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  1. I agree - when and if it gets announced we can open a new thread.
  2. He's now posted 'back to music and self portraits' - I wonder he and Madge are gonna make new music?
  3. We have Hung Up on Apple in Australia - but it's split over a number of 'singles' and not the full remixes - it would be great if they consolidated into one EP with all the other mixes and full length ones!
  4. Not sure it's all Guy's fault though - he was a huge influence in ROL, it was him that connected her to William Orbit and Mirwais. She's gonna do what she's gonna do lol
  5. Plenty here: https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/madonna-everybody-180gm-vinyl-12-45rpm-rsd-black-f
  6. Is she making an appearance tonight? This was on Anthony’s stories -
  7. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss I was in my knees praying for the Tallahassee mix and it CAME all over me -
  8. I agree, they were beautiful - even LDLHA - as simple as it was, it's filmed so beautifully.
  9. It looks like it's calmed down - Let's not attack each other publicly or privately - We are all very passionate which is great - but let's channel that passion into manifesting the Bedtime Stories demo's appearing not negative comments towards each other
  10. So she is planning something - it’s just about whether it’s a tour or the movie - if tour then it’s timing of announcement- which I still think will be first quarter next year -
  11. She won't announce anything this year - it'll be early next year first quarter for a quarter three start (September/October)? It might be time to close this one out :P
  12. I’ve listened- the ones I’m talking about aren’t on those :/
  13. Nah - it’s her harmonies - not in the instrumental - you’ve gotta really crank it up to hear them as the album version fades out -
  14. Nah - these ones are different to that - it sounds like it's more urgent/frantic - put your hands on my skin - and different layers and harmonies of that
  15. Who cares if she uses or doesn't use photoshop - I did care, but don't anymore - just serve us music, gives us curated expanded editions -
  16. hi - no, there was a mis understanding - the Friday release was the physical RSD release - not the streaming.
  17. I wonder how different they would be from the finished version - the track lengths are longer - maybe just unedited. Also, what would be cool is hearing an official unedited version of Skin - if you crank the volume right up at the end of the album version - in a audio program - there are some amazing harmonies going on. Yes agree with a comment - I'd spend $1000 for the BS demo's over this lol
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