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  1. Confessions is a great album, but it is not the best (the best is Ray Of Light bitches), nor do I see it as an "insurmountable" album, on the contrary Madonna can easily surpass herself as she has shown on various occasions. Anyway, I think I agree with the majority and that is that her most overrated album is Like A Virgin, even she has felt rejection for that album.
  2. Juan Moncada

    Let us remember that Madonna is a woman with strong religious convictions, therefore I am not surprised at all by those phrases of Swim, which surely Madonna would be based on that biblical passage from the Gospel of Saint Matthew that says: And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
  3. Juan Moncada

    Fever Autotune Baby or Jimmy Jimmy
  4. Juan Moncada

    American Pie Frozen or Hung Up
  5. And for that movie we were left without an exclusive tour for Ray Of Light, uff you don't know how much I hate that old woman for doing that, obviously I love her but I also hate her for that😒😒
  6. Juan Moncada

    I don't like any of those songs, and I vote for Bitch I'm Loca for being a bit decent than the others😒😒
  7. Juan Moncada

  8. Juan Moncada

    Although it is not one of my favorite performances, I admit it was a very good performance, much better than that horrendous performance he did at the 1998 VMAs (only the Shanti / Ashtangi performance was good), and I could say that it is part of their Legendary performances at those awards alongside Like A Virgin, Express Yourself, and Vogue. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the inclusion of Like A Virgin, that is, how was Madonna going to sing a big hit along with the biggest failure of her promotional album ???? I have seen many television reports talking about that performance and they always mentioned that the kiss happened during the Like A Virgin performance, and I said: what ????, since obviously the kiss was in Hollywood, and that of course was not going to help a lot to the sales of American Life or the single that Madonna sang. Anyway I give it 7.5 / 10✌✌
  9. Juan Moncada

    Living For Love ✌✌
  10. Let Guy Ritchie fix it 😂😂😂
  11. I'm going to tell you all one thing: let Madonna do what she wants with her pussy and her music, I personally don't care if she reinvents the songs or not, I don't care who the musical director is, because in the end and after all, all of his tours since Sticky & Sweet have had great commercial and critical success. The only reputation that Maddy has to clean up is that of arriving too late to concerts and going on tour in poor health, as that can have a very negative influence on the success of future tours.
  12. Juan Moncada

    Batuka Sorry or American Life
  13. Madame X is almost perfect, and I say almost because songs like Medellín or B ** ch I'm Loca take away the total perfection (she should never have collaborated with Maluma), and in my opinion it is one of her most experimental works and also a bit "cultural" paying tribute to Portugal and Africa, and shows that Madonna was not very aware of the charts, because if she had wanted her she would not have released a song that lasts 5 MINUTES as the first single (and the video clip 6). And I also think Madame X must have come out after Confessions and not Hard Candy 😒 And well, this is my Top 5 of my favorite songs 1- Killers Who Are Partying 2- God Control 3- Faz Gostoso 4- Looking For Mercy 5- Future
  14. Well, I have never actually obtained a physical Madonna album, the ones I have heard have been by Streaming I'm sorry😅