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  1. 1st: The Confessions Tour (2007) 2nd: The Girlie Show: Live Down Under (1993) 3rd: Drowned World Tour (2001) 4th: Ciao Italia: Live From Italy (1988) 5th: Truth Or Dare / In Bed With Madonna (1991) 6th: Drowned World Tour (2001) 7th: Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour (1985) 8th: I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (2006) 9th: Madame X (2021) 10th: Rebel Heart Tour (2017) 11th: Sticky & Sweet Tour (2010) 12th: MDNA World Tour (2013) S&S, MDNA and RH all suck editing wise but RH won out on 10th purely because of the setlist (I'm a sucker for a Madonna tour padded with the back catalogue). MDNA is dead last b/c I didn't like the editing, I didn't like the setlist, I didn't like MDNA. S&S had its moments. The live versions of the HC songs are the only way I can listen to them and not think they are demos.
  2. You just jinxed us all! She'll be doing a Fado remix of it on Fallon now!
  3. I mean she did make it apart of an elite group of hits (Holiday, Vogue, La Isla, Like a Virgin) that gets pulled out on almost every tour.
  4. Drum up some simple choreography and get it trending on TikTok and watch it shoot up the charts
  5. It went on sale when it was 3:00 am for me so when I woke up and saw the post, they were gone. Honestly Kylie's team need to more mindful of other time zones, they legit leaked Disco on YouTube a few hours early for some countries because they released it at midnight in the UK. Not mad at that but still, it's clear the UK and Australia are the only countries that matter to them.
  6. Watch her end up trolling us with a dramatic spoken word reading of the Candy Shop lyrics or something on IG Live
  7. I mean I kind of get why M, Janet and Mariah declined. Janet and Mariah already put out the Shep mixes of their singles on streaming so including them is redundant and like most people said M is probably saving her mixes for the boxset/single reissues. If George and Whitney were still alive, they might've declined too. What I want to know is where are the Cathy Dennis mixes? The Paula Abdul mixes?
  8. I heard that too! I just figured it would be a logistical nightmare doing it on stage between getting the water and the time needed to dry her off and retouch the hair and makeup plus the risk of electrocution if she used the headset mic.
  9. Of the 80s/90s tours, Girlie Show was the HBIC! BA is a close second for me just b/c of the setlist but visually speaking GS is that girl.
  10. It is bad that Bye Bye was playing in my head when I saw this?!
  11. I think the album is good. I just need the Montero World Tour dates to drop and for him to reference the Carrie Ann Inaba opening to Girlie Show in some capacity during the Call Me By Your Name performance
  12. I mean this isn't unpopular it's well known and mostly agreed upon. The only difference is AL did more irreversible damage than the Erotica era.
  13. Ok rooms start at $828 USD a night for a one adult one bedroom
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