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  1. poserdemadonna

    I wonder where he kept that phone in order to not be caught by security
  2. poserdemadonna

  3. poserdemadonna

    I'll take pics when I get home (if no one else shares it before me)
  4. poserdemadonna

    Whatever happens, don't get the "Brazilian edition". It's 8 pages long lmao
  5. poserdemadonna

    I actually got mine for 150 € about 15 years ago. Not so expensive back then.
  6. poserdemadonna

    I have the Japanese version. It has translations in Japanese and all penises are censored.
  7. poserdemadonna

    I remember seeing this on Madonna Tribe many moons ago and I kept the information. If true or not, I'm not sure.
  8. poserdemadonna

    I'm not too keen on the video, but I do love the song. I would actually love to see an entire town tumbling down when the first chorus hits, that would be an awesome FX.
  9. poserdemadonna

    Madonna would open the Bedtime Stories tour with Human Nature. The set looked a lot like the white boxes in the music video. However, she stopped rehearsals due to Evita.
  10. Why all of a sudden the multimedia sections are flooded with requests?

  11. No. It should have been God Control or Dark Ballet.
  12. Probably some Brazilian fansite started that rumour
  13. poserdemadonna

    It looks as if her face is from a different photo. Could be from the same shoot, but not on this shot. I've seen some "leaks" like this before.
  14. I love this yellow outfit
  15. poserdemadonna

    Funana and Ciao Bella