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  1. Mariah released a concert from Tokyo on bluray. I think it's 1998 butterfly tour So why not???
  2. I don't see it happening. I don't think she can sing those songs anymore. I mean, she's been singing her own songs in a lower key since DWT. (Holiday and Ray of light, for example) For instance, after the Eurovision performance, she started singing like a prayer in MXT in a lower key, something that never happened before with that song. I don't see her singing TPOG or NRM or ROL Live. Imo, the real reason shes using too many effects in the last recording sessions is that We have to accept her voice is getting older too. 🤷‍♂️ Sorry if my opinion is not popular, but that's what I think.
  3. Great job. thanks a lot I loved that you pixelled Harvey Weinstein
  4. Great job @DanK It looks incredible thanks for sharing
  5. thanks a lot @DanK It looks fu**ing amazing
  6. If this is true, this is the perfect moment to leak it!!
  7. i dont know if you guys know, but ALOFO 4K its available in rutracker, a full BD 4K.
  8. yes!! Happy that Mtv is doing this I hope someone can record it in great quality.
  9. I think American Life deserves it. #JusticeForAmericanLife
  10. Sad that @Fighterhad to close the topic "Will it ever leak ? DWT Barcelona" I think it was an interesting subject (the one about DWT Barcelona, of course)
  11. OMFG !!!!!! El trabajito que me ha costado a veces expresarme cuando he hablado contigo y resulta que dominas mi lengua a la perfección Pues nada. Me alegro!! Sorry, I had to say that in Spanish.
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