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  1. I had internet back then, but god i would love to be back to the confessions era... i would do everything to attend the tour, the concert was perfect in every single way
  2. I love how sexy is Bedtime FL is, but Confessions FL is one of my faves songs of the last albums <3
  3. gonzalojqv

    i wanna know this too
  4. gonzalojqv

    Great to know you're here, you also made the koko club one right? That video looks great ! Thanks so much !
  5. gonzalojqv

    That's th AI upscale version of he leaked one. There's another version (from another user) that is 15 gb, but it's like a more "professional" edit using the same leaked concert, pretty nice too
  6. gonzalojqv

    Saw it! The worst part is that contains the dirty vegas mix (which i loooooove)
  7. gonzalojqv

    Now i need the cassettes for Beautiful Stranger, American Pie and Die Another Day !
  8. gonzalojqv

    You can see some info here on instagram @ob_tapes/
  9. gonzalojqv

    I just bought this from a local here, and i've got to say that they are absolutely beatiful !
  10. gonzalojqv

    How do you find them on youtube? It says it's in the Madonna channel but there's not a playing list for it
  11. Vogue, Holiday and Like a Prayer, of all the classics we love, i think these are the best ones, i would add either like a virgin or material girl (maybe a mashup?)
  12. gonzalojqv

    Saw the info on discogs the other day https://www.discogs.com/es/Madonna-Human-Nature/release/15522064