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  1. I'll never forgive her for taking a shit on the back cover...
  2. Version 1 sounds a bit punchier to me. There's not much in it but it slightly edges out version 2. Be interesting to see which is which 🤔
  3. Wow, this was specifically for the Australian market? Most places it's listed as a release for German/European territory. As a kid I used to scour the shops for new Madonna items so it seemed a bit strange I'd never seen it before. Makes sense now. I did manage to snag a copy of the Dear Jessie picture CD at the time from the Virgin Megastore in Birmingham though 😎😆
  4. That's pretty cool. There's also this bootleg picture disc although I've never seen it for sale anywhere: https://madonnarecords.com/data/record.asp?ID=13884
  5. I mean it's technically possible there was a US picture sleeve but I don't know anyone else that's seen one. It's not that it's not on Discogs, it's not listed on madonnarecords.com or madonnadiscography.pl either. I watch for Madonna items on eBay and I've never seen it listed either for sale or in the sold listings. If it does exist it would be worth a fortune so if someone has it they'd either be selling it or at least showing it off on a Madonna forum. I for one would suck a hundred dicks just to see it, but then I like sucking dick so that may be irrelevant.
  6. I think they were going for a traditional UK novelty song that used to do so well over here at xmas. Number five isn't too bad, would have been interesting to see how Oh Father would have fared.
  7. That's kind of what made me to want vote though. Stick it to pitchfork and make them have at least one Madonna album in their chart, despite their shit reviews.
  8. Pitchfork have opened voting on their 25th Anniversary People's List. The best 200 albums of the last 25 years. It's open to anyone and you can select up to 25 albums from the last 25 years, 1996 - 2021. I'd suggest we agree on the album to put in the number one slot to get the best chance of success, I think Ray of Light would probably be the best choice. The form is free text so you can enter whatever albums you like as long as it was released between 1996 and 2021, maximum 25, minimum 10. If your choice doesn't auto-populate make sure you put it in this format: Artist: Album Name e.g. Madonna: Ray of Light There's a few additional questions about age, sex etc but those are optional. Just make sure you go through all the questions and click submit. Let's get the Queen to the top where she belongs! Pitchfork People's List
  9. It's always puzzled me until I read an article that said Secret was about hope and believing in a better future. People tend to equate money with happiness yet when she was broke and living in some of the most deprived areas of New York people were able to still find happiness. And the secret to that happiness was hope. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it does tie in with the video.
  10. The female Michael Bublé
  11. I think it's going to be a patchouli scented MDNA S.E.X toy range: For the girls: 'I Rise' Self-erecting strap-on For the good catholic boys: 'God Control' nipple clamps and for those that need a little help: 'Come Alive' Cock Ring
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