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  1. I think this shorter edits are from the final version, remember when she was still editing the film and she said "it's gonna go by even faster"? The last days of editing were probably dedicated to this
  2. According to this, the film is 2 hours long
  3. Yes, must have been suco a great experience! I'm hoping to watch the Q&A as soon as possible!
  4. So a brazilian journalist asked Madonna what she thought about the brazillian president and M's assistant told her to leave, M was not going to answer, lol Then, she was told questions evolving politics shouldn't be made on the film premiere. I guess she was avoiding any controversial question. When asked about Britney, she didn't even let the journalist finish the question (seems like it would be about Britney's conservatoship) and just answered about her engagement.
  5. Does she sing Israel or Palestine during Killers?
  6. LOL that Vatican Speech is not random at all. It was her response to something important that was happening to her and her career. I'll have to wait until oct 8th to watch the film but I'm sure she included it because they thought it would fit (and add) to the narrative of the show
  7. She probably decided to cut Sodade out because there already is a video of it released by portuguese press
  8. Idk about the Paramount+ platform but in Apple TV, the Kacey Musgraves film is not availabe in 4K. I hope this will not be the case for Madame X
  9. Interesting to see IDSIF and Extreme Occident seem to have different aspect ratios.
  10. Hopefully tomorrow some of our questions will get answers
  11. Knowing Madame X, phones will probably be forbidden while the film is being premiered
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