. But I just went to YouTube to watch Ms performance, and I realized almost all the commets are negative. And most of the people talking about satanic and Illuminati things. Forgeting the fact that Ms team changed the vocals in LAP, Am I the only one Who enjoyed a lot Future????
  11. Sorry, but where are Back That Up To The Beat and Ciao Bella??
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