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  1. omg the new dark theme is so beautiful

  2. Cant believe that Larry King passed away. Such a loss.

    1. #BelieveVictims


      Most people won't talk ill of the dead, but his last show was on RT (Russia Today, the global Putin propaganda channel), so maybe some bad ideas/advice there towards the end.

  3. coming here to escape the crazy little monsters :Madonna051:

    i cannot stand ga anymore so annoyed with her and the mess that is chromatica

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. R3B3LH3ART


      not this blowing up LOL


      no i love gaga i just cant stand her fans atm.. they're quite.. special..


      anyways stream MDNA

    3. R3B3LH3ART


      and this had nothing to do with the national anthem btw its just that im the lone madonna gaga fan hybrid in a forum & discord chat and the anti madonna discourse is still high :cryin:

    4. ScottyX


      i swear most fans of artists are a bunch of kids. the fights are nuts lol so i know what you mean

  4. bye this is literally another version of https://medium.com/@joannejackson495/first-listen-madonnas-new-album-magic-is-more-sexually-suggestive-than-erotica-1aa68511a157
  5. RESCUE ME IS CURRENTLY CHARTING AT NUMBER 11 ON TOP 40 US POP ALBUMS ON ITUNES!! http://www.itunescharts.net/us/charts/albums/pop/
  6. Rescue Me Looking For Mercy or Why's It So Hard?
  7. got the joan crawford avi and header yup

  8. You know.. after giving it a while I have to agree with Madonna on her phone ban with the MX tour.. There's a different kind of magic with her tours before the smartphone age..

    1. RUADJAI


      Well... it's not like it's HER thing. It's what's happening in the entertainment industry now a days. At least in smaller venues. Camera phones are too good. 

    2. emanon


      it was good at some point but also hypocrite from her...I remember Rebel Heart tour saying; light your batteries (on la  vie en rose)...

    3. madenis


      23 hours ago, emanon said:

      it was good at some point but also hypocrite from her...I remember Rebel Heart tour saying; light your batteries (on la  vie en rose)...

      It's not hypocrite. She wanted to see a room full of light. The phone were already in the place. It could have been replaced by a light bracelet (like it's used during some shows) or a lighter.



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    2. RUADJAI
    3. RUADJAI


      Ah I see now. I wouldn’t be proud of those views

    4. R3B3LH3ART


      @RUADJAIOh, I am. I know what I'm doing ;)))

  10. Me thinks madonna will finally put out a mega-album of all her demos

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    2. Andymad


      BAH! That will never happen 

    3. CHOKKO


      We're having a new repetitive compilation with that snippet she shared in instagram as bonus, in that quality, from instagram, if Queen M decides we deseve it of course...

  11. its immature for someone to post a no makeup pic of madonna just to make a cheap dig at me and her. im sorry that my number one fav has gone back to madonna and not gaga at the moment, but please, stop tearing women down for how they look.

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    2. Fighter


      OMG you're so young... I'm glad I didn't tell you off for that joke you made then... :Madonna048:



    3. Angelo


      on gagadaily??

    4. R3B3LH3ART


      @FighterNo you should've. It wasn't funny at all and I posted it when I wasn't thinking clearly. Really inconsiderate to those involved.


      @AngeloI've been banned on gagadaily since october 7th for exposing their mod team for banning two high profile & very popular users for no valid reason.

  12. shes been so bored in quarentine that she's decided to finally promote a song she got a feature on that was released two years ago
  13. this look was not it omg.. poor girl looked like she was suffocating in her bustier.. like she was sitting so awkwardly and her boobs just looked bad because all of it
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