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  1. So Bitch I'm Madonna was actually a shoutout to her canine fans. It's all starting to make sense now...
  2. Mmm, baffled by remix edits but complains the 50 track version is too long. How long would it be with full, extended mixes. He talks as though she has no musical talent and just steals the work of others i.e. calling her a 'musical magpie'. Funnily enough he's stolen that phrase from the Ed Sheeran court case, making him a literary magpie. What a bitter old queen.
  3. @Frank @Prayer Album version unfortunately :( There is some really good mixes on here though, I'm loving it! Really perked me up.
  4. Album version on Apple Music, can't find a CD listing anywhere with run times.. but.. I've ordered a copy from amazon. Should be here tomorrow so I'll let you know what's on there ❤️
  5. Found one! I only had to go back 36 years for it but Simon Bates called her charming back in 1986 during a Radio 1 interview 😅 Interview 🎙️All right final question okay. You've been very, very patient and I'm surprised because you're quite different to what I imagined you to be. I was... we... I think in fairness, we were all expecting you to be very difficult, very awkward, very standoffish well and you've been very charming 💃Oh thank you 🎙️Are you always like this? 💃Charming? Hell no, no one can be charming all the time but most of the time I think I am, yeah, I think I end up surprising most people. That's good too, I like to surprise people 🎙️So thank you very much 💃You're welcome
  6. Twilo was and always will be my favourite mix. Am I right in saying there was no radio edit of it?
  7. Reminds me of when Father Ted kicked Bishop Brennan up the arse
  8. That's the walk I do when my balls are stuck to my thigh
  9. No this is unmixed Nick, although a mixed version would be pretty cool.
  10. just like betamax, mini disc, zune, segways, google+
  11. No they're different. These are the ~£50 lithos listed on bandcamp: This is the B&N one from their website:
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