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  1. artofdarkness

    Yes, she's teasing a new era. The FILM DIRECTOR one.
  2. artofdarkness

    She just said on Instagram the script is done and it has 133 pages!
  3. artofdarkness

    Hi there! I made two new fanmade posters imagining how I would like the cover of the show to be! Hope you all like it and give your opinions about it! The first one is inspired by the performance of Frozen and the phrase "you can't hit a moving target" from Medellín music video. The second one is inspired by the clip she put out on her Instagram from I Don't Search I Find.
  4. artofdarkness

    Does anyone here knows if she sang "I'll be Israel" or "I'll be Palestine" in Killers at the filmed concerts?
  5. She just said it on a new Instagram video that the script is done and it has 133 pages. She didn't say the title. The first day she said she was working on a script with Diablo:
  6. artofdarkness

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here. And since we're all excited for the release of the Madame X show, I made this art imagining how would (or will) be the poster for the show in a streaming service! I would love to know your thoughts on it.