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  1. I can't see that they'd do separate clear and 'crystal' clear versions. That's what I'm hoping anyway
  2. HMV, Fnac and Amazon UK are all selling Purple Swirl. If yellow/black is the Europe version then they would be selling that. The only place I've found the yellow is imusic in Denmark. Which, like you say, has the same barcode as the purple.
  3. It doesn't mention any colour so it must be black but it comes with a lithograph / print
  4. I'm assuming the one that matches the cover Well pissed off it's either of these
  5. The Target one is labelled as Crystal Clear and has a different barcode to the HMV one. I hope it's not a different variant
  6. Oh god, don't tell me it's the same print they charged Β£50 for on the Madonna store
  7. Mmmmmm If I could top the chart Frozen will be the start Remixes, one, two, three The fourth will be the key Now there's no point in placing the blame All of the mixes, they sound the same Fuck it, they'll do Leaves my fans heartbroken Love is a bird, she needs to fly When did my creativity die? I'm frozen What rappers can I rope in?
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