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  1. electrophonic

    Okay thanks everyone for your replies and thoughts
  2. electrophonic

    Maybe that is a small whip? Single Tail Silicone Whip.webloc
  3. electrophonic

    Lol yeah, fun memorabilia to figure out
  4. electrophonic

    Hi again, I have definitely not signed up here as a bot or troll. Just thought that I could help poster Ukzen with finding out if the fan community is familiar with this Royal Box Edition, including the unusual and less familiar content. The question of Ukzen recently came up on the discogs forum. Then after browsing I had noticed that a same question was asked here on this forum. Since it was questioned if that Royal Box Edition with extra content really existed, I thought to try posting here about the discogs topic where a photo of the edition was posted.
  5. electrophonic

    Hello, I am posting here as a guest. I noticed a similar question at the the forum of Discogs, which I frequently visit. The original poster has added to that topic an image of the Royal Box Edition with the content : https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/824355 Thanks in advance and with best regards, electrophonic
  6. electrophonic