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  1. Dogs are back, walker still shot, Gaga still in Italy.
  2. Except she's a 62 year old woman who's been working her ass off for more than 40 years... She gets to decide when it's done.
  3. That's cool, how many other artists do you know that are so dedicated to delivering their vision with no compromises?
  4. #BelieveVictims


    Björk Sonos Radio HD has gone live, and it's 300 songs. The only thing available if you don't have Sonos is the interview https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ_rW7mFhjL/ Hallelujah Junction – 1st movement (John Adams) The Crying Light (Antony and the Johnsons) I’m So Into You (Allstar’s 12” Drop Mix for Radio) (Swv) Ainsi la nuit for String Quartet: VII. Temps suspendu (Juilliard String Quartet) Say When (Tirzah) Mourning Song (Serpentwithfeet) The Goldberg Variations: BWV 988: Aria (Teodoro Anzellotti) Les Noces, Premiere partie, Premier tableau Chez la marie (
  5. This is why I dislike new album threads, people eventually get annoyed and start acting like they're being owed an album and the artist is a b for not delivering it when they want it. There is literally no official news about any music being recorded. But because fans make shit up, it ends up like "why isn't she releasing the music that liar said she already recorded?!"
  6. Step 1: Make up shit Step 2: Post it online Step 3: Claim the "plans changed" when reality catches up with you Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit!
  7. Have you ever not posted anything hateful aimed at M? Asking for a friend...
  8. Stefani and Spears, come winds of the Ciccone Sea Larynxes, glossitis Et max laryngitis La voce to me! Now, post... Keep posting!
  9. Beat Goes On (`Bridesmaid` Demo Version) [I mean the original leak]
  10. @WhitePandafound it and shared the file here yesterday.
  11. I really like the "x months later" in the threads...
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