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    Black vinyl does have a different one: CATALOGUE NUMBERS: • 2LPs black vinyl EU - cat.:602577582776 • 2LPs black vinyl US - cat.:3004501 • 2LPs clear vinyl - cat.:602577692277 (we don’t know if EU edition is different than US) • 2LPs light blue vinyl - cat.:602577697197 • 2LPs rainbow/colored vinyl - cat.:602577582837 Thanks to Madonna Discography for the info
  2. Dazedmadonna

    It does not, it comes in a PVC sleeve.
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    New Deluxe Glitter cassette: https://shopuk.madonna.com/products/madame-x-deluxe-glitter-cassette
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    Idk if anyone discussed this already cause the thread is burning but:
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    Justice for this!
  6. Dazedmadonna

    No it was MadonnaUnderground that had wrong information. Of course it is!
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    Chill everybody, you only saw 1 side out of 4.
  9. Dazedmadonna

    It's not the same, many takes are different and her face has been retouched. Love the video
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    Madonna La Isla Bonita was inspired while I was driving in Los Angeles and saw a sign saying San Pedro and was hopping ther was an island called San Pedro. Sorry not very poetic x Mood
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    She's wrong cause the youtube stamp has always been at :30 since yesterday, love Messydonna
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    I doubt she's coming before 10:30, that's the YouTube stamp.
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    I just wanna hear Fuana and Batuka, those are the titles that intrigue me the most.
  14. Dazedmadonna

    Some parts were missing on that link, we just posted the full translation with pictures of the magazine:
  15. Dazedmadonna

    Lol me too, although the album version is kinda bland for me :(
  16. Dazedmadonna

    And why would that matter to you? Are they using your money? No. Then let people spend their money however they want to, even if they buy 100 tickets, it's none of your business.
  17. Dazedmadonna

    Should she though? I don't see singers apologizing on Instagram for every bad rendition they did, so what's the deal? Madonna owes us nothing and if you think she didn't do a good job, that's your opinion and nothing she should say sorry for.
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    They are so naive – they think we are not aware of their crimes. We know, but we’re just not ready to act. The storm isn’t in the air, it’s inside of us. I want to tell you about love and loneliness. But it’s getting late now. Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie, the wind that’s beginning to howl? 🌬️🌪️
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    The live arrangement yesterday was awesome, with the live trumpets. It really sounded soulful and great overall - that makes me wonder what happened in the album version cause to me it sounds soulless and low quality.
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    We uploaded the performance for streaming for whoever is having issues downloading the Satellite rip on the forum:
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    I like that every single time some people have to justify their dissatisfaction, they use the 'I've been a fan since 1958' card.
  22. Dazedmadonna

    I am so proud to be a fan of such a wonderful human
  23. Dazedmadonna

    Light the fuck up