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  1. Is there a curious canary in here? 😂
  2. There's a lot at steak when you grill
  3. Good god, you could fit a rolled up Ray of Light 35th anniversary deluxe edition holographic 50" x 70" blanket in that thigh gap.
  4. Poor Hard Candy, 15 years old and still only gold.
  5. I've heard the new album's going to be called Expanded Deluxe Edition
  6. She'd swat you without a second glance.
  7. They are great for deterring cats from the garden though.
  8. Looks like there's two versions of the reissue, one Made in the Netherlands and one Made in USA. To differentiate, the original European version states Made in the EU and the original US version has the hype sticker, which the reissue doesn't.
  9. My station was playing one of her songs every hour for her birthday too. I caught Borderline, Gambler, Papa, Who's that Girl, WIFLFAG and I'll Remember 🤪🤗
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