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  1. Yeah, and to be honest she's not bad at all at directing, she actually has a good eye. W.E. was amazingly done and way better than many movies done by "professional directors", by all standards - cinematography, soundtrack, casting... The problem is that she just isn't taken seriously in the film industry. And then fans get mad when something of hers flops. But we should ask ourselves: it's her story, we're gonna be seeing it through her eyes. Isn't that exactly what we want? Who cares if people are gonna judge on it and think it's "narcissistic"? People nowadays think having a mere basic self-esteem is "narcissism" anyway... and almost 40 years later and she has nothing more to prove, so SHE wants to tell it like she WANTS it. Because she earned that right. She did it all alone in the end. She powered through several backlashes all alone and even had people around her undermining her, including husbands. I'm gonna be here for it and wouldn't have it any other way than this. It will be like being in a room with her, just the two of us, while she tells me her story. Would you want David Fincher in that room instead?
  2. I'm in the minority of fans who think this is the project where she'll be good as the director. Why? Because that's the only thing she's good at directing - herself. Her story. I can assure you we're gonna get a 100% Madonna film.
  3. Dito

    Gang Bang. The huge hit that never was.
  4. Not to mention her own name - Madonna - is the name of Jesus' mother in Italian. So Madonna, the mother, dies after giving birth to Madonna, the daughter who would become the most famous woman in (modern) history, like Jesus. Then Madonna, the daughter, becomes Madonna the mother. It all ties up beautifully like a divine story. Almost like it was meant to be...
  5. Dito

    I swear to God, I'd love to be inside her head sometimes. How she thought Candy Shop was better than 4 Minutes is fascinating. Absurd, but still fascinating. Her musical perception/taste must be so different than what we fans imagine.
  6. They're both divas, it'd never work out. which is good because I don't particularly fancy Mariah tbh
  7. Dito

    I don't understand why sometimes she or her management try so hard to appease just the American market. She's been a global superstar for almost 40 years and the US public has always been the most unfaithful, judgmental and even downright "boycottal" of her whole career. I mean, I get it - she's american, it's the world's stage, 300 million people, bla bla bla. But just Europe alone has 700 million, way better reception of her music and personality and after the late 2000s with piracy and especially streaming, the US kinda lost a bit of that musical monopoly. I kinda want her to continue the trend of global music she started with Madame X and avoid all current US genres. They don't suit her at all and she'll never be accepted there as she was before.
  8. Dito

    This is actually the reason why I would LOVE if she not only did that, but the marketing for the film wouldn't mention it's Madonna's story. It would be such a trip for the viewers to find out later that it was a true story. haha But yeah, that's not gonna happen. And you're probably right as she was talking about either the WTG or BAT corset on an Instagram video a few days ago.
  9. Dito

    Personally, and if she's indeed doing some sort of biopic, I would prefer if she'd stick to the pre-Madonna/The First Album years (leading up to the album release in the end). I think it's way too soon to do a full-on biopic and this way her most unknown years would be shed a light on, because the rest the whole world already knows anyway. I want to see the egg movie thing, her relationship with Basquiat, the mysterious trip to Paris... etc.
  10. Dito

    Really? Oh, that's great! I've been off Madonna news for some months now so I had no idea. Anxiously waiting for the DVD now.
  11. Dito

    All I'm hoping is that it will be live in Lisbon because if not I will never understand why, especially after she made sure every night of the tour and on every interview and on very Instagram post that this this whole era wouldn't have existed if she didn't move to Lisbon in the first place.
  12. Dito

    I honestly believe Madame X killed the the Candy Shop curse. She sang it thrice in a row so she probably got bored and already forgot it... I hope.
  13. Dito

    Auto-Tune Baby B-Day Song Spanish Lesson Act of Contrition Nobody's Perfect I'm Going Bananas For me her weirdest songs are her worst. I think I listened 1-2 times all of those tracks and just couldn't listen anymore. And on the other hand, there are the good weird ones: Mer Girl, Paradise (Not For Me), Bedtime Story, Sanctuary and even Medellín...
  14. Dito

    Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the theater scale-down as it was a much more intimate, comfortable and even surprisingly cheaper concert experience for me, I must confess I want her back in arenas. In stadiums I think deep, conceptual shows like she makes get a bit lost, even though on some tours with less of a concept it worked (like Sticky & Sweet). But I don't think we're gonna get a new tour until 2023/24.
  15. Hey @Ditto Welcome to the fourm!

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      No albums. haha well except MX but life got in the way and I didn't post much here then. But now I'm back on Madonnamania!

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      Yes I just CAN'T write her off!