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  1. I rarely go back to this album. But I understand why most people like it... It was HUGE, and so gay. Lol Also, honestly, the videos for “Jump” and “Get Together” were crap. It was the start of Madonna over-focusing on touring and delivering a bunch of mediocre videos.
  2. I rewatched this earlier this evening and I truly love it. It also reminds me of how freaking excited I was back then... glued to the TV waiting for M’s “return to form” after a long absence from music, really. However, I have to say I still find the “Music” bit the least enjoyable, and also somewhat cringey. I’m not only referring to LMFAO necessarily (after all, they were ridiculously popular at the time), but the whole rope jumping and weird choreography confuse me a little. It also goes for too long without her singing or doing much while all these people do their thing. To be honest, I would’ve made the section a lot shorter and included another song along, like “Hung Up”. Oh well, it is what it is. The entrance is absolutely wonderful and the Like A Prayer performance is visually stunning. She looked soooo gorgeous!!! She should keep her hair longer, does her a lot of good. Plus, whoever the makeup artist was that day needs to be rehired!
  3. Right? Also, I never understood why it suddenly disappeared from YouTube, yet the Brits performance was always there. Likewise, rewatching this makes me wonder why she carried on with the long cape approach... this entrance was quite stunning. Her legs were flawless here! Just look at how the audience responded to her appearance.
  4. I think these are 2 very different things—Madonna (the artist/persona) vs “her career”, so those singles that probably best represent her work in the public memory. So, just as I did with the “videos” question, I’ll be naughty and do 2 separate top 3s, accordingly: -Singles that best represent Madonna the artist, musician, persona, provocateur, controversial and unapologetic woman, etc: 1. Like A Prayer 2. Human Nature 3. Bitch, I’m Madonna -Singles that best represent Madonna’s career, in the collective memory, particularly- so not necessarily from a “fandom” perspective: 1. Like A Virgin 2. Hung Up 3. Material Girl (“Like a prayer” and “La Isla Bonita” would complete the top 5). My personal faves at the moment: 1. Drowned World 2. You’ll See 3. Medellín
  5. Hm... So in terms of videos that represent Madonna better (the persona, artist, musical sensibilities, humour, sexual self, romantic personality, provocateur, controversial and unapologetic artist, fashion sense), my top 3 would be: 1. Like A Prayer 2. Bitch, I’m Madonna 3. Medellín Now, the top 3 that best represent her career (Most recognisable “Madonna” videos/ visuals... thinking of videos that are usually played on tv or shared on social media): 1. Like A Virgin 2. Vogue 3. Like a Prayer (Hung up would be #4 for me) Bonus: My top 3 faves (these days, anyway): 1. Frozen 2. Don’t Tell Me 3. Medellín
  6. Mmmm sexy! A mouthguard... sexy?! Who the F thinks of this crap ? .
  7. I agree. This whole project ended up being a mess, particularly track listing-wise. I mean, no title track on the standard version? Made no sense! And as for the cover, they should’ve stuck with the deluxe/digital version one, period. I never liked the other 2 much. The standard cd cover was too vanilla and simple and the other one just looked like an unimaginative throwback to Erotica. Also, I agree with the last few comments regarding Madonna’s career... sadly for us, fans, I think we were kinda lucky to get Madame X at all. Clearly she was super inspired all along but it ain’t the same. She’s at another stage of her life. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t keep releasing music but there is also no pressure to do anything... Cher, Barbra and Better Midler still do it. But from now on it’s likely that everything will be more paced and down to her REALLY wanting to do anything at all. I don’t expect much until the biopic tbh.
  8. I'll keep this one short. Fan favourites: - Jump (showcasing her love and respect for all things Japanese + the depths of her creativity, for sure :P ) - Turn up the radio (The ultimate bitchy cougar? An homage to Sophia Loren? Whatever the case, F*** ageism ;) ) - Give it 2 Me (the goofy and narcissistic Madonna we ADORE. Oh, and let's not forget about the amazing choreography on this video LOL) you're welcome people.
  9. This a really challenging (yet, fun) task— I have even avoided it since the topic started, because I keep going back and forth with the issue of WHO Madonna IS and WHAT her career has been, thus far. This takes me back to somehting Sophie said to The Guardian back in 2018 about Madonna and her career: "Each phase seems to be a byproduct of a genuine journey of self-discovery". Indeed, each one of Madonna's albums showcase a different "version" of M; each record providing a new opportunity for the exploration of various (personal and social) issues/concerns and interests. What a privilege, but also what a full life this woman has lived! As fans, we also get too caught up with those eras and albums we truly loved and shaped/influenced our lives. So, that represents a challenge too, as perhaps the albums we like the most might not necessarily be the most representiative of who Madonna might be as a person, or even the pinnacle of her creativity or artistry. Also the albums that might represent Madonna better as a person, may not be her most popular albums (often they probably aren't!), but these may also be her most career-defining. So, that contrast is interesting and difficult to "marry" in this top 3 task at hand. That said, let me try to tackle it. I chose the 3 album where I felt Madonna was present at her most genuine, reflective and autoobiographical. Of course, all albums have a bit of that, but these 3 get a lot closer to that, imo: 1. My first choice is actually Madame X. I know hardly anyone on here agrees with me on this, but I truly believe this album provides very interesting insights into who the current Madonna is, but also how she sees herself as an artist. More importantly, we get a rare, honest, reflective and more comfortable version of Madonna as she revisits her past, her own personal story, her career and her overall artistic journey until now. The plethora of musical styles/genres on this album also showcase her versitality, creativity and open-mindedness as a musician—something she's been known for throughout her career. Along with this, it was pretty obvious to me that the visuals (photoshoots, videos, magazines, tour) and obviously the interviews she gave during 2019, continuously paid homage to her early career and work. The video for "Crave", for instance, was rather simple but also effective in its tribute to early Madonna, in my opinion: the NYC skyscrapers, the mole making a comeback in some shots, her fashion style, the graffitti on the walls... It was like Madame X was on this nostalgic trip back to the early 80s, exploring and revisiting her early days. Even the cover of the album (for the standard and vinyl versions, anyway) has to be one of the most important of her career, as that photo and design are a direct tribute to her mother, but also, undeniably to one of her muses—Frida Kahlo. 2. I pick Like A Prayer as my second one on this list, mainly because, in my opinion, this is the first time Madonna really sat down to seriously reflect on her career and personal life until that point. As a result, she delivered one of her most mature and genuine collection of songs. Through them, we learnt a lot about Madonna's on-going struggles and interest with religion, her recent divorce, and even her very personal complicated relationship with her parents. Equally, she showcased her ability to make the personal, something universal and immensely relatable and even enjoyable to the masses. Indeed, as she delves into rather complicated and taboo subjects, she also managed to move people's core and empower them. Something I have always liked about her: rather than being your usual underdog (which society loves) Madonna has always turned her sadness around and used it as a source of power and strength for herself, as well as for her audience. 3. Lastly, I will pick Ray of Light. Again, this is an album where Madonna truly opened up, and through the exploration of personal stuff—namely, motherhood— she ended up delivering one of her most universally acclaimed albums. I think the album also shocked people, in the sense that it showed them a more relaxed and genuine version of Madonna—one that was far removed from the defensive, distant and intimidating persona she had presented for so many years. This is when she really started to confront issues around fame, self-fulfillment, love and her own ego. She also continued where Like A Prayer left off, and continued her scrutiny on her past, family life and fame. Obviously, it also highlighted, once again, her ability to experiment with different genres, and make them her own in quite revolutionary ways. Runners up to this list, for me, were Erotica and, yes, Rebel Heart. The former because it best reflected her own take on sex and sexuality (both sooo important thoughout her career), the personal/political and her sense of humour. The latter, because I believe the title Rebel Heart actually does say a lot about Madonna, the person and Madonna, the performance artist. Even at her more rebellious, Madonna is a romantic person (probably, pathetically/tragically so! LOL) and her choices (professional and personal) have always hinted that. Sadly, I always felt the material on Rebel Heart didn't live up to the immense creative possibilities of the album title.
  10. How is Madonna dressed as a clown and moving like that sexy? ? She’s just doing what she loves- attracting attention, provoking and trolling. We shouldn’t read much into it, I say.
  11. The TOAC story probably had to do with one of her recent posts where she showed her crotch area too. I mean, I assume... Regarding the editing of the show... Mmmm.... it’s definitely taking too long. It probably stopped altogether last spring and it resumed recently as she probably wanted to work with a specific group of people and then the pandemic has made it difficult for them to meet. My guess, though. Sadly, besides this and the biopic, I really don’t think anything else is going on.
  12. What? I don’t agree with this at all. Madonna doesn’t even compromise with her own fanbase. Do you really think she would invest her creative energy in pleasing nobodies aka the GP? I think A LOT of M fans (since probably Hard Candy), have had a really hard time accepting a lot of Madonna’s creative choices, mostly because they simply don’t like them. Of course an artist like Madonna would love it if every time she released an album, such work would get a decent amount of praise an attention. But at the same time, it’s sort of clear to me that she stopped caring a while ago about what people expect from her. And it must be very liberating from an artistic point of view. She doesn’t need her collaborators and they don’t need her. She does what she does because she feels like it. The thing is, as irritating as it is to some fans, she doesn’t need to please anyone or compromise. I really believe her current stance is more of a mix of inspiration and fun. That’s exactly what Madame X is and I like it—“Bitch I’m Loca” and “Faz Gostoso” represented some of those lighter fun moments, and imo, it’s clear the album needed those in between deep introspective songs. The truth is, there’s a very silly side to Madonna (she would say she’s being “ironic” lol) , and I think that this is one side of her many fans don’t get. This “side”, to me, was best showcased in songs like “Bitch I’m Madonna” (Now, “B-Day Song” can burn in hell ? ). I feel these songs have allowed her to experiment with melody and humour, and I do find it interesting that these “silly” tracks do tend to be duets, or have people featured in them. They’re almost tongue in cheek parodies of traditional pop songs... both in structure and lyrical content. I’m sure we can expect more of them in the future. To many fans’ horror! Haha
  13. I get that, but I think M likes her projects. She does keep separate folders/binders for each era, after all. Hehe But you’re right. I wish she could keep it simple and drop songs every now and then. Like many artists do nowadays.
  14. Hm, so basically how a lot of people feel about Rebel Heart...
  15. Almost exactly my reaction ? she’s so odd. Why would anyone share that?! And here I am often complaining about fans posting and reposting awful photoshopped/altered photos of her. She digs them, apparently
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