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  1. You've created an account here just to post this 'rumour' which is clearly complete and utter nonsense. It's not shitting on a fan expressing concern, it's treating a troll with the contempt they deserve.
  2. Must be busy, I'll step in: This is a wonderful rumour, I really love it!
  3. Her left leg is 2ft longer than her right leg. She hides it with corrective boots when out in public but in her homes she has a specialised, continuous groove built to accommodate her elongated appendage. It's known as the Madoniana Trench. It was the inspiration behind her smash hit Get Into the Groove
  4. I loved it first time round then I read all those stories about Brian and Roger twisting the truth and I can't enjoy it anymore. BTW chile I think you just made a new word - ridiculized. Love it!
  5. Oh that totally makes sense, I was reading it like Chile the country 😳
  6. Subscribe to find out 😂💵😜💰😂
  7. Yeah that was way too much. Even the Queen has to consider her subjects occasionally.
  8. Glad to see you Espresso Yourself
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