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  1. artofdarkness

    Now let's pray she release the show on a huge streaming service
  2. artofdarkness

    If she made a song with him maybe she appears If she did not so... it's probably a new version from an old song of hers that The Weeknd will perform or she will (i like this idea)... or as said above, a very small/subtle participation as the one in God is a woman Let's keep the expectations low
  3. artofdarkness

    If she's still in Kenya with her family... Who else knows if she's visiting another country after... And the super bowl is within a month... I don't believe her appearance will be such a huge thing as we initially thought to be.
  4. Last year that insider said Florence was the chosen one
  5. artofdarkness

    If it isn't released near the super bowl (if she is really participating) waiting for 1 year of tour ending sounds ok to me.
  6. artofdarkness

    well... the first semester lasts until july once our expectations are far beyond that I believe that if it comes before july we will be lucky.
  7. artofdarkness

    Some videos from the show were deleted from youtube by her team I suppose. There are rumors the show is really scheduled to be released on amazon prime video. If that's true, I believe something is coming sooner than we think (aka this semester)
  8. artofdarkness

    She seems to be in contact with important people (she said it herself) and that she's working constantly. Who are these important people? Universal? NFL? A streaming service?
  9. artofdarkness

    If she's going to use the name of one of her songs... Then my favourites would be "Live to Tell", "Ray of Light" and "Mer Girl". Even "Nothing Really Matters" sounds like a good title to me once the film will probably end in Ray of Light.
  10. artofdarkness

    It looks like a notebook to me
  11. artofdarkness

    So News of Madonna (the website that said Madonna and Missy Elliot would appear on a Levitating remix) posted that the release of Madame X Tour is being negotiated with the biggest streaming plataforms.
  12. artofdarkness

    Well Beyoncé basically released Formation at the Super Bowl and the main performer was Coldplay. Bruno Mars was also a guest artist that year and he sang Uptown Funk, a song wasn't even with Coldplay. Sometimes the guest artists are announced and sometimes they are not. When Katy Perry did the Super Bowl, nobody knew her guests were Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot until they were up on stage.
  13. artofdarkness

    For those who don't know, the Blonde Ambition script, the one she hated, is avaiable online. It made the top of the Blacklist, the scripts that didn't get to be produced, in 2016 and Universal wanted to make the film. At the time, she posted on Instagram that only herself could tell her story ( Here is the link, in case anyone wants to read and tell us about it: It includes her relationship with Basquiat, Wahrol and her producer Jellybean. The script ends after the VMA performance of Like a Virgin and her telling to Jellybean that she aborted their baby (wich we have no evidence that happened, it may probably be completly made up, idk)
  14. artofdarkness

    So far we have confirmed on the film Diablo Cody (oscar winner) as co-writer and Amy Pascal (oscar nominee) as producer And rumors says Florence Pugh (oscar nominee) as Madonna and Patrick Leonard with Madonna herself on the soundtrack My expectations are higher now!
  15. artofdarkness

    The only official information we have about how long the film will be is from the Instagram livestream. Diablo was worried they had too many things to write and the running time wouldn't be enough so Madonna told her Amy Pascal (the producer) said they could write a 2 hours film.