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  1. So... I was kinda hoping Madonna's new single would be called Anticipating or Fuzzy Dream...

    1. MerBoy13


      I was hoping for Like A Moth To A Flame

  2. poserdemadonna

    Wait, what? I have a few of them, never found any problems.
  3. poserdemadonna

    Unmixed. Always unmixed.
  4. poserdemadonna

    Just do what I do, block them.
  5. poserdemadonna

    I believe Stuart heard this. I mean, American Life with the helicopter, coincidence?
  6. poserdemadonna

    No, I mean Guillaume himself. I asked him a few years ago if he'd ever repost these and make WAVs available, but he said he had no idea where the original files were.
  7. poserdemadonna

    Boys? Ewww!
  8. poserdemadonna

    oooh... he finally brought those back!
  9. poserdemadonna

    How much is a kidney worth? I don't think I need two
  10. poserdemadonna

    Lola First single is Mercy Tour is Esthere and Estelle Tour
  11. Don't wanna sound ungrateful, but please avoid using RapidGator. It never recognizes captcha and it keeps saying "server error".

    1. madgefan
    2. Bermu


      I use a premium AllDebrid account for RapidGator, Uploaded, Mega unlimited, etc. No more captchas, full speed, blablablaah... It is a real pleasure... Give it a try one day for free ;) (this is not spam, ok??) https://alldebrid.com/?uid=22ruw&lang=en

  12. poserdemadonna

    Actually, Human Nature is different on GHV2. She doesnt sing "I'm not your bitch, don't hang your shit on me". Instead, the line "it's human nature" is repeated.
  13. poserdemadonna

    I have no idea, I have never heard the rehearsal lol
  14. poserdemadonna

    Devil. And yet, I would love to hear its first version, the one she rehearsed for the Re-Invention Tour.
  15. It was on the trailer , if I'm not mistaken