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  1. If it were released only on dvd just like some of the fans wanted the world wouldn't even know it was coming
  2. Whe I see something like this I totally understand Lola
  3. I wish she would promote this with a lot of interviews so we could hear more about the biopic and what happened in her life during the pandemic... I mean, she went through covid, surgery, recovery and wrote a screenplay. To me that's a lot of things. And there were the fake news she posted... it would be cool to hear everything from her
  4. Good. But as expected. We only knew about the Lisbon nights being filmed
  5. It seems to me she's in some kind of hurry to finish this. It's like she decided to do both (sound mix and color grading) at the same time because she has a deadline. Just a feeling. To release her concert on netflix, Taylor Swift announced it just some days before put it out.
  6. I don't think she'll host these watch together sessions again since she'll be done with the sound mix and color grading within the next few days
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPUD7Izho8A/ Last week of post-production! Finally enough love...
  8. Sound edit, color grade... I hope it's coming #soon
  9. I have a feeling in some parts the film will have an aspect ratio 4:3
  10. Idk, I haven't seen anything from the show... waiting for this release But I hope so
  11. She said like last week they started the color grading, or am I wrong?
  12. Here they're working on the color grading. It's close
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