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  1. its immature for someone to post a no makeup pic of madonna just to make a cheap dig at me and her. im sorry that my number one fav has gone back to madonna and not gaga at the moment, but please, stop tearing women down for how they look.

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    2. Fighter


      OMG you're so young... I'm glad I didn't tell you off for that joke you made then... :Madonna048:



    3. Angelo


      on gagadaily??

    4. R3B3LH3ART


      @FighterNo you should've. It wasn't funny at all and I posted it when I wasn't thinking clearly. Really inconsiderate to those involved.


      @AngeloI've been banned on gagadaily since october 7th for exposing their mod team for banning two high profile & very popular users for no valid reason.

  2. so embarrassed

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    2. BadGurlMadge
    3. R3B3LH3ART


      @Shofuli wish nnnnn

      @BadGurlMadgei made a distasteful joke nnnn

    4. Shoful


      To whom? Anyone important?

  3. shes been so bored in quarentine that she's decided to finally promote a song she got a feature on that was released two years ago
  4. this look was not it omg.. poor girl looked like she was suffocating in her bustier.. like she was sitting so awkwardly and her boobs just looked bad because all of it
  5. R3B3LH3ART

    hung up future lovers or let it will be
  6. R3B3LH3ART

    Superstar What it feels like for a girl (MV version) or Sky Fits Heaven
  7. R3B3LH3ART

    Spanish Lession Love Spent or You'll See
  8. R3B3LH3ART

    tough choice Dress You Up Fever or Bad Girl?
  9. R3B3LH3ART

    nnnn why such a hard choice birthday song each time you break my heart or shame
  10. R3B3LH3ART

    Hold Tight Promise to Try or Nothing Fails?
  11. R3B3LH3ART

    Live to Tell Sky Fits Heaven or Runaway Lover
  12. R3B3LH3ART

    You'll See Bitch I'm Madonna or Give It 2 Me
  13. THAT AWFUL LOL they'll end up making the biblical madonna nnn
  14. R3B3LH3ART

    Nobody Knows Me Stay or Pretender
  15. madonna using haus labs.. we stan omg