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  1. A couple of years ago I remember reading a profile that said... "I am open minded and non judgemental" and immediately underneath that it said... "NO FATS OR UGLIES" Just... wow.
  2. I used to think of her the same way but I love Let Your Head Go and how she pokes fun at herself in the video.
  3. Hello,

    Would you please be able to post all of the Sophie Ellis Bextor remixes you have in WAV format? :-)


  4. The sound behind the drumbeat most prominent at the beginning of the track... I think is sampled from the opening of West End Girls (roughly first thirty seconds)...
  5. Seems she's forgotten all about Confessions On A Dance Floor going by the set lists of the last three tours.
  6. Here's the new main single, The Pop Kids.
  7. Well the PSB Maxi-Mix of Sorry is sort of a duet, in a way. Then there's the uncredited sample of West End girls in Jump... :wink:
  8. The new album Super to be released on April 1st. Their second produced by Stuart Price. First "buzz" single / track is Inner Sanctum:
  9. Hung Up (Silverminds Remix) Get Together (Beatizer Remix) Future Lovers (Cleo's Whispered Brilliance Club Mix)
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