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  1. tommymad

    I personally prefer the "live" feel, the seamless edits etc that she doesn't seem to do any more. I love seeing the B-roll footage/news report footage from her shows because it shows how well she actually does perform, the editing style can have the reverse of the intended effect, I feel. The part in Iconic on Rebel heart tour springs to mind, when she rushes forward suddenly, it was rendered less dramatic. There are many examples. From the preview video she posted, I'm expecting graphical overlays and reverse footage, slow mo, fast mo.
  2. Get Together Die another day What it feels like for a girl American Pie Hung Up
  3. tommymad

    Agreed. Still feeling shit about last Sunday's shortened show
  4. tommymad

    I feel that she is gaslighting her fanbase, those who are upset at least, into thinking they have the problem. It makes me feel extremely depressed to read about her rudeness. My Madonna fandom really makes me feel bad about myself at the moment, and that's a first. Not to mention the whopping defect in my bank account.
  5. tommymad

    Your phone is locked up in a pouch at the entrance to the venue. I was leaning up against the wall drinking beer, watching the queue of people buying merchandise.
  6. tommymad

    Ditto, that was me on Sunday night.
  7. tommymad

    Ill keep my fingers crossed for, I hope you have a great time.
  8. tommymad

    Just watched it. As far as i can tell just listening through my phone speaker, they turned up her live vocal which fearures strong autotune, more hard tuned than the studio version which was louder in the broadcast version
  9. tommymad

    Her reference to the cut start actually increased my annoyance! I think if if id been surrounded by like minded fans itd have been a better experience. The married couples around me I dont think realised what had happened. I always get too affected by what other people are doing at concerts. My madonna love is a private thing! 😄
  10. tommymad

    I guess im pissed off I had to pay the cost The thing that hurt me most Was that i git ripped off *dramatic synth chord* I got ripped off! (Reverberates to infinity)
  11. tommymad

    Yes, when i heard about the shortened show i became very stressed, thinking please god, not my show, not after i paid all that money etc etc. Sadly, it did happen. Not helped by the slightly annoying family in front of me who from what i gleaned from their chatting, got free tickets. Glugging beer and asking if she was doing the old songs yet!
  12. tommymad

    Love Bad Girl.
  13. tommymad

    Rubbing it in (unintentionally).
  14. tommymad

    Yeah fair enough. Its just, as i say the disappointment is still raw. As i previously posted, i couldnt afford to see the show but if id seen the full thing as madonna originally intended id have felt better about it. (As in, I got myself into more debt for my queen)
  15. tommymad

    Yeah maybe, i was just thinking of myself. Seeing as still on the coach on the way home from the show. Its still raw and im tired!