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  1. We all know how contrary she is. Tell her which note to hit and she'll do the opposite
  2. There were Amazon Black Friday specials but they weren't RSD releases
  3. Guesses will range from: New hairstyle reveal MDNA nipple clamps Collab with Malik Private party for all of Madonna Infinity 80 date worldwide stadium tour Only one thing's for certain on here, @Shofulwill be super excited
  4. I don't know what it is but I love it already!
  5. Black tie formal affairs it just has to be a thong. Weddings, funerals, museum openings. Afternoon tea with mother, a morning at the library, a trip to Starbucks its jock time
  6. It's on this TV guide for UK on MTV and MTV HD Friday 8th at 10pm As far as I know that means it'll be on Sky, Virgin and NOW TV MyDigiGuide
  7. Um, excuse me.... this was the height of fashion in 1987
  8. Totally. I also love the Lucky Star arrangement and OYH based on the Extended Mix. It was my first Madonna concert so it has a special place in my heart.
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