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  1. Am I the only one who gets massive trip hop vibes from this album? Like, Bye Bye Baby instrumental sounds a lot like Tom's Dinner, which is trip hop. Also, the whole album sounds like it could really fit the dark melancholic dirty urban aesthetic from the 90s scene.
  2. Does anybody have a dl link to the full hq photoshoot with all the hq outtakes?
  3. - Erotica is her best album - Confessions is great, but not revolutionary. Sorry is the best single from it - Her pre-Evita voice was amazing and while the post one is great, it doesn't have the same emotion as before - Something To Remember is one her best songs and I'm Breatheless is one of her best albums. - Her 80s music is only nice, her 90s and 00s songs are 696969696969 times better
  4. Wish I could leak anything, but the rarest tradeble Madonna thing I have is my own rebel heart
  5. If we don't have 5 outtakes, you can add demos or rare released tracks instead. I'll post mine later
  6. Her Bacon and Boobs Over the Country Club era is cominggggg #cum
  7. Even if you're not intending to leak it now or anytime soon, what are the ultimate unleaked Madonna masterpieces? Are there still top tier songs like Goodbye to Innocence, Each Time You Break My Heart, Across the Sky, Never Let You Go and Animal most of the fans still haven't heard? How would you describe them?
  8. The House of Madness Genres: Dark House, Disco, Trap, Trip Hop, Heavy Metal, EDM Producers: Mike Dean, Stuart Price, Portishead, Bjork 1. The Descent Starts as a very slow ballad. Lots of dark-sounding strings and synths. No beats until the outro comes and the song explodes into a long chaotic electronic instrumental part. The songs ends with the strings from the beggining 2. Welcome to the House of Madness Starts with slow strings and then the guitar comes and Madonna goes wild in this explosive metal-influenced track with electronic elements. The song's ending is the beggining of the next track 3. Bitch (feat. Nicki Minaj) Dark EDM track with trap beats and some house elements. Starts with a 80s synth. Madonna raps too 4. God Save the Queen Trip Hop downtempo song with beats that get each verse heavier and depressive lyrics. Madonna's vocals are sad, heavy and slow. The songs ends with very heavy drums mixed with piano, strings and hip hop samples and goes slowers in the last seconds. 5. If You Go Away Similar production to the 2000s cover, but with more reverb and slower piano 6. Violence Midtempo EDM song with dark, angry but sad vocals. Trust No Bitch younger sister. 7. Knives and Guns Are a Girl's Best Friends Now it's full 90s House mode. Gun sounds in the beggining, this song sounds like something from Erotica but heavier, it's like Deeper and Deeper meets I Don't Search I Find meets Living For Love. Spoken word bridge with French lyrics. 8. Don't Call Me Baby (feat. The Weeknd) Dark Disco song with some Trap beats in the post-chorus. The bridge features slowed and quiet instrumental that progressively goes into a explosive final chorus. 9. See You in Hell Addicted 2.0 with even heavier guitar amd very intense vocals. Starts slower with only the electric guitar, the chorus is heavier and it introduces the drums. Ultimate sad femme fatale song. It's like Lana Del Rey's Pretty When I Cry but angrier and more midtempo 10. #Cum A rock ballad with only electric guitar and some bluesy beats, the word cum is not feature in the song btw. 11. HerStory (Interlude) Madonna talks about life, legacy, being brave, horny and never stopping being the baddest bitch in town. Starts with quiet ambient sounds and in the end there is a strings solo. 12. meet ME 90s-inspired House song with strings and some Disco elements. Lady Gaga's Sine from Above and Free Woman meets Dua Lipa's Boys Will Be Boys sonically and goes a little but not too much darker. The outro is very different from the rest of the songs, being a metal ballad that turns into a guitar solo that fades into strings and some spoken words. 13. Never Let You Go Reworked Rebel Heart outtake, with better production, but similar instrumentals. Ends with strings leading into the final track. 14. Blonde Dark EDM track with hyperpop elements and angry vocals. The outro is longer and the sing ends with slow light-sounding strings and quiet ambient sounds
  9. Trip Hop (Portishead meets Ray of Light and Erotica) Hyperpop 90s House (manifesting Deeper and Deeper, God Control, Goodbye to Innocence and I Don't Search I Find energy) Jazz album with original songs Ballad album Unreleased songs collection
  10. Me: Broken (The comercial song from BS), the American Life outtakes which I forgot the name, also Just a Dream (Madonna demo) and anything from LAP/Erotica Sessions (specially new songs).
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