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  1. Ashley

    Thank you for speaking the unspeakable. I thought I was the only one.
  2. Ashley

    I'm amazed she hasn't launched a sex toy and bondage gear range yet. I can just see the Dita masks and bondages gear and a Madame X - X frame and sling package, along with Bedtime Stories vibrators.
  3. Ashley

    Oooh that makes sense then.
  4. Ashley

    Two tracks which should have been singles with the full remix treatment.
  5. Ashley

    The only problem is that the album doesn't fit exactly as a whole. There's a feeling you want another couple of dance tracks and for the end track to sign off the album the way Music opened it.
  6. Ashley

    This is an album which I wished she had released a re-mix party album for.
  7. Ashley

    I pray this never happens. If was going to happen, it needed to happen during Kylies Fever era - too late now. It'll never be like No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Summer and Streisand.
  8. Ashley

    @RinoTheBounceryou cruel stud! Making me choose just one. I had to go with Like A Prayer, since it's a really iconic album. But Drowned World/Substitute for Love and Erotica are the other two which I think are exceptional. Also if you look at the albums where they all are from, both the opening and closing songs complement the story of the album. Like A Prayer Opening: Like A Prayer Closing: Act of Contrition Ray of Light Opening: Drowned World/Substitute for Love Closing: Mer Girl Erotica Opening: Erotica Closing: Secret Garden
  9. Yes, I remember I was confused about the boots reference back then as well.
  10. Ashley

    Miley Cyrus should do a cover version of that song.