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  1. Am I the only one who noticed Rocco’s bulge in one of her IG stories? Haha
  2. madfan13_86

    True! And like someone else on this forum pointed out, sadly she’s been on the wrong side of controversy for at least the past 5 years. The list is too long and exhausting for us fans.
  3. madfan13_86

    Predictably, as I stated in a previous post, this "new album" discussion was inevitably heading towards some fans bringing up Kylie Minogue. DISCO is a SAFE album, Kylie's has never been about pushing boundaries or creating social commentary. She's about joy, comfort, sparkle, reassurance and unicorns (LOL). Nothing wrong with that, but Madonna, even in her "lighter" moments, has always brought in a rebellios/outrageous edge to her work. Clearly "Confessions" and the late 90s had less of that, but they also provide insight into her mindset at the time. Just frustrating how fans just want M to sound conventional and "reassuring". Madonna wants to make us think and be bold. That's a beautiful thing. The BBC recently published an article discussing Kylie's "underestimated icon status" and it's quite interesting (while also articulating many of the reasons why, personally, I vastly prefer an artist like Madonna, versus a performer like Kylie"). The article even cites Rufus Wainwright's description of Kylie as the '“the anti-Madonna” because she offers light where her provocative peer skews darker. “Self-knowledge is a truly beautiful thing and Kylie knows herself inside out,” Wainwright said. “She is what she is and there is no attempt to make quasi-intellectual statements to substantiate it. She is the gay shorthand for joy.”' It also explores her "niceness" and why 'she keeps the conversation chipper and apolitical because she's acutely aware that her purpose is to provide escapism, not social commentary'. Full article here:
  4. It is a very strange post, indeed. She looks ghostly and weird. I'm not convinced the pink hair is working in her favour anymore. It makes her look very pale. Not only are her eyes disappearing, as you say, but also, have you noticed that she has stopped using eye make-up recently? Makes her look tired too. It's a shame she's messing up with her most beautiful feature: her eyes.
  5. OMG I thought the same!! LOL
  6. madfan13_86

    "Funny" how some rumours can spark such negativity on this forum... That said, I suppose it has to do with how frustrated we've all been with M during the past 10 years, in one way or another. At some point in the last decade, we all cringed, got angry, hoped for better stuff, etc. Every interview or performance seemed to bring bad publicity, somehow. What's really annoying, though, is that some fans just want Madonna to be conventional and palatable to the general public... Or simply to stop challenging herself as an artist/musician and serve her fans the stuff that THEY want her to do for them. Not cool. Some even love posting "wish lists" of what they hoped Madonna would do, and after reading them, it's quite ridiculous to know how Madonna keeps changing as a person and as an artist, yet a lot of her fans seem to be stuck in the past. They keep wishing she could be a dated 80s act (Belinda, Bananarama) or an ordinary, approachable, bubble gum dance pop diva (Kylie) for the sake of better press or nostalgia. I deeply disagree with any of that. Of course Madonna's music has given us moments of escapism (Confessions, some of MDNA, etc.), but her work is provocative, dark, contradictory and full of social commentary. Madonna is brilliant exactly because she thinks outside the box, because she takes risks and because she has ALWAYS been somewhat eccentric. But now mix that eccentriticy with her age + social media, and you have a lethal bomb. I am always fascinated by her music, and I actually always embrace her new stuff — critically so. I too have noticed her bad attitude, her unwillingness to fully discuss some of her projects (MDNA being the most notorious in that regard), but I also like to believe she's also achieved greater knowledge, wisdom and a more secure sense of self and family. Maybe that's why we seem to care more about her career than she does. She ain't looking for approval. Her damn grills are here to stay. Going back to the album, I seriously doubt she's collaborating with Pat Leonard. As someone already pointed out on here, those two seem to be worlds apart, musically speaking. The only way I could imagine this happening would be if M had asked him to help out with the musical aspect of the bopic? Also, I can't imagine how in the middle of her recovery, she would find the motivation to work on a new album. It seems to take her a long time now to get to that stage. The past year has been spent in bed, working on the screenplay, moving back to the States and supporting her bf's career. Of course, it would be a nice surprise if she had actually been working on new music. We all need it. Maybe the photo with The Weeknd's manager could mean more than we think? Unlikely but you never know.
  7. madfan13_86

    It's completely understandable that she wants to sell the house in Lisbon. There's no reason for her to keep it if David is not playing soccer anymore, or if she has no further business happening there. I think M is a NYC girl at heart, and she only moves when there's business happening elsewhere - whether that's actual business, or a man haha. I believe she was even staying at someone else's house in LA earlier this year, right? I'm sure she only keeps the London house to be closer to Rocco, plus I suppose it's her base in Europe. Anyway, back to the main topic — Hopefully she is indeed working on new stuff. It's annoying that since Celebration she keeps us waiting forever for new material... As I said somewhere else on this forum, she totally deserves to enjoy her life more now and take it easy, but damn, so hard to be patient as a fan. She spoilt me by releasing music often back in the day...whether that was a proper album, or soundtracks, compilations, etc. As for a collab with Pat Leonard... we would all love that but sounds quite far fetched. Who knows? She likes to surprise people.
  8. Seems like I’m one of the few who really enjoys Madonna’s recent output. In fact, her new music feels more relatable to me. I find that the albums I love the most are the ones that have shaped me as a person, and although I love True Blue, for instance, I feel much more connected to others like Music, American Life, and yes, MDNA, as those have been key in my personal biography. Anyway, my least fave/played M albums are: 1. Like a Virgin 2. Confessions (this is something I have never fully understood; I rarely go back to it... I wonder if I have a negative association to it or something...) 3. Madonna
  9. Absolutely! I think M is underrated, not only as a vocalist, but mostly as a songwriter. As you argue, most people — GP and fans alike — often associate her with dance floors, campy pop music, fun, etc. However, her deep cuts remain in the oblivion, as if they didn't exist. The emotional and even intellectual depth of her lyrics and music are incredible, yet not a lot of credit is given to her in that regard. Even in songs like "Medellin", you can hear subtle layers of instrumentation, the intentions behind the production (instruments and voices alike), and it's just a shame no one pays enough attention. Sadly, her downtempo tracks and ballads are the ones who have kind of disappeared more from public memory, and that is my fave Madonna. "Live to Tell", "Promise to Try", "You'll See", "Drowned world", "Gone", "X-static process", "Easy ride", "Masterpiece", "Extreme Occident"... Music & lyrics for the mind and soul!
  10. madfan13_86

    Yes and no. Undeniably her vocals were usually on point 1996-2006. However, let’s not forget how awful her voice was on that “Shanti/Ray of Light” performance at the 1998 VMAs, as well as pretty much every single time she sang “The Power of Goodbye” live (particularly on that “do you want to go higheeerrrrr” line, as she clearly couldn’t haha). Also, although “interesting” in her delivery, her vocals during the Blond Ambition Tour and Who’s That Girl Tour were often raspy, forced and off tune. Sometimes it pains me to see her lack of technique... rewatching videos from those shows you can even see the veins in her neck almost on the verge of popping out from all the pressure/strain she used to put on her throat while singing high notes. M has a looong history of not being a great live singer, even though she can, for sure. In fact, I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that she claims to be a perfectionist, yet this is something she never seemed to be much concerned about- being a better live singer. Even when she sang small parts, like the “Open your heart” bit at the 2014 Grammy Awards with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, her voice sounded untrained and strained. And I was like “whyyy?!?!” 😂 She enjoys torturing us.
  11. madfan13_86

    According to that Facebook page "Madonna News" (they really need to work on their English!), the "DVD" is not coming until next year. I called it! I'm sure that's actually the case. I'm going to be very disappointed if it's actually a DVD/Blu-Ray release. I would really love for this to get far more exposure, and like it or not, in this day and age, streaming services is the way to go. Personally, I don't even have a DVD player anymore. I believe not many younger people do either... New laptops don't have a CD drive at all, so here's me hoping they'll be more innovative and creative with this release.
  12. Well, she just posted one of her horrible selfies. And she made it even worse by using a very unflattering filter. Is she trolling, is it self sabotage, or does she genuinely think it’s a good photo? We’ll never know. Horrid no matter what.
  13. Her recent posts have definitely been nice and reassuring. The NYC photos, once again, show how connected she has been lately to her younger self. Probably since Madame X, it’s clear M has embraced and indeed has been dwelling in an ongoing nostalgia for her early career/NYC struggles. As for new material, or projects, overall. I don’t know. I expect very little at this point. For the past few years I feel Madonna is more about having fun and enjoying her life first and foremost. She deserves it, but that has also meant that her career has undeniably slowed down considerably. Not just my opinion, but truly, the days of multiple singles, albums, films, soundtracks, public/tv appearances, etc are long gone. And it’s ok.
  14. And that little bluesy song she sang with the ukelele... bliss! She sounded really good.
  15. And again, so many talented folks out there actually creating really amazing works yet she always elevates aldodiaz. Her artistic “instincts” are deplorable haha