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  1. Honestly I can't sometimes with her.
  2. Cherish Where's the Party or Keep it Together?
  3. Swim To Have & Not To Hold or I Want You?
  4. Pray For Spanish Eyes Physical Attraction or Waiting?
  5. 1. I Know It 2. Over & Over 3. Papa Don't Preach 4. Spanish Eyes 5. Back In Business 6. Words 7. Forbidden Love 8. Swim 9. Nobody's Perfect 10. Intervention 11. Sorry 12. Dance 2Night 13. Beautiful Killer 14. Joan Of Arc 15. God Control
  6. Cross promo Space X with Madame X Tour Film yaaassss (except no thanks and not really.)
  7. If Netflix or Prime doesn't work out then surely she can just chuck it on YouTube ..
  8. Bedtime Story Love Song or Be Careful?
  9. Nah it's overpriced for what it is. I might get the Garbage one.
  10. OMG I thought I was the only one who did that
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