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  1. I’m not convinced that the Rebel Heart tour had any budget issues- that was more like the tabloids claiming (yet again) that Madonna wasn’t selling tickets. She did sell out everywhere, even if at a slower pace. In regards to the injury, however, I do agree it remains a little odd at how it progressed. I think the main culprit was the MDNA Tour... it was SO physically demanding, overall... she was EXHAUSTED all throughout, and we could all tell. She also broke a finger rehearsing, got a dancer kicking her on one of her eyebrows in Colombia, and perhaps dancing in stilettos finally took a
  2. I rarely go back to this album. But I understand why most people like it... It was HUGE, and so gay. Lol Also, honestly, the videos for “Jump” and “Get Together” were crap. It was the start of Madonna over-focusing on touring and delivering a bunch of mediocre videos.
  3. I rewatched this earlier this evening and I truly love it. It also reminds me of how freaking excited I was back then... glued to the TV waiting for M’s “return to form” after a long absence from music, really. However, I have to say I still find the “Music” bit the least enjoyable, and also somewhat cringey. I’m not only referring to LMFAO necessarily (after all, they were ridiculously popular at the time), but the whole rope jumping and weird choreography confuse me a little. It also goes for too long without her singing or doing much while all these people do their thing. To be honest,
  4. Right? Also, I never understood why it suddenly disappeared from YouTube, yet the Brits performance was always there. Likewise, rewatching this makes me wonder why she carried on with the long cape approach... this entrance was quite stunning. Her legs were flawless here! Just look at how the audience responded to her appearance.
  5. I think these are 2 very different things—Madonna (the artist/persona) vs “her career”, so those singles that probably best represent her work in the public memory. So, just as I did with the “videos” question, I’ll be naughty and do 2 separate top 3s, accordingly: -Singles that best represent Madonna the artist, musician, persona, provocateur, controversial and unapologetic woman, etc: 1. Like A Prayer 2. Human Nature 3. Bitch, I’m Madonna -Singles that best represent Madonna’s career, in the collective memory, particularly- so not necessarily from a “fandom” perspec
  6. Hm... So in terms of videos that represent Madonna better (the persona, artist, musical sensibilities, humour, sexual self, romantic personality, provocateur, controversial and unapologetic artist, fashion sense), my top 3 would be: 1. Like A Prayer 2. Bitch, I’m Madonna 3. Medellín Now, the top 3 that best represent her career (Most recognisable “Madonna” videos/ visuals... thinking of videos that are usually played on tv or shared on social media): 1. Like A Virgin 2. Vogue 3. Like a Prayer (Hung up would be #4 for me) Bonus: My top 3 faves (
  7. Mmmm sexy! A mouthguard... sexy?! Who the F thinks of this crap 😂 .
  8. I agree. This whole project ended up being a mess, particularly track listing-wise. I mean, no title track on the standard version? Made no sense! And as for the cover, they should’ve stuck with the deluxe/digital version one, period. I never liked the other 2 much. The standard cd cover was too vanilla and simple and the other one just looked like an unimaginative throwback to Erotica. Also, I agree with the last few comments regarding Madonna’s career... sadly for us, fans, I think we were kinda lucky to get Madame X at all. Clearly she was super inspired all along but it ain’t the
  9. I'll keep this one short. Fan favourites: - Jump (showcasing her love and respect for all things Japanese + the depths of her creativity, for sure :P ) - Turn up the radio (The ultimate bitchy cougar? An homage to Sophia Loren? Whatever the case, F*** ageism ;) ) - Give it 2 Me (the goofy and narcissistic Madonna we ADORE. Oh, and let's not forget about the amazing choreography on this video LOL) you're welcome people.
  10. This a really challenging (yet, fun) task— I have even avoided it since the topic started, because I keep going back and forth with the issue of WHO Madonna IS and WHAT her career has been, thus far. This takes me back to somehting Sophie said to The Guardian back in 2018 about Madonna and her career: "Each phase seems to be a byproduct of a genuine journey of self-discovery". Indeed, each one of Madonna's albums showcase a different "version" of M; each record providing a new opportunity for the exploration of various (personal and social) issues/concerns and interests. What a privilege, but
  11. How is Madonna dressed as a clown and moving like that sexy? 😂 She’s just doing what she loves- attracting attention, provoking and trolling. We shouldn’t read much into it, I say.
  12. Omg hell no!! Can she please leave TOAC behind, please?! “Double disc feature”?! I’d find it depressing if Madonna still thinks such a thing is commercially viable today.
  13. The TOAC story probably had to do with one of her recent posts where she showed her crotch area too. I mean, I assume... Regarding the editing of the show... Mmmm.... it’s definitely taking too long. It probably stopped altogether last spring and it resumed recently as she probably wanted to work with a specific group of people and then the pandemic has made it difficult for them to meet. My guess, though. Sadly, besides this and the biopic, I really don’t think anything else is going on.
  14. What? I don’t agree with this at all. Madonna doesn’t even compromise with her own fanbase. Do you really think she would invest her creative energy in pleasing nobodies aka the GP? I think A LOT of M fans (since probably Hard Candy), have had a really hard time accepting a lot of Madonna’s creative choices, mostly because they simply don’t like them. Of course an artist like Madonna would love it if every time she released an album, such work would get a decent amount of praise an attention. But at the same time, it’s sort of clear to me that she stopped caring a while ago about what peo
  15. I get that, but I think M likes her projects. She does keep separate folders/binders for each era, after all. Hehe But you’re right. I wish she could keep it simple and drop songs every now and then. Like many artists do nowadays.
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