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  1. Can this be the beginning of the Madonnaissance era, please? I'm talking fresh and back to basics. TikTok is positioning her to have a good starting point for it.
  2. I don't expect a tour in 2023. Maybe an announcement next year of one in 2024 but she's still doing that bootcamp for the lead actress. I think she'll wait for filming to wrap before she starts mapping out a potential tour. But if she's also doing the editing then expect the film to be released in 2027 and a tour in 2028.
  3. I did that before I went to bed and only got the album version and the GHV2 versions. Woke up this morning and found it under compilations.
  4. Apple Music (Canada) doesn't even have it yet. What is Emily doing?! Since Oksana is filing frivolous lawsuits against Madonna's camp can she sue Emily for emotional distress and damages please? The Miami Mix deserves better treatment!
  5. I don't know if I got on too early or M's team doesn't care but they just dated it 1996 and threw it on Spotify. No new release dated 2022 or promo. Take a Bow is still listed as the newest release.
  6. The rest of the list is surprising. Like Tina only did two tours in 20 years and still managed to rank in the top 20 ahead of Janet and Kylie who did tour after tour.
  7. Because people love to trash anything movie related that Madonna is attached to. Mostly because her track record with movie critics has largely been horrific.
  8. ROL first week on the charts was in July. I think Billboard rules still prevented a song without a physical release to chart at that point in 1998 because it changed by the end of that year. So that means the sales did the heavy lifting at getting it to #5 because airplay did probably taper off by that point. I think 4 Minutes had better airplay I'm assuming probably because Justin was on the track and he was an industry darling at that point. In terms of Janet, Clear Channel was owned by Viacom who owned MTV and CBS meaning she was also blacklisted at radio, specifically for Damita Jo. Her sales were still strong enough after that (Call on Me was #1 on the sales chart for six weeks even though the song tapped out at #25 on the Hot 100) but she never recovered. I mean the blacklist was largely lifted by the time Discipline was released but the damaged was already done. Damita Jo was originally set to outperform All for You but ended up doing half it's numbers, 20 Y.O was marred by interviews focusing on the Super Bowl and her weight and Feedback could've been a major hit if she didn't lose four years worth of airplay. It sucked that Virgin gave up on her after the incident. Especially since Richard Branson once joked that the Janet album paid for one of his private islands. She was to Virgin what Madonna was to Warner (their main seller) but despite the success, they treated her like shit. The fact that they cut the All for You era short in part because of the Mariah/Glitter fiasco was an insult to Janet. They gave her the time of day when she filled their bank accounts. As soon as the album/single sales slowed down, they put her out to pasture.
  9. Yes it was AL because after AL (specifically that original video), none of the other singles from the album managed to chart. Even Me Against the Music would've been a bigger hit if Britney wasn't at the tail end of her radio blacklist and Madonna wasn't at the beginning of her's. At least with Confessions she was able to chart two singles but all four could've impacted the Hot 100 if Madonna's relationship with US radio was better.
  10. The sugar isn't as raw as it was 14 years ago, the Turkish Delights are past their expiration dates. It's all sticky, no sweet. It needs some "sweetening"."
  11. I like it because it's arguably her first album created to be a body of work as opposed to a collection of singles. I agree. Maybe if they used the Shep remixes of Express Yourself and Keep It Together instead of the original album versions, people would be more used to idea of it fitting in with the rest of the album. It's unfortunate that it will be associated with I'm Breathless instead of Like a Prayer when they do the reissues.
  12. If that's true (I doubt it is) then maybe we can get a surprise release when they do the Like a Virgin Anniversary Re-issue.
  13. I think she would've responded the same way she did without social media. An argument could be made about the part of the song the media focused on but clearly Gaga didn't do anything illegal since M never did anything aside from the reductive comment and mashing it up on the MDNA Tour, whereas Tory stole the whole song.
  14. I mean Rocco was barely a year old when she did DWT. Where was Mama Madonna then? The sampling works if it's certain bits and pieces and not everything. Also some of her songs (specifically the 80s material) need live instruments. Like the version of Express Yourself that she did at a private gig a few years ago pales in comparison to other iterations of the song because they used the stems and a weak drum machine. The fact they used every stem from the Shep version except for the drums is ridiculous! That's where the bulk of the remix's power comes from.
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