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  1. Ashley

    And Kylie is tone deaf to all of that - she'll never give the credit or attribution to the music she's influenced by. That's one of the biggest differences between Madonna and Kylie, M has always attributed, included people from different cultures at her table and gave space from them in her work. It's why any criticism of cultural appropriation is complex to argue with M.
  2. Ashley

    It's not a shallow argument. Disco has a very complex history and it was never the intersectional utopia you're claiming. Kylie also knows how to say the right things at the right time and keep her opinions to herself.
  3. Ashley

    It does the genre no service. A really pastiche and pretentious album. Also probably tone deaf for a rich white straight woman to release a disco album during a year where BLM has been a serious issue.
  4. Because they don't understand it, nor the music video. It fits on LAP perfectly.
  5. Cherish fits perfectly in IC. I'm glad WTG AND CFY were omitted.
  6. Ashley

    Kylie's disco album isn't great at all. People are lapping it up because fans basically just want Kylie to produce dance albums and that's it and casual fans - mostly in the 40+ category who love disco have something new and 'hip' they can play during the holidays. All the songs on the album sound the same to me. It's not an impressive piece of work.
  7. Ashley

    I want to see more of Rocco's bum than her tbh.
  8. Ashley

    Can someone tell me where M's houses are located these days?
  9. Ashley

    Do they want a physical product in their hands? Or just collectors items.
  10. Ashley

    I projecting M dies in 10 to 20 years. Not right now. I can't see this physical format trend persisting in the future. Of course there will be some people looking to collect, but not a massive lot.
  11. Ashley

    Beautiful Scars Crave or Crazy for You
  12. Ashley

  13. Ashley

    She's only adopted white feminism since #metoo - every feminist statement she's made since 2016, particularly the Billboard speech has been riddled with white feminist platitudes - she doesn't have a real comprehension about what she's talking about. Even her criticism of Camille Paglia was misinformed and she slapped down a long time supporter -
  14. Ashley

    I don't agree. Her eccentric behaviour is the reason for the criticism and her recent appropriation of white feminism is why she labels any negative criticism as misogyny. If she kept on producing progressive work and didn't act like Edina Monsoon then I'd say it was 100% misogynist. When I look at Kate Bush and her Before The Dawn concert or Laurie Anderson and her virtual reality work I keep thinking this is the kind of path Madonna should be exploring.
  15. Ashley

    You nail it so well. At the same time that's why I think an autobiography will be a better avenue to approach and as you say a good way to rectify her image.