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  1. I’m just giving my opinion just like you are. No need for the personal attack. You have never given the finger in a picture for fun? I bet you have. Maybe I should change my name so people won’t make fun of me. Why is living complaining about everything? Where is the fun in that?
  2. No she wasn’t. They had a party in LA. Pretty hard for Americans to go to London with the pandemic. It’s definitely Courtney Love. She lives in London and has dyed her hair pink.
  3. She’s just having fun. When did Madonna fans become so uptight and lose their sense of humor? People are offended by the most random things.
  4. Also let’s face it most of the people refusing to get vaccinated are Trump Republicans who dislike and don’t listen to Madonna. So they wouldn’t follow what she tells them to do. That’s the problem with most of the celebrity campaigns for vaccinations. They use left leaning celebrities Trumpets hate or don’t trust. They need to find some country singers or someone like that.
  5. Honestly Madonna doing it with humor in an offhand way was probably more effective in getting people vaccinated than some type of preachy post. People hate being told what to do.
  6. Had very few side effects. Just a sore arm with the first shot. After the second nothing. Don’t read social media. They scare you unnecessarily.
  7. Why would she be an anti vaxxer? They are primarily Republican Trump supporters which she isn’t.
  8. Sounds crazy, but after I heard Madonna got Moderna, I decided to choose that one too, also because I read it has fewer side effects. Most people in the music and entertainment business are vaccinated because promoters of concerts and other events require them to be vaccinated to participate.
  9. Jamaica doesn’t have the same severe situation as Brazil.
  10. She was with the hotel resort employees who probably had been tested, not random members of the public.
  11. Exactly, I highly doubt she is going to be mixing with the general Brazilian public. But there might be a backlash if Brazilians can’t have parties themselves. Covid has been horrible there with the idiotic decisions of their President. I think there are many other places she could go that would cause fewer PR problems for her. She can have a Brazilian themed party with Brazilian music, clothing etc. anywhere.
  12. I feel the opposite. If someone is famous in their own right, it is going to be hard to see them as Madonna. I tend to like indie movies for that reason. I can never see big stars as a different character.
  13. It used to be that way, but it has gotten a lot better since she hired Ricardo Gomez to do the photography. What would be the point of posting old photo shoots most fans have already seen? . I like that it has new content. Yes, she posts photos and videos of her kids, but she also does other kinds of posts including new photos and videos of her. I like that is shows the human side of her, not suoer perfect and overly curated. Why are unpopular opinions only negative ones? A lot of opinions on here aren’t unpopular at all. They have been very popular among fans. It would be more unpopular to say something positive about her.
  14. But for a lot of older fans having a physical copy of music is a necessity. I’m a fan of some other artists from the 80’s and 90’s and when they have tried to release digital only music, there has been a big backlash from fans. Fans say they won’t buy it if it’s only digital or even listen to it.
  15. I’m sure she’s being paid plenty. Paramount is owned by CBS Viacom. It’s not as though it’s some obscure service with no content people want to see.
  16. Maybe that’s why she went with Paramount, Netflix doesn’t release films on DVD.
  17. Abandoning physical releases would be the biggest mistake she could ever make.
  18. Erotica isn’t a song she sings on almost every tour though like Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita and Holiday. It definitely needs to be performed on the next tour!
  19. I think it’s a great idea. Surprised she didn’t do this sooner!
  20. I agree. In general I like albums with different tempos and styles. I don’t think the whole album has to be just one sound or concept. That might be a bit boring.
  21. They both sound just like early Avril! Nothing is original anymore I guess
  22. Great post! Totally agree. Indie pop would be cool as long as it isn’t heavy on electric guitars.
  23. I thought I was the only one not into 90s house! A 90s house album would probably be very successful and commercial, but it would bore me. One or two songs in that genre would be okay, but not a whole album. The 90s house sound could be something you could create through remixes. She could record more pop versions for the album and then release house remixes.
  24. Maybe it’s just me, but I find overly stripped down acoustic arrangements really dull no matter who does them. I need some beats whether electronic or drums and bass. I don’t see why she can’t invite other musicians to collaborate with her in her home studio.
  25. My problem with her rock performances isn’t her guitar playing which isn’t nearly as bad as people say, but the fact that her voice doesn’t suit rock and loud electric guitars. Alanis’ voice blends much better with rock sounds.
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