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  1. dubbreak

    no way are the clips legit -- the edits within the 2nd track especially are horrendous -- beyond unprofessional. Can't be real.
  2. dubbreak

    As of yesterday, they are NOT loading out. This was simply one set piece being sent out for repair -- it's coming back. Confirmed by BAM staffer.
  3. dubbreak

    from what I can see -- they know a lot -- but it's still not accurate. Some songs on their list have been cut, others added
  4. dubbreak

    It's God Control
  5. dubbreak

    Remember -- this is the Madame X Tour to promote the Madame X album -- it is not a greatest hits tour, nor is a tour meant to appeal to the casual fan. Expect the overwhelming majority of songs to be from the new album -- at least 12 songs. Plus a few classics and a few snippets of other hits.
  6. dubbreak

    because it's so NOT in the spirit of the actual event. While the parade is actually a MARCH, with a nod towards its protest roots, the dance on the pier aka Pride Island is a CELEBRATION. It's a party, it's fun. So that setlist doesn't quite feel right.
  7. dubbreak

    this has been rumored for months -- any more info yet?
  8. dubbreak

    for the first round of U.S. dates (NY/Chicago/LA), we were supposed to hear by Sunday 5/19 by Noon ET -- but Chicago people started finding out Monday into Tuesday, Los Angeles Tuesday into Wednesday, and then NYC Wednesday into Thursday. And as far as I could tell -- there were no more confirmations after Thursday night or overnight into Friday AM that week. With additional dates now in NY & LA, plus all the other U.S. cities, it's safe to assume the rollout of confirmations will take longer than it did that first week, as there's many more dates to distribute. Good luck! By the way, many people were actually first alerted of their selection when the authorization hit their credit cards. Sometimes HOURS before getting the email confirmation. ***Also, it's probably a good idea to contact your credit card company NOW to give them a heads up that a larger than usual charge may be coming through in the next week. With prices so high, some credit card companies' systems flag these sales as potential fraud and then the orders don't go through -- so it's best to give them advanced notice just in case.
  9. dubbreak

    i'm still waiting re: NY but not holding my breath at this point. I have not seen or heard about ANY confirmations or credit authorizations today or most of yesterday. Sigh.
  10. Artists use crowdfunding for projects like this so they can release the projects totally independently, without a record company -- so they can control the entire thing, and so they don't have deal with the whole legal mess of signing a deal, splitting profits, etc. -- it takes a lot of $$$ to produce music, produce and distribute physical copies, market & promote. Crowdfunding would cover all that or at least make a dent. It's not about being hard up. He's the writer & producer of some of the biggest hits of the 80's into the 90's -- i'm sure he's doing quite well.
  11. I don't think you actually get charged until a project gets funded, and since he cancelled it, I don't believe anyone was ever charged.
  12. dubbreak

    London registration is now open
  13. dubbreak

    Friday night shows? Five nights in a row? Cannot be accurate.
  14. dubbreak

    Holy shit you're right. Not that I doubted you, I just hadn't noticed any of that before. I've only been listening either at my desk at work, or my desk at home, or one pretty basic headphones to and from work -- but not with any great equipment or anything -- yet, I turned off my AC and listened just on my computer and sure enough, everything you pointed out is there. Most people will likely never notice, but true audiophiles or sound mixer types will. Kind of shocked it's so sloppy. Is that common these days? Sigh. (BTW, doesn't prevent me from enjoying the music, but again, i'm not listening on high end equipment, so I may never have noticed.)
  15. dubbreak

    Which links are you referring to?