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  1. Yeah its a bit of a myth that a reissue lowers the price of the original, unless they're indistinguishable. A temporary shortage can push an item price up but soon drops when it becomes more readily available. True rarities tend to hold their value.
  2. *Not specifically aimed at you @Prayer but I thought it was a good question to respond to.* I don't think this is the issue in this thread. Everyone has an opinion and should be able to express it. There's no arbiter of good or bad art. I think the contention is over the right to express that opinion without being subjected to insults, shade, or, most egregiously, being labelled in some way to diminish them and their viewpoint. No one should be deciding who is or isn't a good enough fan and advising them to leave the forum just because they don't like some of M's output. Constructive criticism is a good thing! This video is obviously polarising, which should have brought out an interesting discussion about M's art, appreciation of art and our interpretations of the messages we think she's trying to convey. More objective discussion, less insults, petty comebacks and defensiveness. Anyway, here's my tongue-in-cheek interpretation of good vs bad art 😜 Hung Up: Hung Up On Tokischa:
  3. Ooh I love it! Very fresh 🌿 I usually use dark theme but this is so nice I'm keeping it. Thanks Jacked @Jackie and helpers 💕
  4. Excellent! Did they sting you on the customs fees? Trust Madonna's box to get fingered at any opportunity 🤪
  5. Because it looks like they filmed it in the neon sign storage closet. Jk it's really good, I love it
  6. Plus the Bush Mic doesn't have quite the same ring to it 😂
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