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  1. Personally, if there is a FEL volume 2, I want it to be all previously-released mixes with some new edits thrown in, much like the original FEL set. No unreleased remixes please.
  2. ChatGPT: "On her compilation "The Immaculate Collection", why would Madonna include different, longer versions of "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" on digital services instead of the same versions as the physical formats?" As an AI language model, I don't have access to specific decisions made by Madonna or her team regarding the inclusion of different versions of songs on specific releases. However, it is not uncommon for artists to include different versions of songs on digital services compared to physical formats for various reasons. Here are a few possible explanations: 1. Marketing Strategy: Including different versions of songs can be a way to generate interest and encourage fans to purchase multiple formats. By offering exclusive content on specific platforms or formats, artists can attract collectors and dedicated fans who may be interested in obtaining different versions of the same song. 2. Licensing and Copyright Issues: Sometimes, the rights to certain versions of a song may be restricted due to licensing or copyright agreements. This can result in different versions being available on different platforms or formats. Digital platforms may have different licensing agreements in place, allowing for the inclusion of specific versions that were not possible on physical releases. 3. Format Limitations: Physical formats such as CDs or vinyl records often have time limitations due to their physical constraints. In the case of "The Immaculate Collection," Madonna's compilation album, the inclusion of longer versions of certain songs on digital services may have been possible because digital platforms do not have the same time limitations as physical formats. 4. Artist Preference: Sometimes, artists choose to include different versions of songs to offer fans a fresh experience or to showcase alternative versions that they personally prefer. Artists may have specific artistic or creative reasons for including different versions, allowing them to present their music in the way they feel is best. It's important to note that the specific reasoning behind the inclusion of different versions of "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" on Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" would require insights directly from Madonna or her team.
  3. Hopefully this will trigger Emily to upload the Sorry video in HD, the current "official" version is a 4:3 letterbox.
  4. I think this may have something to do with it being added to Spotify's "Big On The Internet" playlist, naturally giving it a stream boost.
  5. This sounds a lot like Justin Bieber's strategy guide in which he encouraged his fans to stream "Yummy" on repeat to get it charting at #1.
  6. I have a feeling that there's a high chance the Madonna (The First Album)-era singles will be released next year…
  7. Discovered this song a while ago and noticed that the intro/outro is very similar to the mixed (not unmixed) album version of "Hung Up". It opens on the sound of a clock ticking, and it returns during the fade-out.
  8. Panic brought this from Beyoncé’s site as all the uploads on YouTube seem to be blocked for me.
  9. I’m guessing “Like A Prayer (Remix/Edit)” will be the Bill Bottrell mix.
  10. I live in Australia, and I haven’t heard anything after the Hard Candy era on my local station. It also appears that nearly every station got caught up in the same problem. For me, it’s mostly her 80s stuff, but I have heard “Ray of Light”, “Hung Up”, “Sorry” and “4 Minutes” in the past year. A similar problem is happening with the new ABBA album, stations are refusing to play the singles for obvious reasons. The closest was Nova playing “Don’t Shut Me Down” in high rotation after release, but only briefly.
  11. I don’t like that song as the follow-up to “4 Minutes”. The instrumental sounds like it came from an early 2000s video game, and is thus too cheap-sounding (not “cheesy” cheap, but cheap cheap) for chart material. I can understand why Madonna never had a major worldwide hit after that, and don’t blame it on her switching labels for MDNA.
  12. From the people who brought you “Friday” (which sampled “Push The Feeling On (MK Dub Revisited)” by Nightcrawlers) comes this poor attempt at a follow-up single, which is yet to chart in the UK.
  13. On Spotify, Papa Don’t Preach has been corrected on the standard album. However, the Behind The Lyrics information track is supposed to go along with the extended remix, so as a result it is “corrupted” at the moment and has not shown up on the new source for the 12” remix.
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