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  1. I thought the Kathy Griffin thing that you were referring to was the Trump Head thing from May 2017? What else did she do that triggered the gheys?
  2. I think M was advised to avoid speaking about it since it came a few months after her "Blowing Up the White House" comment.
  3. I don't think Milk levels maybe Valentina levels. Was she delusional and a little too much in her Jantasy? Yes. Did I walk away from the computer every time she had to mention RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12? Yes. Did she put effort into her challenges? Yes.
  4. I'm coming #soon #bitches after #madamex finishes the story of her life.
  5. Fans: #M15 is coming! It's over for the pop girls, the Queen is coming back to show everyone how it's done! Madonna: Calm down bitches. Y'all ain't getting shit until I'm ready.
  6. Chances are that was probably the trade off from the label for getting Oh Father released as a single. WB: "We'll give you Oh Father in the US and France if we get to do Dear Jessie in the rest of Europe for X-Mas" M: "Ok but I can't make another video, I'm busy prepping the tour, and besides, I don't want to do some cutesy children's video." WB: "That's fine. We've got an alternative (animated video). Can you approve the single art?"
  7. The same thing happened on Apple Music minus fixing Papa because they had the right version from the start.
  8. If they didn't want to release it as a single, couldn't they have made it a video only promo release in the U.S like they did later with Fever?
  9. Yeah, her Pink Slip for managing to fix Papa Don't Preach while simultaneously messing up the intros of two other songs.
  10. Exactly! M had a good run but all good things must come to an end. It will eventually happen to Taylor and Ariana. When one supreme fades, a new one rises but most have been birthed from Madonna in some capacity and that's part of the reason why she stays in the public's consciousness. That and the fact that her music is now considered nostalgic.
  11. Shows Hosted By RuPaul: RuPaul's Drag Race (2009) Drag Race UK (2019) Drag Race Down Under (2021) Other Countries: Canada's Drag Race (2020) Drag Race Espana (2021) Drag Race Holland (2020) Drag Race Thailand (cancelled) (2018) The Switch Drag Race (Chilean Version) (on hiatus or cancelled) (2015) Coming Soon (Confirmed): Drag Race Italia (2021) Drag Race Brazil Spin-offs: Drag Race All Stars Untucked All Stars Untucked Secret Celebrity Drag Race The fact that eight iterations of this show have launched in the past three years is mind blowing. I sometimes miss the days of just US Drag Race and then a couple months of nothing just to breathe and reset before the next season.
  12. I mean I'm pretty sure she had everyone on retainer because those took place a few months to a year after Re-Invention, Confessions and the 2009 S&S leg respectfully. Plus she still had a larger team, machine and label behind her. Also those are major events for serious causes so of course she was going to go all out with a band and dancers (when needed). Like leave the woman allow! She didn't have to show up at all at the Boom Boom. She had nothing to promote, it wasn't a high profile appearance. Also do you really think she would pay for a full band and dancers for a two song set at a bar or do you really think people would've wanted to hear her do songs on an acoustic guitar when they could be dancing?
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