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  1. gonna dress u up

    Living For Love Where Life Begins or Thief of Hearts?
  2. gonna dress u up

    I like it! She looks pretty with pink hair
  3. gonna dress u up

    Like a Prayer: my favourite album! True Blue: this was the first album of M that i listened when i was starting to listen to her and of course it's one of my favourites too! Ray Of Light: This one seemed boring to me at first, but over time I ended up liking it a lot and for honorable mentions i would say Madame X, and Like a Virgin and Madonna because i have them on vinyl and i listen to them a lot
  4. gonna dress u up

    cool!, i hope she releases it on Netflix or Amazon Prime
  5. gonna dress u up

    Ray of Light Swim or American Pie?
  6. gonna dress u up

    Express Yourself Borderline or Gambler?
  7. gonna dress u up

    Holiday Rain or Oh Father?
  8. I had never seen her with this look, i love it!
  9. So pretty, what year is that photo? Is it 1990?!
  10. gonna dress u up

    It looks very good!
  11. gonna dress u up

    I'm currently listening to Like a Prayer 80s madonna my favourite ever!
  12. gonna dress u up

    Yes, i think is a good opportunity for M to release a new song or 2
  13. gonna dress u up

    Yeah! Like Bohemian Rapsody soundtrack! I'm so excited to see this movie!
  14. gonna dress u up

    I'm a fan of The Smiths and I think is really worth it, the album had more success than the previous The Smiths albums too, if u ever listened or like the smiths, u will like this one
  15. gonna dress u up

    It depends on the years it covers, but the i think the songs that definitely need to be in the movie are: - Some early demos - Everybody - Holiday - Material Girl - Like A Virgin - Into The Groove (PLEASE!) - Papa Don't Preach - Live To Tell - La Isla Bonita - Like A Prayer - Express Yourself - Vogue - Erotica - Take A Bow - Ray Of Light - Frozen