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  1. Yes, but the thing is... why so much negativity??? why are there so many people asking for her to retire?? she is a fucking amazing performer, but she is not known for a great voice. We all know that Eurovision's performance hasn't been her worst performance, right? (do I have to remind you Ray of light with Lenny Kravitz in VMA, and some disasters in Sticky and sweet tour??) What bothers me now is that it seems like everybody wants to see her fail. for the first time the video of eurovision she uploaded to youtube has almost the same amount of likes and dislikes IMO, the worst part in LAP was the song itself. I dont like that version, maybe what I hate the most is the rithm. But I really love the message and Future performace. All my friends non Madonna fans told me they loved Future.
  2. Sorry, I dont know if you talked about It before. But I just went to YouTube to watch Ms performance, and I realized almost all the commets are negative. And most of the people talking about satanic and Illuminati things. Forgeting the fact that Ms team changed the vocals in LAP, Am I the only one Who enjoyed a lot Future????
  3. chipie

    Sorry, but where are Back That Up To The Beat and Ciao Bella??
  4. @Frank Mtv españa lo emite a la misma hora??
  5. Tonight Im not at home (anyway I dont have MTV ) So I hope someone can record it
  6. chipie

    Been unofficial, how come it be an Universal records release?? It looks like its 24bit/96KHz, what seems to be better than the cd quality And HDCD and SHMCD looks like its not the same thing
  7. chipie

    Is this an official release?? What is HDCD? Does It sound better than the CD???
  8. chipie

    Great. Me too.
  9. chipie

    Same here. IMO the last albums wiht an amazing sound were Mucis and AL
  10. chipie

    Yes !!!@AspergerArtist Its your turn
  11. chipie

    ok here I go!!
  12. chipie

    @Joan of Marcborderline
  13. chipie

    OMG!!! Love those jackets. But the prices are ...
  14. chipie

    Same here Amazing concert