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  1. Madonna made another post about her twins girls and mentioned her boyfriend Malik's new song Westside. But before that she posted about gun violence. And she also let instagram user Karen Gayler have it!
  2. Thanks for this info. I love True blue but there's no way in hell. I would pay all that money for it.
  3. Bye bye baby ❤ Frozen or Power of goodbye?
  4. Everybody Material girl True blue Express yourself Thief of hearts Human Nature Frozen Don't tell me American Life Like it or not She's not me Masterpiece Holy water I Rise
  5. I just saw Madonna's new post. My girl is so Gorgeous and perfect!! 👑👏💚🔥🔥
  6. I saw it like this. Madonna was just letting us know that she still is a Britney Spears fan. The Queen singing the princess. A great thing. To me anyway. It was a much better social media post then the one she did yesterday.
  7. Madonna was looking so stunning in her purple hoodie. 😍 💜 But I didn't understand the message she wrote in the post. Wth?
  8. I just saw Madonna's instagram story. It featured madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon.
  9. I love Doja cat 💓💕
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