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  1. Have you been taking to Philomena Cunk? 😂 Maybe they'll sample Belgian techno anthem Pump up the Jam.
  2. I remember my dad saying she'd never last. He's a huge Elvis fan and kept comparing them. With each new album he'd prepare me that it 'might not be very good / not do very well / I might not like it'. Not until RoL did he admit she probably wasn't a flash in the pan 😂
  3. Aw, that is so cute! Every time she's mentioned or a song comes on my mom says 'is that that Mad Donna?' - (my sister's name is Donna). It used to drive me crazy but it's become a bit of a running joke now. And... now we know the secret of your huge collection!
  4. Goober noun; slang A derogatory term for the reductive artist known as Lady Gaga
  5. And of course Kylie took inspiration from the little sparrow
  6. Contact Ingrid instead, Igrid's at the park playing her guitar 😂
  7. Could have gone with M&S instead and give us some nice easy listening. Thems could wear a nice button down shirt and Madonna a cashmere twin set. Then a lovely sandwich afterwards with a nice cup of tea.
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